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Friday, February 18, 2011

Have you ever gone back and read some of your blogs? I did today and OMG...in all honesty, some didn't make sense, although at the time I wrote it...it made perfect sense to me. Some were partial repeats of other blogs I'd written..(why didn't someone tell me??), and some I'm embarrased to say, actually motivated me :)

Todays' blog is more for me but if it resonates with you...cool! If it sounds a little familiar, it should. It's a combination of a couple of past blogs written more than a year ago, edited with my present thoughts. With that being said...here goes.


Today I started putting more focus on consistency when it comes to exercise, instead of taking the lacksadasical approach of ... 'I'll do it when I can" . Although cardio is important, boredom makes it necessary to play mind games with myself. If there's such a thing as running into a "wall', where it takes super commitment to stay on track, I always seem to find it.

Some mind games are positive, like the ones I used... to stay on the treadmill for longer than 15 minutes. Others that involve eating, such as... 'I'm going to eat just one of those and stop',...or "I better have that last big meal now because I'm going to start my diet tomorrow." . Well we know where that usually ends and that's why I stopped with the insanity and started eating in moderation a while back.

For me, allowing foods that used to be off limits have become my way of keeping the weight off. Pizza, pasta and chinese food are totally in, without the guilt and the infamous "I've screwed up, may as well pig out now." Do I indulge every day?... course not. Common sense, healthy choices, FLEXIBILITY, a healthy attitude towards food and eating in moderation, keeps me balanced.

So what does it all mean? It means no more binging, no more food-mind games, no more cravings, no more sabotaging, no more guilt, no more denying, no more overeating, no more obsessing and no more 'bad' foods list. Bottom line..it means taking responsibility for what I put into my mouth (and enjoying it)....without the head trip.

Balance is key...find yours!

ps...mahalo nui loa to all who have welcomed me back to spark. the outpouring of love has been overwhelming to say the least. i am so blessed... me ke aloha pumehana!

peace out and within!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I smile when I see your name!


    991 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1370153
    great blog!
    3429 days ago
    I re-read this today, and it is exactly what I needed to hear! Consistency has always been my problem IN THE PAST. Today is my new beginning. Today my consistency will improve daily. Thanks for writing this, and I will refer back to it again!!
    Stay safe this weekend my girl. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings today especially.
    3456 days ago
    Life is always a bit of a balancing act, from slow to flow, as long as I am moving I am heading in the right direction!
    3596 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    waiting patiently for more of your terrefic blogs.
    3611 days ago
    I feel this way about a lot of things I write. But it is catartic so I would not have it any other way. Hope you are doing well. Keep up the strive to be healthy. Hugs ps I love your background art.
    3618 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8925224
    Great blog. Right on target. emoticon
    3620 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6758122
    3621 days ago
    emoticon Ho'o Kaulike, check - get'em!
    3624 days ago
    I'm also finally learning how to find balance and to figure out what is realistic for LIFE. Thanks for sharing!
    3626 days ago
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. . .yours is AWESOME!!! I can't wait until I can have some maintenance in my life. . . for now it's breaking the binging and constant exercise as a way of life!
    Very well written. . .and one of my goals is to make it to Hawaii. . .but not the tourist section . . .the "true" Hawaii!
    3642 days ago
    You said this so much better than I ever could. I mean I've lost a little over 70lbs and I have chocolate everyday, granted its a small piece (I break a frozen hershey bar into 4 peices for 55 calories) and I'll have a smart one dessert or something else under 150 cal but its what I like and what keeps me balanced so I dont binge into an oblivion only to snap out of it 40-50 lbs heavier. My evening snacks are calculated into my day (and it helps to save me from myself lol) Its ALL about balance and its great to have finally achieved some.
    Heres to great success in our futures!!

    3646 days ago
  • PSMITH3841
    I'm so glad you're back...I need my "little Sis" to kick my fanny back into gear....I lost my "spark" for a while, but I'm working on getting it back, and I need a little help from my friends. emoticon Hugs and all that stuff! Luv Ya! emoticon
    3647 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4550505
    Love this blog!! I like the no off limit foods!! Consistency and moderation is the key, you are so right!! I'm doing well with the consistency part, it's just the moderation I need to work on!!!

    So glad you are back!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3651 days ago
    SHE'S BBBAACCKKK!!!!! I am ssssooo glad your back Deb. I haven't lost a pound since you've been gone (smile). I did lose my spark since the summer and now I am back with a vengance!!! Moderation is the key, if I did it any other way, I would binge for sure. Great blog.


