When Motivation Takes a Nose Dive

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I have no idea why, however when I woke up this morning I had no desire whatsoever to stick to my goals or even think about exercising. I stayed in bed until I absolutely had to get up.

For the last two weeks I have been spending my mornings doing my exercise work outs first thing. I'm sure many people have heard of P90X. It's one of the latest exercise videos out and seems to have gained a lot of momentum over the last several months. Many many many years ago I purchased Power 90 which is by the same people. The concept is for 6 days a week to alternate between the Sculpting routine and the Sweat Routine taking 1 day of rest.

I have never ever completed the 90 day challenge. Heck, I've never made it past phase 1-2.

So with starting my SparkPeople page I decided to complete this 90 day challenge. The first day I did the sculpt routine, I could not complete all the exercises or repetitions. The first day I did the sweat routine I realized just exactly how out of shape I had become. However, I was motivated. Gung Ho. Ready to tackle anything. I pushed through that first week with guns blazing.

By the end of the second week I was able to complete all reps of the sculpt routine and almost stay up with the peeps on the video on the sweat routine. Today was day 16 (I just realized this, for some reason I kept thinking it was day 14).

And I did NOT want any part of it.

I have a personal goal on my Better Sleep Challenge to NOT drink Caffeine after 3PM. While I still met that goal today, I did up my coffee for the morning. I just felt like I was dragging all day.

When I got home I still did NOT want anything to do with sweating. What I really wanted to do was sit down, watch TV, and stuff myself full of something.

Then I thought to myself, "Really, already your giving up? Didn't you say that you would stick to this for 90 days? 90 days out of the span of a year and you can't swing that?"

So, with every bit of determination I could muster, I begrudgingly changed into my workout clothes. With a look of disdain I put the DVD into the player. With loathing I hit the play button.

I told myself "OK, I'll at least get this thing started. If I really don't feel like doing it, I'm just going to stop it and quit. I can quit if I want to."

So we started.

The stretching felt good. I felt the tension in my back start to relax. Ok, so maybe I can do this.

Power Yoga was great. For the first time I was able to perform all the moves without wobbling and falling over. Excellent.

The first round of cardio was success! I did it without wussing out! YAY.

The second round sucked. Why am I doing this? Seriously? I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS. Pushing through, pushing through, chanting between gasps for breath "I hate this".

The third round was better. OK, so maybe this isn't so bad. Hey, I'm still keeping up. Watch me go!

The fifth round was iffy.

WHAT!?!?! ROUND SIX? WHY AM I DOING ROUND SIX! I'm quitting. Wait, I can't quit now. This is the last part. If I quit now that's just insane. Keep going.. keep going.

Completion . Accomplishment. Success.

For the first time since I bought this thing, I have made it through Day 16. FANTASTIC.

The best part is, I felt my motivation resurface. I felt my desire to see this through resurface. I CAN DO THIS. WATCH ME GO! AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!!

When motivation takes a nose dive, think about the end result. Give it a try, it just might be the thing to bring it back!

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    Good Job Razella!! : )

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