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my latest help or should i say inspiration in my war with my lbs.

Friday, December 03, 2010

before i begin i will say i would not do this outside or at home if we have visitors.this is only for when i am at home alone or with my family.but as i need this more at home it is perfect.when you are outside and you feel like eating i find it is easier to control than inside.inside the food is there easily accessable,often there is no one around to see what or when i eat apart from ayman and he tells no one,when out i am usually with the older kids or my husband and because of my sons allergies he can´t eat te chocolate and biscuits etc like my other kids so i feel i can´t eat theese stuff either when he is around.or the food outside is not halah or when it is i haven´t usually got the money to buy it so you see it is easier outside to have more controll than at home.

right that being said i bet you are asking ,what is it?what is this fabulos help than can keep even me,karen away from chocolate at times(notice i said at times their is always the odd time when nothing or no-one can stop the chocolate urge.)those who suffer from this urge kniw what i am talking about.well it is pretty simple really.i have started to wear really,really tight fitting tops that really show everything i have so to speak.not only does it show how far i have come,how much i have lost it also shows how far i still have to go.no more hiding my rolls of fat any more.no not me,not me sir. not when i am home alone with my family.for the other times i still wear the baggy ,cover me all,make me look fatter while hiding my fat roll type of clothes.once again those who wear them know exactly what i am talking about.so everytime i feel like eating something i go look in the mirror in the hall.do you know what the first thing i see now when i look in the mirror?if you said my rolls of fat you would be wrong.surprising isn´t it!i see how thin i am.i know i can´t be officially thin at 217lbs but when you was 330lbs believe you me at 217lbs you feel thin.so horray that the first thing i see now is that i am thin.it is a good feeling that i don´t want to loose.then after that i start to look deeper and more objectively then i see the rolls of fat still there on my hips and belly,they are smaller but they are still there.after this i think and ask myself is it worth eating whatever it is and to undo all i have achieved.mostly the answer is NO and i will have nothing or a drink of water and if i am still hungry after a drink i will eat something healthy instead.when the answer is yes(this answer is coming fore less and less,dare i tempt fate and say that?)then i have a bit of what i want not all then go back and look in the mirror and ask myself if it is worth it.i repeat this process as often as it takes to either get a no answer or untill what ever the food i wanted is finished.but at least if i eat it i am eating slower this way than i usually would.

hope this could be something for some of you to try it is really helping me but what is helping me the most and proves to me i am now on the right track so to speak is that i see myself as thin now not fat.feeling fat helps no-one least of all yourself as it can lead to dissatifaction and depression which can lead to emotional/binge eating.maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all and maybe i am nearing it faster than i thought i would.
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    Karen, I wanted to thank you for your very thoughtful reply to my blog.

    About your entry above. I really like it. I lost 40 pounds and have kept 30 of it off. When I first lost it, a friend of mine took me clothes shopping and she made me buy some clothes that fit right to my skin. I started looking around and noticing that most women who are average shape where clothes that fit close to their skin to some degree but I have been wearing clothes that would cover me like a big sack, with no shape to them at all.

    I found it interesting that I don't like to wear those clothes even around the house. The other day I noticed the one T-shirt in my closet that especially fits close to the body. Next time I think I am going to do a "give up" kind of day where I decide not to make any effort, I think I will try to make myself wear that top if I am around the house. If I won't make myself wear it, maybe I will make myself wear it the next day around the house to sharpen my memory of were I have come.

    I understand about seeing yourself thinner. I was recently at a Christmas Party with my boyfriend and it was kind of crowded. Jim is average sized in weight and he was weaving in and out of the crowd. I figured I would need to excuse myself to get through between people right and left, but I didn't really. I fit through a much smaller space then I did even 30 pounds ago. What a revelation.
    3292 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    That is so awesome! Like in football, the best defense is a good offense. You go, girl! emoticon emoticon
    3296 days ago
    Karen ~ You are SUCH an inspiration!!!! This is the best blog you have ever written!!!! I am gonna try what you are doing & see if that helps me get off tilt!!!! If it helped you, it will help me!!!! I am SO PROUD of you!!!! Thank you for sharing your personal journey, I know that is not easy!!!!
    Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon
    3296 days ago
  • PATJ7084
    love it, very inspirational emoticon
    3296 days ago
    Wonderful Blog Karen .... I just loved the honesty of it .. Yeah!.
    This I think is the turning point ..When we can stop hiding and actually think ourselves as slimmer. You my friend have reached it !! well done love ... I am so very proud of you mt friend ... much love to you and your family ... Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3297 days ago
    Great idea Karen! Whatever works.
    3297 days ago
  • DEE797
    Karen, that's a terrific idea. Also like your getting a drink and seeing if you really are craving or hungry for something. You Go Girl! You are doing well. Thanks for sharing this with us. Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon
    3297 days ago
    You've done so well coing this far. I think this is a great idea - a positive re-enforcement of all you have achieved and also re confirming that you still want to remain healthy and continue successfully.
    Great plan and I wish you all the best with it.
    Lxx emoticon
    3297 days ago
    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, Karen! I think it's so great that you are on the right track and see yourself as the thin person you are! You have accomplished so much on your journey and should be so proud! emoticon
    3297 days ago
    That's a great idea, Karen! I've heard it done with your skinny jeans, too! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3297 days ago
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