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Snow Day in the Pacific NW

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I could be writing about how this coming Thanksgiving is going to present many people with choices of what to eat, how much to eat. How to stay on track. Not to offend anyone by turning down their food. Explaining how they have embarked on a life style change, and it's not a diet. They are eating plenty of food, and they feel fantastic.
Why does it seem some family members , always want you too eat more.??
Then there is going to be guilt and remorse when they do eat too much.
But I decided not to write about that.
I think enough has been said.
It's up to each individual to monitor their own day and how they manage .
I am going to a hugh family gathering. There will be mountains of food. Looks like a Las Vegas buffet, so many choices. Everyone brings favorite dishes.
I always take something that I would want to eat on a special occasion..
I thought long and hard about what do I want to have this feast day. What do I want to indulge in?
I decided after looking over many recipes that it was, Crab/Shrimp/Artichoke/Cheese dip/
With small baguette of sour dough bread slices, and assorted crackers. This is a hot dip.
Will keep warm in a small crock pot.
The other dish is oyster dressing. There are just a few family members that like this, so all the more for us. I use fresh shucked oysters, corn bread, mixed with crackers, multi grain bread and a touch of bacon, onions, celery. It's to die for.
I will apply my one, two bite rule for this dinner and, forgo any common foods, saving my calories for the items that I really want. Foods that I will not run across any other time.
Our dinners start in the afternoon and go through evening. So it's lunch and dinner.
So there is lots of time to sample foods , and not over eat and feel comfortable.
No loosing the belt, laying down and taking a nap for me.
I am cooking today because I am staying home because of the snowy, icy weather.
Got a lovely pot roast on, with parsnips, carrots, onions, will add some red potatoes later.
I put it on the stove top instead of the slow cooker, too lazy to dirty it up.
I prepped my onions and celery for the dressing, it's in the frig.
I have to get the crab meat out of the shell, I wanted it as fresh as possible, so did not get the canned kind.
I'll have everything ready to put together for Thursday morning. I'm so efficient. Smile!!
Yesterday I went to have my studded tires put on. Got there early, 8:15, said it would be about noon. So I left to go buy my food items. Came back at 11.15, sat a waited till 12:45, only to be told that the tires I had brought in were too big.
The family had keep the snow tires in our storage area, so I figures my son in law had grabbed the wrong ones. But he said that was the only pair there. So I have no snow tires.
but I am not going to worry about it. Think I can make it through the winter without.
I don't have to drive to work everyday, I only have one craft show that involves snowy weather, will use the chains.
So today and any other icy days we have here in the valley I will keep off the roads, and stay in the comfort of my nice dry, warn apartment.
Right now the temperature is a cold 28 degrees going to about 30 degrees for the high today.
Tonight will get into the teens. Burr. it's cold, but I have seen worse.
When I lived in Michigan, and even Philly, Pa, it was cold for days on end..
But for someone who resided in sunny warm Miami Beach for so many years, this is cold.
Usually I blog about the accomplishment's I have made, but how about the goofup's I also make.??
I love to have a nice scented home, use a lot of scented candles, air fresheners.
I bought Glade Plug In for all the rooms. That was about six weeks ago.
The other day I though I should change them, was not to thrilled with the results I had got so far from them.
When I took out the little oil pack it looked brand new. There was no scent, but the oil was still in the little holder.
I looked at it and started to wonder was I suppose to remove the foil backing?? I picked the edge back and peeled it off, immediately I smelled the scent, I put in back into the plug in, the heat released the lovely fresh scent . I just stood there and laughed. I went to each room and removed the foil backing, wow, did my house finally smell nice. Just goes to show even know it all's like me don't always get it right. Smile!!
The other day I decided to cook a bean, chicken, sausage casserole. I put the beans on to soak for over night. I was not sure how much beans to use, I buy bulk, so there are not in a package. Now cooking beans is something I have been doing my whole life.
I like a heavy amount of beans, so I didn't skimp on the amount. I filled the container with water and let it sit on the kitchen counter all night. The next morning it was three times bigger. The beans had soaked up all the water and there was so many beans . Now once the beans have been soaked you have to use them, they can't go back in the bag.
Well to say I had a huge amount of casserole is an understatement. I took some over to my daughters home , they loved it. I even froze one portions for me.
I mentioned Sunday to my daughter that I love to cook, but have a hard time cutting back on the portions. She said never mind bring a fully cooked meal over anytime. No complaints to having delicious ready cooked food delivered.
That's a open invite for me to try some of my culinary skills. Of all my hobbies. cooking is one that I have enjoyed the longest in my life. From the time as a child, standing on a stool in my Grandmothers kitchen, to taking cooking lessons from a famous chef, I love to express myself through food.
I get the most pleasure from the enjoyment of seeing others enjoy what I have cooked.
I eat very little of the food. I just need the compliments, the praise. It's making people happy.
Food has a calming effect on people. There's usually no discourse in a well fed family.
I strive to live in a environment of peace and harmony.
We had that as a child in my Grandmothers home. She was a great home cook.
I did not have that when ever I was at my fathers and stepmothers house, I don't remember a nice cooked meal at that house. I do remember lots of fighting and discord. Good thing I was only they for a short time in my life.
So I associate good food with happy home. Maybe a little insight in to my mind.
I had to take the garbage out this morning. The management has sprinkled something on the sidewalk to make walking safer. As you walk the icy snow crunches under your feet. Sound weird. I took baby steps, don't want to fall and be laid up and get off track of my weigh loss, fitness routine.
I have been doing cardio three days a week, burning over 1100 calories a day. on other days burn 500 calories. Plus strength train 3 days , for two and half hours total. I am burning over 8000 calories a week.
Think it's about time to increase my calories. But I will hold off till January when I have appointments with weight loss team. Dietitian, , physical trainer, and doctor.
At this rate , most days I am burning more calories than I am eating. So how much longer will I continue to burn stored fat,? I have 60 pounds to go to reach my target weight.
I know these 60 pounds will be the hardest to lose.
With everything I have read I know I will have to increase my food intake to fuel my body to burn calories. That's scary to me. I feel like too many calories are bad and I will have to get my head around that concept.
So Sparkers, I hope you are prepared for this Thanksgiving feast day. And all the parties and family gathering that the holidays bring.
Just think how far you have came and what is important to you . Regular everyday food or looking great in your new size jeans.
Oh I did want to say I , the person who scoffs at eating fast foods. I ate a Carl Jr's Famous Hamburger yesterday. The world did not end. I did not gain a pound. It is all I had, I even gave some bites to Titan. There were no fries or anything else. This is the first fast food item I have had all year. I am quite sure it will be another year before I have another one .
But I will consider that some fast food item consumed once in a while will not hurt you.
There I said it.
But it still comes down to how often the drive thru beckons you.
Now I intend to get to my long over due e mails and answer some of my Spark friends comments and give out some goodies.
Business is very slow this week.
I have enough jewelry made.
I can spend today on the computer and get caught up.
Spark on.
Love and Peace

