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Monday, February 07, 2011

This journey is 90% mental. While most people understand that, it isn’t something that is easy to master. I honestly believe that if the journey was more about the physical aspect there would be less struggle and the number of overweight and obese people would be a great deal lower. Personally I know that if the mental aspect did not cause so many problems I would not fight the physical as much as I seem to do.

The mental aspect of this journey is everywhere. When the alarm goes off in the morning and your brain is telling you that you need that extra 30 minutes of sleep and you can work out later. Then when your workout gets waylaid because your friends want to go out, the phrase I can do it tomorrow or one missed workout won’t matter. These are the things we fight in our mind when it comes to finding time to work out.

Additionally, when we are working out oftentimes when it starts to get hard, we will fight the voice saying that it’s not worth it and it’s too hard or boring. Or when we get on the scale and the number isn’t what we think it should be we fight the desire to give up. After all our efforts aren’t paying off. These are all things most of us fight in this journey.

W e also struggle with the images put out by the media. I am not blaming the media for being overweight but the media plays a big part in the struggle. Every day we are bombarded by images of celebrities getting in shape in minimal time and while we struggle it is easy to give in to the voice telling you that you will never be able to look like so and so. While that is true, it is not because we can’t lose weight and be the best person we can be physically. The truth is that I will never look like a model. I do not have the same body type as a model and I could lose as much weight as I want and I will never be that person. We must overcome the mental voice telling us it isn’t worth is because we can never achieve what we want. We have to understand and accept that while we may never look like said individual that doesn’t mean that becoming the best person we can become is not worth it. Life isn’t about trying to be someone else but being yourself and being happy with whom you are.

I know that I am constantly fighting this mental “demon.” I have been trying to find ways to eliminate his impact and voice in my head and while sometimes it is easy the constant struggle is still there. When the voice tells me to just shut the alarm off and go back to sleep I tell myself that any extra sleep isn’t really going to help because my body is already awake plus I feel so much better once I get going and I know that the workout will make dealing with whatever stress comes my way that much easier to deal with. I also tell myself that if I do my workout in the morning I will be that much further ahead.

Last month I made the decision to avoid the scale. While I have still not stepped foot on the scale I continue to struggle with the desire to see where I am. However I have accepted that the scale is not my friend right now because if the number is not where my brain thinks it should be then it will cause more difficulty in my journey. Whenever I have been faced with the number on the scale differing from where I believe it should be in the past I have found it more difficult to continue on with the journey. I let the mental take over and tell me that the effort I have put in has been for nothing. This time I am relying more on non-scale cues to see where I am on my journey. My clothes are fitting better. I am getting stronger and am able to push longer and harder in my workouts. Overall I am feeling better. These things are keeping me from giving in to the mental demon telling me that only the number on the scale matters.

Where I still struggle is on my rest days. I know that my body needs a rest day a week to avoid burnout but those days are the toughest for me to survive. On the days I workout in the morning I have an easier time fighting the desire to eat for comfort or boredom because I don’t want to undo the hard work I did during my workout. The problem is that on my rest days, unless I have it jam packed and leave no time to relax, I find myself struggling with the desire to munch or graze during the day. I know this is all mental and something I need to continue to work on. I know this can be conquered and I plan on not giving up.

Like I said I believe that this journey is 90% mental. I am determined to fight this mental demon and become the fit and healthy person I know is inside me. If the journey was not so much mental then I know I would not struggle as much as I do. I have embraced the mental challenge and instead of letting the mental issues control me I am determined to overcome them. Like I said it’s 90% mental and I plan on taking control over the mental part and making it understand that I am ready for the challenge and ready to win. I will be the best person I can and I will continue on with this journey ready to fight.
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  • STARL_73
    Good blog! I recently gave my "imp" the attention it needed enough to realize it does me NO GOOD!!! As you said - it's a constant battle. Part of it is realizing it when it's the imp and when it's your body actually saying WHOA! or that it needs something. I think this site has been helpful in drowning out the imp. I recently learned that when it starts shouting, I shout back that I WANT to (work out, eat healthy, etc). And it does help.
    I also avoided the scale for awhile, but then for me, i realized i needed it to push me - because if it doesn't move how I want it, I need to look at myself. I dont' rely on it completely, but it's a measurement I believe i can use in a healthy manner.
    That little imp has become to big in my life - I look forward to cramming it into a itty bitty closet and throwing out the key!
    And it's good to know i'm not the only one hearing voices. emoticon
    3718 days ago
    Becky - you are doing great, your lines "My clothes are fitting better. I am getting stronger and am able to push longer and harder in my workouts. Overall I am feeling better." means that you are winning - great job! I've told you that I really like your spirit, you have it inside of you to achieve whatever you wish for....please keep it up, you are doing great (and as far as off days, I have to get out of the house else the tendency to graze becomes too much for me - I'll visit family, run to the library, anywhere but just hang around the house all day as I have the same issues when I get bored)

    Keep up the fight, it sounds like you are getting the upper hand which is great - have a good week and finish it strong.
    emoticon emoticon
    3718 days ago
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