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new incentive to help me get to goal.woo hoo

Saturday, November 13, 2010

when you have been on this journey for a while every now and then you might need a new incentive to get yourself back in gear again so do speak.you wont if you are one of those very determined people who once they have made up there mind nothing and noone will get in their way.but i am sorry to say i am not one of them people,i often let my life and what is happening to it get in my way,i let my emotions and my emotional eating get in my way.though i have to say i am getting better.up to date i have lost 111.5lbs(51.5lbs since joining sp)and still have 59.5lbs to go(maybe more as when i get to my set goal i might decide to lose more)those who have followed me on sp know that this is not the true figures.they are the ones thet count but the true figures go along the line of i have lost about 400lbs over the years and have kept loosing it and putting it back on.i would like to say that this has never happened to me since i joined sp but that would be only lieing to myself (like when i put back on 23lbs after the worse holiday of my life and nearly losing my son).but the point is i did lose it again even if it took 9 months to do so,i did stop myself before i got to the stage of putting all the weight back on i lost and more(that has also happened in the past)so you see i am getting better ,i am not emotionally eating as much as i used to do in the past,i am not when i do emotionally eating letting it last as long as i used to let it.i am not giving up all together as i have done on numerous occassions in the past and i am acepting that i have this problem and not beating myself up on it but trying to do damage limitations.but even with all that i do need everynow and then a new inspiration a little edge, a head start so to say to keep me on track and my goal insite.as those who read my friend feed know that this last week i reached one of my mini goals i had from the start which was to get below 220lbs to get to use the kids trampolin.using the kids trampoline will have to wait a while but at least i know i could use it.so trying to think of a really good incentive to reach the goal so to speak i came up with a big one and my husband has agreed to go along with it.this month we have our 9th wedding anniversary i have asked my husband if he would be prepared to renew our wedding vows for our tenth anniversary as i would love to wear a dress similar to what his sister wore for her wedding(see the photo on my spark page in my photos,)if not that but one similar rather than the kraften type dress i actually wore at my wedding which made me look even bigger than my 330lbs i weighed at the time.so that means i have now just over a year to get to goal and can also spend that time dreaming of what dress to wear.maybe this time round we could get to have a honeymoon which we never got last time round.who knows.this will also mean this is the third time have have changed my date to reach goal(tha first was may the first this year for my 45th birthday the second being for the end of this year which is now impossible) as i have never reached the last two goal dates.this time i will meet it i have more incentive and it should be also very doable.only i can do this so it is up to me.what is that saying."if it has to be it´s up to me."can´t wait to post my new wedding photos for you all to see.you will have to wait a year for them but i can asure you it will be worth the wait.

once again thank you to all my spark friends i couldn´t have got this far without you.you rock.
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