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your family Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Enjoy!
    3705 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog as usual. Hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!
    emoticon JoAnne
    3709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5100233
    Enjoyed your blog. I live in Auburn and it is a mess. My daughter works at the UW & she got stuck at work because the buses were either wrecked or stuck o0f the freeway or highway which was closed because of accidents & extreme dangerous driving conditions. Today when she got home it took her 10 hours and 4 different buses to even get her close enough home. Then her boyfriend was able to go get her at SeaTac Airport & take her home. Thank you for sharing.

    Melinda emoticon
    emoticon Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! emoticon
    3709 days ago
    Reading your blog I could feel the snow crunching underfoot! I've lived in warm climates most of my life, but spent a winter in Rhode Island, another in Maine, and most of one in Ohio. There is a special magic about the snow, that's for sure.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving treat. You have a wonderful plan.

    Do you sell your jewelry online? I'm very curious to see what you do.
    3709 days ago
    It was 61 degrees at 7:30 this morning, and 83 about 4 PM, so we are having a warmer winter this year. I sympathize with you, and really feel for the people in the small area of Montana where the high is below zero.

    The last 60 pounds took me a very long time, and I don't think I would have made it without TOPS. If you stick with the program, you will lose it eventually. Then the problem becomes keeping it off. But if your heart is pure, your strength is as the strength of ten. Good luck.

    3709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5198989
    I also watch what I eat on TG. I love turkey sandwiches with cranberry relish, so I don't eat any of that for the main meal. I try to stick with a wee piece of turkey and a dab of potatoes and mostly veggies. That way, around 7 p.m. I can have a small turkey sandwich!
    3710 days ago
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