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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sooo, I like chocolate as much as the next girl. This time of year, there's a LOT of chocolate floating around. It can be very tempting not to just sit down and eat 4 or 5 of those little 'fun' sized bars, easily forgetting about the calories.

I put a few in my drawer, 'just in case'. When my supplier (a coworker) restocked and put some new goodies out to grab, I grabbed - like 6 or 7 of them. Another coworker (and workout buddy) stops me and makes me put all but 2 back.

Later, my workout buddy comes back to my desk for some chit chat, I open my drawer, and BUSTED...she sees that I went back to the supplier and grabbed all the candy she said I could't have! I have probably 10-12 pieces in my drawer, instead of the 4 I was supposed to. hahaha!

But the crazy part is...I don't eat it. I just want to have it.

Today, she was telling the above story, goes to open the drawer to demonstrate and sees that I also have two packs of Little Bites on top of all the candy!

Again, I won't eat it. I just want to have it.

After we laughed until we cried about my closet candy storage habit, I got to thinking. I realized that I hoard candy at home too. I have two stashes in my house. Places where I 'hide' my candy. My kids will ask for it, and even tell me, 'You're not going to eat it!', but I still won't share. I won't eat it, but I won't share either.

I told my workout buddy, that it just makes me feel better to have them. If they are there, then I won't want them so bad. But if I can't have them, then I really, really want one!

So, it's a quirk of mine, I guess. I've exposed it. LOL!!! Weird huh?

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  • ELIKA625
    lol..that's too funny. I wish my brain operated like yours! When I know there's junk nearby..I go eat some!
    3757 days ago
    I love chocolate also. I have a little when I crave it and that is all. If I deprive myself then I am in BIG trouble. Enjoyed your candy stashing.. It could be worse... Moni emoticon
    3757 days ago
  • TBRUGH78
    This is an excellent strategy! If there is something you can't or should not have, instead of throwing it out and completely and depriving yourself can lead to disaster. But if you keep it near by and tell yourself it is there if I want it, your willpower actually increases to avoid it. For example, when my mother was trying to quit smoking after 20 years, instead of depriving herself she always kept a pack with her and told herself "it is there if i want one" and now 15 years later she has not had one single cigarette and no longer feels the need to carry a pack with her. It is something psychological that keeps you from going into a panic "I have to have it" mode.
    I am proud of you!
    3757 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    I wish that would work for me~~~but in sight~~in mouth!
    3757 days ago
  • CRIS76
    Is this going to be a new show on TLC :P Here at my office everyone seems to have candy and snacks readily available. There was a time I would have taken from every dish, every day... now - I rarely do. I took a reese's cup the other day and my coworker verbalized "you are really going to eat that? you never get candy".....

    I said "yes" and politely snarfed it down right in front of her LOL
    3757 days ago
  • CRK910
    Me either. If its in posession, its usually in my mouth shortly thereafter. Choclate = Bad for me, its one of my vises.
    I have a similar situationin my office. About every 50 feet or so co-workers have M&M's on numerous Filing Cabinets. Needless to say i spend about 400-600 cals daily as I walk thru the office.
    I need to stop, but its so hard, and its probably whats stopping me from losing more pounds.

    Yes im a chocoholic :)
    3757 days ago
    That would never work for me - but if it does for you, go for it! :) That chocolate would have been LONG gone around me. :)


    3758 days ago
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