Monday, February 21, 2011

I have just run out of steam. I haven't exercised in about 2-3 weeks, and don't feel like doing any. I am bored with my current options - thinking of trying the gym soon with a 10-visit pass or something, to do something different to get me motivated again. I've always loved using the cross trainer while listening to music and watching the gym TVs, and unlike some of the other stuff I've tried like EA Sports Active and Zumba I can take it at my own pace and build up to it.

I'm also fed up with the diet. I have stuck to tracking, but I've had a few days of going over my goals. I just am struggling to find meals I want now (out of inspiration), although I feel like eating fatty carby stuff like fried things and meals out. I'm craving the more intense tastes too I think - try as we might, we just don't really get the intense tastes in things we cook at home (lack of skill, I guess). I've also really fancied cake. I will probably try making one when I get a chance, will try a lower fat recipe but know that I'll probably not get it in my calorie goals.

My husband suggested taking a week off the diet and just eating what I want, but I'm afraid of doing too much damage to my efforts and not wanting to go back to the diet. This was the diet to end all diets, the one I was going to stick with until I lost weight, not another do-well-for-3-to-6-weeks-and-t
hen-get-bored-and-give-up. I was thinking of finding out what my daily calorie needs would actually be and look at setting that as a max level but allowing myself to go over my goals a little or on occasion.

Just not really sure what the best path from here is. It's the same old story and it leads to me resenting the diet for not letting me eat what I want, and then I'd resent myself for being obese and not ever being able to stick to anything to shift the weight.

I just hope if I try a new exercising method to revive my interest, and maybe get a few more tasty treats into my life, I can at least stick to this path until I get over this slump and get back into it.
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    Thanks for the sweet comments guys xx

    VC: a local gym has 10 trip gym passes, it's a little cheaper than the casual rate but not as cheap as a proper membership. A good place to start though since I'm not sure I can stick to it (well, I am more likely than Stu, he's not really into it, I'm considering going alone instead so that he doesn't end up holding me back). I'm actually not a fan of that soup mix, just because the smell reminds me of the pea & ham soup my mum used to make with a huge hunk of pig corpse sticking out. :/

    HC: You're so sweet to say that I was inspiring you. It's not necessarily just 10 trips to the gym, it's just that I don't want to take up the membership until I'm sure I will keep going. So 10 trips to start with, and see where I'm at then. I'm still vegan, that isn't likely to change, but I did give in and eat some cake today. But it had the benefit of putting me off cake now (it was a bit rich for me and I felt sick afterwards), so hopefully that craving will stay away now (I'm not normally much of a cake/baked goods fan). I'm planning to go to the gym on Saturday morning and spend time on the cross trainer and rower and bike.

    Sue: Thanks so much for sharing your story and encouragement with me. Going back to the baby steps is a really good idea. I haven't heard of the firm videos, but I think you are right that I need to find something that I really enjoy. I wasn't enjoying some of the other ones I tried, because I'm not really fit enough for them yet. But I will do whatever exercise that my heart desires at the time, it's good to vary it and I'll stop feeling guilty for not using some of the dvds/games that I have - I'm sure I will rotate back to them at some point.

    I'm sure I can stay on track and succeed with a little tenacity, and 'I'll get by with a little help from my (Spark) friends'! xx
    3662 days ago
    Hey, you lost weight! And you've exercised and eaten better. You've made progress. It takes time to change habits of all kinds. Just look at my writing issues... and everything else!

    Also, it's the height of summer. No one in Brisbane feels like exercising lately, surely. Thank goodness for the storms!

    Where do you get 10-visit passes for gyms? Do they just hand em out over the counter? I haven't been in a gym since the 90s! Besides indoor rockclimbing places and pools.

    Last night I made soup (hot soup in summer, yeah, really clever, haha) using the McKenzies Soup Mix stuff from the stupormarket: contains dried barley, peas, and lentils. Nice mix, actually. Used Massell's vegan beef stock, added some veggies, tomatoes, herbs, and seasoning. Great low-cal satisfying meal. Cooks quickly if dried stuff is pre-soaked, and makes heaps! Handy.

    Have you read Crazy Sexy Diet? I'm thinking of ordering it from Book Depository while they are handing out 10%-off vouchers... hmm. People have been raving about it! Looks ok in the Google book preview.


