The Muffin-Top Challenge!

Monday, November 01, 2010

We all have them- that pair of too-snug jeans slung in the back of the closet after frustrated attempts to button, zip, or even pull them up past your knees. I know I have tons of them. The same jeans that once were loose are now threatening to find a spot alongside the others in the "reject pile" in the dark recesses of my closet.

But NO! I will not sacrifice another pair of snug jeans. Instead of blaming the jeans for magically shrinking two sizes in the dryer, it's time to shrink the muffin top!

To join the muffin-top challenge, it doesn't matter what size, shape, fitness level, etc you're at. All you need is a pair of jeans, pants, or even skirt that's buttons are dangerously close to popping off.


Take a picture & Take your measurements. Stop focusing on the numbers on the scale and watch your tummy & hips shrink into those blue jeans!

Pick a pair of jeans that you've been hoarding in the back of your closet for that magical day when they become two sizes LARGER instead of smaller :P


Take progress shots. Journal. Tell us when you're finally feeling some slack in the waistband or you have to start wearing a belt so they don't fall down!

Take your measurements and you'll really start seeing results. A quarter inch, a half inch, a WHOLE inch! Celebrate in your success! You'll definitely be able to see it in the mirror and feel it in your jeans!



Do a woohoo dance! Enjoy those sexy curves filling out those jeans, but not threatening to bust the seams haha.

But it's not over yet...if you're ready to move on, find another pair of pants you really, REALLY never thought you'd squeeze into and start over again! Keep taking pictures, taking measurements and see REAL results- not just numbers that can fluctuate daily on a scale.
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