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WHAT´S FOR DINNER MOM...............IS THAT ALL!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ever felt un apreciated.my nearly 8 year old made me feel that way today.i have just spent the best part of three hours in the kitchen preparing dinner including making my own pitta bread to be said is that all.any one else have this problem?i have to make everything from scratch even the carrot juice etc because of zakariya´s allergies and what thanks do i get.

i have made,pitta bread,rice natural and wild with vegtables to go with it,a meat and spinach sauce and because my husband requested it some kebabs made with lamb mincedmeat and bulgar(try to cut down the amount of meat he eats.which is why i madethe pitta bread.a vegtable soup.freshly preshed carrot juice i still have to press the lemons for lemonade and i still have the salad to make.don´t worry i wont be eating it all and nor will the kids they usually have a bit of everything but my husband always like to have a choice as he never knows what he feels like eating and is always changing his mind.now a question.if you offered that to your kids.would they say IS THAT ALL????can you see why i don´t feel appreciated.

my husband just phoned he is doing the shopping and he asked do i want cake or duck for tomorrow.(it is our wedding anniversary)i said duck as zakariya can´t eat the cake and i would have to make one for him anyway so i´ll will bake a cake we can all eat.you might thionk awe nice her husband remembered their anniversary.not so he forgot,zakariya just reminded him that is why he asked.guess who will have to prepare and cook the duck tomorrow on top of making a cake.you guessed right.it would have been nicer if i was invited out for a meal.oh well.i suppose i will get duck to eat tomorrow at least.what´s the betting when i tell my son what we eat tomorrow it will be.IS THAT ALL!!!!!
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    *bighug* Hey you know your reward is from Allah so khiran inshaAllah. Make sure to tell him exactly all of what you wrote here. Tell him all that you do and show him over and over and over again until he feels thankful. Show him the video "chicken ala carte" (youtube it) and that will make him feel thankful. Alhamdullilah its pretty normal, but if you keep working on it, they will someday realize it. My kids passed this pretty quick, and now they even thank me if its frozen pizza. alhamdullilah
    3273 days ago
  • MOMMYTO1IN2012
    Well, I don't have kids yet, but I can relate a bit just when cooking for my boyfriend. I really love to cook, so I don't feel like I'm slaving away or anything, but sometimes, it's just nice to hear that you are appreciated. I agree with a previous comment - I think next year on your anniversary, your hubby should either cook for you or that KITCHEN CLOSED sign goes up!

    How about having your oldest son help you a bit in the kitchen? Maybe then he can learn what it's like to prepare meals and learn what his mummy does every day. Also, it could be really good mother/son bonding! I'm sure your meals are delicious, by the way! Fresh squeezed juice sounds amazing! Oh, and I promise to get you my quick and easy healthy chocolate cake recipe this week.
    3294 days ago
    I to used to feel like you do about the amount of cooking that I did for the family. With 1 son not allowed to have artificial flavourings or he was "climbing the walls"
    it was extra work
    What you have cooked sound delicious to me

    I worked so when I baked it all had to be in the deep freeze before the "vultures came home from school. If it was still cooling on the bench 3/4 would be gone.
    Every meal I cooked disappeared into 4 bottomless pits and I always had to have seconds available. My late husband said if it wasn't good they wouldn't eat it. That was his back handed compliment. Now they are all tall adults
    Now my partner tells people I am a great cook and my grand children always ask me to cook biscuits when I visit. Now when I am with them we all cook together
    3297 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    sound delicious my 14 year old askes me whats for dinner.
    3307 days ago
  • PATJ7084
    Next anniversay put up a sign KITCHEN CLOSED lol emoticon
    3308 days ago
    I must say, My Precious Friend, your Spark friends have already echoed my experienece as a wife, mom, friend .... The only tragedy is that you ever take the mumblings of a good boy who is not old enough yet, to understand what it means to honor his mother fully and completely in word and deed.. Plase don't take it personally for they are words uttered by an unknowing child ; although a vhild who loves his moyher. I hope you make yoir aniversary a special one .. and i agree: going out to dinner would be perfect.xoxo
    3309 days ago
    wow I feel you sister. InshaAllah one day your kids will have kids and then they will realize how much you did for them, Sorry but you might have to wait a while (-:

    3309 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    Make them a bowl of cereal and THEN let them say "Is that all?" LOL
    3309 days ago
    Sounds like a great dinner! Kids say things without thinking!!!
    3309 days ago
    Hi Darling friend .. I totally agree with the previous blog .. You have to explain to both your husband and child .. what a effort it is to have a cafateria running every day! cos that sound like exactly what you do ...
    I would just cook a meal and if it isn't appriciated I would pick it up from in front of them and put it in the bin !! .
    They will soon learn that they need to eat what is in front of them and apriciate it ... Much love Sweetheart ...Hugs Susie
    3309 days ago
    Kids that age don't realize it, Karen. But you have to teach him, and that will make you feel better, too. Tell him what is wrong with what he said. Explain it to him from your perspective: Hey, Zakariya, you know, that's a lot of work for me to do all that food prep and part of maturing is needing to learn to have consideration for others and you are now old enough to start to think about how things are for other people. It makes me feel like you do not value or appreciate me when you are dismissive of my efforts on behalf of this family . . . or something like that . . . ??
    3309 days ago
    We spoil our children. Everything sounds delicious and you should be very proud of all your had work!
    3309 days ago
    Sounds delicious!
    3309 days ago
    I have to say that sounds like one delicious dinner! emoticon
    Children often say things that make us feel unappreciated, but you know how hard you work for your family- and one day your kids will realize it as well.
    3309 days ago
  • DEE797
    My ds doesn't have allergies but is a very picky eater. He will only eat certain things although he has been trying a few things here and there lately. I so know where you are coming from. I end up making ds something cause he won't eat what the rest of us are having, so feeling like a short order cook at times.

    You are amazing with all that you make from scratch. emoticon
    3309 days ago
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