Hard Knocks and Blessings

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last week I blogged about how sad that over the years the Hollidays have become for my family and myself due to the loss of loved ones so close the Hollidays. Today, my blog is about how to cope with the Hard Knocks life deals you and how in some way they turn those hard knocks into blessings.

Some of you are aware that my DH is a diabetic and heart patient. He has over come close to 5 heart attacks over the past 15 years. He has had 6 stints put in, a triple by pass surgery, and a pacemaker defibulator implant over the past the first 10 years. My DH has been blessed the past 5 years with a certain amount of Heart free problems just dealing with the diabetes. We both attribute this to our Faith and the great cardiologists that have treated Ray over the years.

On Thanksgiving Day when Ray and I had company overfor a visit. He started having chest pains. We did the usual routine of nitro an called 911. After 4 hours in VA Hospital's ER. The cardiologist decided though the tests were inconclusive, to keep him over night. I live not far from the hospital so after seeing him settled in I went home. Ray called me at 10pm that evening to tell me that he was being moved to CICU, They were taking him inot the Cath lab first chance the next morning. I knew going back to the hospital that night would do no good. They wouldn't let me see him. So I sat up most of the night. The Cath procedure went well. They added two more stints to his collection so now he has 8.

Youu might wonder what this has to do with Hard Knocks turning into blessings. The other news we received wasn't good. Two of the by=passes have grown closed, There is nothing that the doctors can do for those. Some of the other vessels are doing what they can to take up the slack. Here is where Ray and I believe the blessing comes in. 6 years ago Ray defibulator went off 8 times in one day. He flat-lined twice according to the read outs from the difbulator. It is these type of issues that can either make or break you. I admit that when the first heart attack happened and they did the triple by-pass i was scared and worried sick. I was falling apart. It was a nice lady who was there visiting another patient in the ICU that helped me see the light. That I needed to be strong for Ray and myself. That my faith would carry us through. I don't remember that lady's name but I will never forget her kindness and words to me that night. Every time that I sit in a waiting room for family of seriously ill patients. I rember her kindness and try to repay it in kind.

Blessings are what you make out of life gives you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Debbie you are in my thoughts and in my prayers .Your strength is astounding I salue you ,I hope that your amazing faith will carry you through to happier times .I think that you and Ray deserve more happy years together . emoticon
    3751 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3992584
    Your faith is amazing and will get you through these hard times. I will keep Ray and you in my prayers! emoticon
    3751 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6324333
    Your faith is strong and has helped you make it through many tough times. I am very thankful that Ray is now home and doing better. I will continue to keep you two in my thoughts and prayers.

    3752 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    Continue to be strong for your husband Debbie. Both of you will be in my thoughts.

    3752 days ago
  • NICKI109
    Debbie, are both in my thoughts and prayers and I hope he continues to do well and get stronger. Its great that you can still see the blessings after going thru so much.
    3752 days ago
  • RICH530
    Debbie I am so glad to hear that Ray is home and doing well. I do believe that your faith can take you where ever you need to go. Stay positive and sontinue to count the blessings you have.
    How wonderful that you would try to be a support to others while you are in need of some yourself. Heart problems have always been a problem in my family so I know the feeling of sitting in a hospital when you can do nothing but wait. Remember I am always here.
    You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.
    3752 days ago
  • ASH72461
    we will keep you in our prayers
    but i do believe that that lady was sent by god himself
    i am glad that he is improving and i know you will be there for him in any way that you can
    i am greatful that you can see the blessing in it
    and pray that you and your hubby continue to heal and keep such great faith
    i know my faith was very shaken when my husband had his stroke last year
    but we have both learned not to take life for granted from it
    so you are both looking for guidance from the right place
    god bless you both emoticon
    3752 days ago
    My prayers continue for both your husband and for you. God will see you through.
    3752 days ago
    HOw wonderful to be able to count your blessings Debbie.

    Am happy to hear that Ray is home with you.
    3753 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5651955
    Well, this answers my question to the spark mail I sent you. I'm so sorry to hear this, and yet uplifted by your words of faith. Your faith is remarkable, and I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    3753 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    Debbie --I wish I could have been there for you because reading your blog sounds eerily familiar. I'm glad Ray is still with you & you two are counting this as a blessing. I believe this dear lady was none other than a messenger from the Lord. I remember with Kenny's last heart attack,I felt like I was doing ok & was holding well till his mother kissed him as he was going into surgery, then I remember the nurse telling me that during the surgery they would have to stop his heart. Well then I started boohooing like no end. Thank the Lord above, he sent 7 ministers to sit with me but the greatest gift was a Little Book of Bible Promises that my Dad gave me to read. There's nothing like comfort we find from God's word. Things happen some we thing are no good, but we have to trust in knowing that these things are for our good as promised.
    Kenny has had 4 heart attacks, 4 resulted in bypass surgery & 1 resulted in 2 stints. So I know a little how you must be feeling, will keep you in my prayers as well as Ray, God isn't finished yet --the best is yet to come. emoticon
    3753 days ago
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