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    3664 days ago

    I know you stopped exercising while you were sick and maybe the circuit training at the gym 10 times will get you going again. You have been an inspiration to me to exercise, not that I have done too much myself, but I have just decided to do more than I have been so, we'll be adding exercise in together.

    Are you still eating vegan? I just made an awesome lasagna last night that even the non-vegans loved. I made it up and after dinner wrote down what I remembered, I think I got it.

    Baking can be difficult w/o eggs and I haven't had a lot of luck. What I have discovered, is that when you bake, for instance, instead of cake, do cupcakes and freeze them after they are cooled. then they stay nicer, otherwise they get gummy, yuck. I've thrown a few things away after a couple of days sitting out.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    You are such a cutie and I want to see the slimmer you who wants out!!! You are awesome and you will find your way!!!

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    3664 days ago
    You must hang in there and stay on some program, don't fall back to eating what you want and not be exercising also. You can do this, I know you can find a way. Are you on the wrong diet and not following the spark way and not getting what you need to keep your energy up. You can have your desert and somethings most fad diets don't allow. Have you been hit with seasonal disorder? If so you need to hang in there until the weather get better, there are things you can do inside. Just hang in there and give it some more time, you are so worth it!!!

    If it helps go back to the beginning and start over taking baby steps again. Start with 10 minutes of exercise once or several times a day and build up from there. Log in and count your calories and your workout every day. You have stopped exercising 2 to 3 weeks ago so you are already losing the benefits of all your work, but please don't let that stop you from getting back into this. The longer you go the more difficult it is to get started again. You have to want this for yourself, we can be here for support. Don't give up not yet when you have really got a shot at a fit and healthy body that will have so much energy and you will love to look at. Most of all you will feel so great about yourself when you get to the end of this journey. I know, I was there once and on cloud nine at 37 years old I was doing cartwheels on the road when out jogging I felt so young again.

    I felt so great I went and took the cities fire test to become a career fire fighter. I had been a volunteer for ten years and was the only female Captain in all the nine departments surrounding the Tri-Cities where I live. Richland had never had a female pass their physical agility test and had been bugging me for years to take the test. Now I felt so great I knew I could pass it and not be embarrassed if I didn't. I took it and was the first female to do it. I was screaming over the stereo in my car after I drove away. I felt like the dancer in Flash Dance when she followed her dreams. I saw that movie by myself and cried when someone said, if you lose your dreams you die!

    I was to start my new job 3/1/1992 and I was so happy. Unfortunately on December 18th 1991 I fell from a fire engine on the job and was paralyzed from the chest down. My dreams and passions came crashing down. I now had to do therapy to learn to be a paraplegic and those exercise routines were ten times more difficult than that agility test or any of the training and fire fighting or exercise routines I had ever done in those ten years as a volunteer fire fighter. All I had to move this body around was my arms. It took me weeks to learn to roll over from my back to my stomach. I couldn't sit up without help, I couldn't get into my own chair for months. It was a long road and all of it in pain. It was for months before I could dress myself.

    I made the choice without a second thought that if I didn't leave that hospital walking I would leave it hell on wheels. I did that and tried to always keep a positive attitude for my hubby and daughters, as all the things I could no longer do became very real for them when I came home after being gone in the hospital for nearly four months. I won't say that I didn't get down thinking of all the things I would no longer be able to do, but it was something I faced bravely every day.

    I would lay awake at night sometimes remembering how great it felt to be sore after trying a new firm workout video. I wanted that feeling back. I missed being able to do the simple things, like jumping up in the middle of the night to throw on my fire gear, run out of the house and climb into my Captains truck and flip the sirens on and go off to a fire. Now I would lay there and listen to the sirens and hear them pass my house on the way to some incident. Please do not feel sorry for me because it has been 19 years and I have adjusted and have found new things to fill my time.

    The message I want to send you here is, never stop trying you can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to really want it. I love the firm workouts, I honestly never had a flat stomach or small hips, butt, and thighs! Not until I did the firm videos.... The firm promises you will see a difference in 10 days and I really did and after that ten days I was hooked. I lost 40 pounds in just over three months and was back in my high school size 10! You might check out their team on spark and see what you think. I liked it because it was at home and indoors so nothing to keep me from doing it first thing every morning. They have so many tapes and work outs I am sure you could find something you like. Just a suggestion....but I do promise you will never regret doing this, you will never regret hanging in here with us and making your dreams come true.

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    3665 days ago

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