    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3654 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6465553
    "I better have that last big meal now because I'm going to start my diet tomorrow." You heard when I said that on Sunday, didn't you. emoticon LOL! Great blog sis!! Balance! I need to find balance. And I will, soon. Thanks for sharing this AWESOME blog!!!!!!!! You're the bestest!! emoticon
    3655 days ago
    Hello, I stopped by to see how you are doing. I read your latest blog. I agree 100 percent with you about balance.
    I am glad you found out what works the best for you on this journey for a healthier, fitter you.
    May this year be the year where many of your dreams come true.
    Thanks for being an encouragment to all you have reached out to.
    You are precious.
    3656 days ago

    It's good to read you again! It's always difficult to get past the point of thinking and feeling the guilt when you let yourself down, but when you come around to realize that you are only human and you deserve the forgiveness you would instantly give a friend for the same mistake, you find that balance is truly much easier to find!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    That's my dance because you're back!

    3656 days ago
    Good going! You're right when things become forbidden and we don't enjoy what we're doing things get difficult! You have such a great attitude emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3657 days ago
    "ps...mahalo nui loa to all who have welcomed me back to spark. the outpouring of love has been overwhelming to say the least. i am so blessed. me ke aloha pumehana "

    * It's really great to have you back on.
    3657 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6221054
    Loved this blog sis! Balance is key and I will find mine one day. Thanks for the inspiration. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your w/e lovely lady. I promise not to indulge AND I will be consistent. emoticon
    3659 days ago

    Love your idea about going back through blogs; like reminiscing on old photos: A "where I've been, what happened and how did I get here" sort of story.Your present looks great. Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon
    3659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5807913
    Great blog --- I had to lol when I first started reading as I have also gone back through my old blogs and felt the same way --- it was fun!

    We were just watching the "Untouchables" movie on tv the other night and as I was reading your blog, I couldn't help but think about how when we prohibit something - anything - it becomes the only thing we can think about! I guess food isn't any different -- prohibition on food --- and then we want to bootleg it! lol! The key truly is moderation in all things.

    emoticon emoticon
    3659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6221385
    Love this blog sis, balance really is key. Thanks for sharing your insights. Have a wonderful weekend! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6234654
    emoticon I need to put effort in finding my balance. It's easy to sabotage myself playing mind games especially ones you mentioned. Glad you found your balance and more importantly that you're back. Have a wonderful weekend lady! emoticon
    3659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2946534
    Great great blog. Balance really is key.
    3659 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4717360
    What an awesome blog Deb, I totally agree with you about not indulging now and then, denial only encourages a binge of the culprit food eventually, usually under a less rational mindset.The last "hurrah" meal before getting back on track is probably more celebrated than most of us care to admit! Balance and moderation is a mantra we should strive for every day!
    3659 days ago
    As a close friend is fond of saying: all things in moderation. But in my case it's better just to not have certain foods around for now. Once at goal range I'll reconsider...
    3659 days ago
    Another great blog as usual Debbie, I totally agree, I basically eat what I want, but in moderation, I don't want it to seem like a "diet", I am just so glad your home, and I love your page background.
    3660 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7866181
    Awesome blog as usual Deb! I'm still struggling to find balance and I know it's the key. Thank you so much for sharing your insights!
    3660 days ago
    Ah! Balance. That forever slippery goal. Just when I think I have it. Boom! Something happens to challenge my resolve. But exercise has got to be a priority with me or life becomes not so nice. So into my calendar it goes. Now if I can only remember to READ the calendar. LOL:)
    3660 days ago
    emoticon To balance in everything in life!

    emoticon I am so glad you are back! You are God's gift of loving sunshine!

    3660 days ago
  • CAROLJ74
    Fabulous blog! Fabulous insight! I have been replaying this conversation in my head a lot recently. It is all about balance and eventually it all works out. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
    3660 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6480936
    Great seeing you back and blogging again. I want that balance too, hopefully soon. Have a terrific weekend sis! emoticon
    3660 days ago
    emoticon I too have found balance with food in my life, now that the weight is gone. It has made such a difference to know that this lifestyle change has made it easier to feel comfortable with my choices in food. Portion control is important, true, but I don't obsess in staying away from foods that I like.
    I'm glad you have found your balance and I'm glad you are back!
    Take care my friend and sis! emoticon emoticon
    3660 days ago
    I'm still looking to find my balance...I'll get it together, eventually. Your words are so wise!
    3660 days ago
    Balance and control are my words. I can overdo on one meal but not three meals a day - not 7 days a week.
    Glad that you are back in step with your inner rhythm. We learn so much here on SP!
    3660 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    This is a brilliant blog and I thank you so much for your powerful insights. I wish you a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. You are priceless.
    3660 days ago
    Balance is my 'motto' for this year! I love that we can go back to read our blogs ... as it really shows us the path we're on and the progress we're making!

    Happy Friday my friend!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    3660 days ago
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