Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ok, it's time for a refresher on my inspiration and motivation. We all know these things can change, sometimes suddenly and sometimes drastically. It's good to take inventory of why you want to do the things you set out to do...and sometimes decide if you still want to tackle that idea that sounded good a few months ago. So here we go...

Lose weight: Yes I still want to do this! I still have a goal of getting down to 150 or below by November. Why November? That's when my husband should come home! Other things that are motivating me to do this is to be healthy for me and also to have the energy levels needed to keep up with my two wonderful girls! I want to be a life coach, and I'm currently working on setting up my focus for that endeavor. One of the things I want to do is lose weight to show that I do have the follow through to accomplish what I set out to do, so others will find me worthy to work with. My inspiration for weight loss is a multitude of people I know around here who have lost the weight and kept it off. Thanks to them I can see first hand that it can be done! Woot!! I can do this!

Finish my Masters Degree: This one is a more recent goal I've set for myself since I just decided to go back to school a month ago, and I'm halfway through my first class. I've missed school so much and it is inspiring me to get moving on my Life Coaching business! I'm picking up a lot of tips and tricks as I go, so I know this is going to be money well spent. I am my own inspiration for this. I am happier when I am keeping my mind busy, and this is an area that interests me. I know that if the life coaching biz doesn't work out right away, I always have IO Psych to fall back on. I am motivated to do this for me since it is something I have wanted to do for almost 10 years, and now I'm doing it!!! Very exciting! Who knows, this goal might blossom into a PhD!

Live in a house in the country: I still want to achieve this goal badly! I am ready to be living in nature without neighbors living just a few feet away. This goal, while not on hold, is probably one of the longer term goals. I have a lot to accomplish before this will be a reality, and the main goal I have to acheive is to regain financial control of my life. It has spun way out of whack and I'm in the process of getting back on track. I'm working toward building my own budget tool on excel (anyone have a good formula for keeping track of credit card payments, that includes interest rates??? I'm horrible at building formulas, lol). Working toward this, and still very much a motivator in itself!

Homeschooling: Yep, still on this one, however my plan of action is shifting a bit. Since I started back to school I don't have as much planning time. This works now because the kids are still really little and I'm not formally homeschooling at this point. I'm figuring out how the kids learn, and how I best organize myself. I"m not kicking myself if I can't document or get formal lessons ready to go. Right now it's all about having fun and watching the kids learn to be the best kid they can be...and they're pretty darn good at it! My new tactic is to start even slower, focus on one big thing at a time (Lena is learning to walk and talk; Charlie is learning to potty train. Once those are mastered we're going to move onto some other big tasks, for example, I'm going to have Lena start learning parts of her body better and Charlie is going to focus more on the Alphabet...with some great coloring pages I found!) Documenting on my side is currently a website that I blog on and post pictures of our activities, I think I'm going to stick with this. My motivation for this is mainly that I have wanted to homeschool for a variety of reasons, and I intend to do it right! My kids will be socialized and they will be aware of following directions from other designated authority figures. They are going to learn lots of great home skills and we can put a lot of focus on the things they want to learn (in addition to the things they need to learn). It's going to be a blast!!

Those are the main foci in my life right now. My kids are both huge motivators, huge inspiration and huge distractions in all of my goals. Yes, I said it, they are huge distractions, lol. I don't mean this in a bad way, just in a realistic observation way. With my husband deployed I am acting as a single parent and these two kids can be trying, demanding and fussy quite a bit. They are learning coping skills and emotions beautifully, but until they master them...which may be never, lol...they will continue to be a beautiful distraction to some of my goals. The trick is to take those distracting moments and regroup myself, bringing myself back to the original path. Nothing wrong with wandering off path just a bit, but if it's not getting me closer to my goal, then I must snap myself back on the right path.

Still haven't had a chance to write up my official goal list, but that will be coming soon!!

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    Well done on your achievements & goals especially home schooling your 2 children. You can do everything you've set your mind on doing!!!Believe in yourself which is something I'm learning at long last.

    3476 days ago
    Those are all great goals. It sounds like you have your priorities in the right place. I imagine it would be challenging to raise two small children on your own (at the moment) and you sound like you are passionate about your children's upbringing and education. Wonderful! And you are taking time for yourself, your goals of finishing your masters, losing weight. That's great. Take it one step at a time, don't get overwhelmed. It will happen. Just keep active (with two young ones it is challenging) and eat the right foods and you will see changes.

    3476 days ago
  • NEWMAC2011
    Sounds like you've made a lot of really great plans. Thanks to your husband for serving the country, whether one believes in the wars or not, he is a hero.

    Regarding homeschooling you might want to consider virtual school. My daughter does that and she has a teacher for each class with whom she can phone or email. It's not homeschooling since I don't have to teach her although I'm available to help her if she needs it.

    Wishing you the best in reaching your goals.
    3476 days ago
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