Charlie Sheen Has a Valid Point

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Now that I have your attention, please bare with me as I explain the title of this blog. I am not a huge Charlie Sheen fan (I've always preferred Emilio Estevez to be honest). After seeing the media circus he created this past week I have a very strong opinion of him. Whether he has had a mental break or not, he has proven to be a master manipulator who is skilled in the art of getting attention & playing the media for everything it's worth. And for some reason, people are falling in step behind him. He managed to get over 1 million followers on Twitter in 24 hours and earn a Guinness record in the process. I decided to follow somewhere around 130,000. Okay I admit it, I got nosy & wanted to see what he had to say without a camera crew in front of him.

Mostly it's the same "I'm so great", egomanical, flaming A-hole stuff from TV, but I was surprised to see a few gems in the mix. First of all is his now trademark & most recent tattoo "Winning" I get it. He's a winner, but let's face it, wouldn't we all like to feel like winners in our weight loss, our careers, our relationships and life in general? Of course we would, besides, it's a quick, happy word that falls off the tongue easy and makes us feel as if we're accomplishing something...we're winning. It may become a running mantra for me when the weather let's me run again. We'll see.

But any way, he actually cracked off a moment of sheer brilliance the other day that has stuck with me like nothing else. Here are the tweets in order:

"this just in.... another cosmic fastball from the Mind of your fav Warlock; Earn Yourself"

"You already own you. Now go... Earn the power. Earn the Truth. Earn the most important component in this entire dimension, your self c "

I actually stared and the screen and thought, damn it, that raging lunatic done went and made some sense. Yes we do own ourselves, but have any of us really earned ourselves? Think about it, we give so much of ourselves away to others, we constantly tell ourselves we're not good enough, we don't deserve to be thin, or happy or the life that we want. Wouldn't it be nice if we took back our power and really lived like we had to earn ourselves. We work so hard to earn money, we work so hard to earn respect from others, shouldn't we work just as hard to truly earn our own respect & self love. Maybe if we break through this wall of can't, and truly try like we have to earn the right to be us, we would value ourselves more.

Sunday is the day I have more time to devote to a serious cardio workout. I normally try to do 6 miles in 21 minutes, give or take 15-30 seconds on the stationary bike. Today I hopped on the bike started to pedal and for some reason "Earn Yourself" popped into my head and I decided to give this ride everything I've got and NOT look at the time, just the miles as they clicked by. I remained totally present and felt my muscles working and I focused on my breathing keeping it as deep and steady as I could. I rode as if I was riding for my life, but controlling it all the while. When I hit six miles I stopped, hit the timer and....


I shaved over 1:45 off my time, I felt great, I felt in control and yes "Winning" popped into my head, but more importantly, I earned myself today! It may sound dorky, or hokie or even nuts, but I felt better and I still feel a little more in control of this life long weight battle of mine. I'm ready to fight and earn myself.
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  • JSBACH1750
    Two good tweets out of how many....
    I'm glad you found the needles in the haystack and shared your experience. Thanks!
    3417 days ago
  • MELA1953
    Great blog Lucy!!! you are right- the raving lunatic had something right to say!!

    Congrats on your workout!
    3418 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3006903
    What a thought-provoking and inspiring blog.


    Earn yourself.

    I'm not sure that Charlie Sheen is broken. He may very well just be mad as hell.

    Either way, you certainly found some pearls in the rantings of a madman. ("Mad as in "insane," or "mad as in "enraged.") Thanks for sharing taht wisdom with us.
    3418 days ago
    3418 days ago
    I'm a follower of his too LOL. I read those same tweets and kinda thought the same thing! Great blog...I really enjoyed reading it :)
    3418 days ago
  • ERIKO1908
    Awesome blog!! You are very right - we should all try to work on "Earning Ourselves" - going to try to be more attentive to that!! Thanks for sharing!
    3418 days ago
  • DIANA116
    I enjoyed...thanks for sharing
    3418 days ago
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