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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey all!

I haven't made much progress in the past 2 weeks, I've finally lost .8! I am SO ready to push this to the next level! When our taxes finally come in, we're going to order P90X. By "we" I mean ME! LOL We did watch an informercial on it, and Mike liked it as did I. It will benefit him as well. I just hope he doesn't look hotter than ME, faster than me! haha He is already losing at a rate waaay more efficient than me and that just makes me COMPETITIVE!!! I WILL NOT be left behind! NO WAY!

Seriously though, I am proud of him, and I can see progress already even though he didn't take his eating seriously until 2 weeks ago! I'm SO happy he is finally doing it, because I want him around a long long time!!! And let me just say it is such a GREAT feeling to weigh LESS for once than him! I am not giving that up!! IT'S ON! We will spur each other on to our goals....WOOT!

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