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Friday, January 21, 2011

emoticon Well, I'm not off to a great start for the New Year and my healthy living! I joined in on the 28 Day Boot camp and I've been really doing pretty well keeping up with that. It shows that I really do have the time for exercise if I commit to it. My problem is with my eating. I don't know if its the weather or what but I cannot stop snacking on unhealthy foods and forget about portion control! Once I start eating I have a hard time stopping. I'm not very happy because all the exercise I am doing is going to waste because I'm eating too much and not losing weight. I haven't gained either (thank god!) but its probably because I have been exercising. The point is here is my chance to really make some headway and I'm blowing it because of my food! There are some things that are going on that do cause me stress, and yes I ask myself if I'm bored, upset, angry, etc. before I eat and I acknowledge what I'm feeling and then tell myself I still want to eat whatever, even though I know that is not going to help! Whatever slump I am in, I hope I get out of it pretty quickly or I am not going to accomplish what I want to. I still have been tracking and I've been maybe 300-400 calories over on some days, which I suppose could be worse, but it is stalling me in the weight loss dept. for sure. I'm sure I will snap out of this eventually but for the moment I just need to vent and get these feelings out! emoticon emoticon
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    Are you a stress or emotional eater? Is there something "getting" to you and you're turning to food for comfort? I've been there many times, so can relate if that's it. Or is your body craving more food because your exercising more? If you've been consistentl 300-400 calories above range each day, why not try to make it 200-300? And gradually work your way down. I know -- easier said than done. Once you get in that snacking mindset, it's hard to break.

    And, if you're anything like me, you rush to the food without thinking first and making a conscious decision, which makes matters worse. For me, the "just for today" mindset has worked wonders. Tonight, before you go to bed, could you pre-plan your food for tomorrow to ensure you stay within range? Then tomorrow just take the "just for today" attitude. And if you're successful at it, repeat it the next day and build from there. It worked for me.

    And, since I've started doing that, I've also been finding times when I want to eat something and I question if it's worth the temporary pleasure followed by the guilt or if a minute or two of feeling deprived/restricted is worth the pride I'll feel for having resisted. Each situation is different and each answer is different.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is be kind to yourself. Forget yesterday -- it's gone and can't be changed. Live in the moment and don't worry about tomorrow. I have a feeling that if you keep up with the boot camp and exercise, you'll snap out of the munchies soon enough.
    3353 days ago
    Be patient and kind with yourself. It's so hard to get back in the swing of things...especially after the holidays. Try to focus on what you've been doing right and not your mistakes...

    Keep exercising to burn calories and relieve the stress and maybe try to clean out your environment. You can't eat it if it's not there. Most importantly, try to remain mindful and aware of your choices before you eat.

    When I feel overwhelmed and like I can't get back on track, I try to focus on one thing I CAN do each day to improve my health. Each day or two I add another thing...before I know it, I'm feeling more in control.

    Hang in there! emoticon
    3354 days ago
    I love that you have openly vented about this - you are on the right track to kickstarting yourself to better control !! I know it. May I suggest very little steps, rather than saying - I can cut out those extra 400 calories in 1 week - its hard to do.

    So what I found rewarding for myself is to "catch yourself" and put the food item down, put it back in the package and away. Then give yourself a little CHEER inside - you deserve it. Then the next time it will be a little easier and the CHEER will be bigger.

    Now another thing that has/does help me is to have water in a glass or water bottle on the kitchen/food prep area and to have baby carrots out when making dinner for my kids ( due to sports after school and at night, with 4 kids, dinner hour goes 4:30 to 9:30 pm at my house and that is the time I put back on 13 lbs I had lost with snacking while cooking and drinking my red wine while cooking). OOOPs digressed.

    The last thing that helps me MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE - is to do something else when I feel the urge to snack (extra snacks). It could be anything - like sweep the floor before you eat lunch and before you know it the phone will ring or you will see something else you need to do - perhaps its filing at work or finishing that spreadsheet of making phone calls....and before you know it an hour has passed and you didn't eat the extra calories.

    Oh and one more thing - sometimes we "overthink" or obsess about all this - just take little steps and it will become more of a second nature - good luck!
    We are all hear for you!
    3354 days ago
  • KATHI214
    Night time is very tough for me, right up until bedtime. I do buy only healthy things, but the problem is my significant other buys the bad things that tempt me, like potato chips. Sometimes I can resist but most of the time not. It definitely sabatoges my efforts, but I should be able to control myself and just ignore the stuff! I need to be in control more.
    3354 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6629270
    Chalk it up o the weather... Naturally our bodies use this time of the year to keep full. Add some fat to keep warm, bear hibernation..blah blah blah that sort thing...you know where I am trying to go. Stress is not going to help your situation either...try to rememdy that or just let stuff go by the wayside. Chrinsonfyre has a good point though, don't buy the bad foods...just buy the good ones, then you won't feel so guilty about eating ALL of them in one sitting. It is still not good to eat alot,but when it is the healthy stuff the sting isn't so harsh. YOUR first step of exercising is the greatest thing you can keep doing. You got this girl! Don't be your own worst enemy...be proud of the big stuff and don't dwell on the small...
    3354 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    i have been there, and thats not just a saying! i have fallen more times than i can count, if others are honest, they have too. i also am a snacker, i have blogged about this and discussed it in the message boards many times. late night grazing for me, i cant seem to stop snacking from dark on....
    and forget healthy alternatives, for me it might be the 100 calorie packs, but its no good if you have 5 of them...so, i feel your pain, all we can do is be mindful of it, and try harder and track each bite.
    i am looking for other things to keep me busy during that time of evening, so i put off my exercising til then and all my housework.
    3354 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5821225
    Best thing to do to help portion control, is only put correct portions on your plate, so you don't feel you need to eat it all. Eat what you put on your plate (correct portions of course). Wait 15-20 minutes, if you are still feeling hungry then have some more. It takes a good 30 minutes for your body to know when food has reached the stomach. With snacks, don't buy bad snacks and only take healthy snacks with you, put them in sandwich bags, the appropriate portions, that way you just grab one when you need one and you won't over do it.
    Make sure you are drinking your water, if you are hydrated enough, it helps curb appetite at times also. Don't beat yourself up. You are new to this and it will get better with time. You've made it this far, be proud of that!
    3354 days ago
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