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Six Month Spark Anniversary !!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Six months ago I was on a weight loss program. I had lost 48 lbs. My dietitian had suggested I find a good support group on line.
I was keeping a journal, writing down all my foods, having to look each item up in a calorie counter book.
I tried to read all I could on nutrition and I asked a lot of questions , but I really felt I was on my own.
Since I had started out at 333 pounds, with a lot of mobility problems, bad knees, bad back, my excerise routine was not much.
I could hardly walk and had just reached the point where I could barely touch the floor.
I was getting rid of a stack of magazines and a Good Housekeeping issue was on the top of the pile and i picked it up and flipped through it. It opened on an article about Spark.
Told the story of some women losing weight on this free web site. I read the whole article.
I went to the computer and logged on to Spark.com.
This is one day that my belief in destiny and fate was right on , by finding that Spark article.
At first i ate the meals chosen by the Spark. I log on my exercises.
I didn't know about spark points, spinning, all the extras.
Gradually I started to read blogs, join in discussions, I found myself spending hours reading articles and getting more informed on nutrition .
During this time I tried making up my own meals, I liked doing that. I plan all the foods I eat.
I started to understand that there were many people like me, food addicts.
I applied some of the information I had learned to my everyday life.
I was losing weight, I was doing more exercises, it was all working.
I have always been an over achiever. I like to come out ahead, I don't like to fail, or lose.
When I took on this weight loss I knew I had to get it right it was do or die.
I have applied myself completely to getting healthy, losing a large amount of weight and in the process get as fit as I can be for a 68 year old women.
At one point I felt every year of my age. There were days before the weight loss that I felt even older.
But now that I have loss 120 lbs I feel vibrant , energized and my age is only a number. You know they say you're only as old as you feel.
I have come so far in this past six months.
Someday the times seems to have passed quickly.
Other times it seems like it's been a long time.
To go from an almost disabled women , who could only walk with a walker. To one who now does a mile in 10 minutes on the treadmill. Or walks outside unaided , doing a mile in 15 minutes, it remarkable. I have accomplished this by losing weight and having Spark there each and everyday.
I could not touch the floor earlier this year. Now I can bend over and walk with my palms on the floor. That's good!! I know some normal weight people who can't do that.
The agility I have now I credit to my everyday yoga and stretching that I do daily.
Spark has opened up a virtual window to people that are understanding and going through the same issues that I am.
They are my Spark friends, they live all over the world, but are just a key stroke away.
I thank each of them every day for their support.
Someday they might not know they are giving me support. But just by reading their blogs , feeling what they are experiencing , I feel too and learn more each day.
One of the best days in my life was finding Spark.
I am not through with my journey, but I am well on my way to a better life , a more fit life.
So the journey continues, the next time i write an anniversary blog it will be to celebrate my first year being on Spark.
Love and Peace,

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