1st Marathon, March 20, 2011 LA Marathon

Monday, March 21, 2011

Well I did it. My 1st Full Marathon 26.2 Miles

The night before I knew I needed to get a really good night sleep. Since I did not sleep well Friday night I was lucky to get a broken 3 hours. So at 6:30pm Saturday nightI took a Advil PM, would of taken a Advil anyway to help with my muscles. Adding the PM helped me get the sleep I needed. I watch the last 5 minutes of the news just in time to see what the weather was going to be like on Sunday, RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN. I had asked my husband to not sleep our bedroom that night because I really wanted to get a full night sleep, (I'm a very light sleeper) So he was kind enough to respect my wishes. By 7pm I was out cold I woke up at 1:30am pretty much awake, but did not get out of bed until 1:45am, my alarm was set for 2am.

I made my way to the bathroom where all my stuff was laid out, You could hear the rain just coming down, there was moments when I was getting dressed I was thinking what in the hell am I doing, I should just get back in bed. But a friend I mine (Sheri) told me once "I only run it the rain if I'm running a race". Well I was running a race so I better get moving, and that is what I did, got dressed and headed to the kitchen to get my coffee started, and when I turned on the light there was a sign from my hubby saying GO GO PAGONA,

I knew he was not going to make it to the race to watch me so that meant a lot to me. I ate my breakfast at 2:30am, got the rest of my stuff packed and by 3:15am I was pulling out of my garage, and watching the rain pouring onto the car. Again I'm thinking what am I doing???

I make it to the freeway and there are no cars, with in a couple of minutes I see a few, thinking well these people must be going to the LA Marathon, Why else would anyone be on the freeway on Sunday at 3:20am. Well by 3:24am the few of us on the freeway come to and stand still, there was a one car spin out, it was pretty bad, we must of wanted there for a good 10 minutes for them to clear the car from the middle of the freeway. Then we were off, all I could think about is I had 30 minutes to get to the parking lot in Santa Monica to get parked and get on my shuttle that was taking us to the start of the race at Dodger Stadium. The roads were so wet and the water puddles were so bad, I have a sports car and I was driving really slow because every time I hit a puddle I felt as if I was going to spin out. Well that never happened :), I did make it in time to park and got there early enough to get a spot in the parking garage. At this point it was not raining and I was feeling really, really good about the race. I met up with 2 Sparkfriends Jackie and Susanne , We all got on the bus and off we went,

We were at Dodger Stadium by 4:35am, WOW all I could think was we have 3 hours until the race starts. We walk into the Stadium and they had a row of tables with Bananas, Bagels, and coffee, I got a banana and a bagel, and headed into the stadium and sat, Well I really didn't sit that long because I must of went to the bathroom at least 3 or 4 times in 2 hours. I did get a photo with Chris Shchauble a News Caster on Channel 5 KTLA, He was covering the Marathon.

I asked if I could take a picture with hime, then I took a photo of this guy who had barly any clothes on, I did notice he had a letter C in front of his bib number that meant he ran better then a 8 minute mile so they got to start in the front of the line behind the Elite Runners.

Around 6:30 we went to check in our gear, (all of my clothes so I can change after the race) Then made it to the porta-potty's one last time. Wow let me tell you my nerves was working overtime. I know this sounds bad, but in three hours I had 4-5 bathroom trips I bet I lost 10+ pounds I'm glad there was tolit paper (read between the lines)

It is about 6:45am and we headed to the corrals, we decided to start in the 12:00 minute corral, we were really in the back of the 11:00 minute once everyone made it into the corrals,

Picture over 25,000 people it was amazing by time I took this photo the race had already start 13 minutes are so. I started 16 minutes after the race stated.

We sung the Star Spangle Banner (I think) and held our heads in silence for a minute for everyone in Japan. I was a great moment, you did not hear one person say a word. AMAZING. Before you know it the race started, the Wheel Chairs, The then Elite Women, then 17 minutes the rest of the pack including the Elite Men, By time I crossed the start line it was around 7:41am. I was feeling really good, but wasn't sure where Jackie and Suzanne were, so I kept looking back, Jackie and I was side by side for a few moments and I had asked if she had her music on and she said yes, so at that point I turned on my music and before I knew it was I was moving, I looked back a couple of times for Jackie to see where she was, and at some point I didn't see her, I remembered her saying once this is something you have to do for yourself and she was right, So I listen to my music and wanted to make the best of my 1st Marathon, I was texting, and taking photo, I reached Mile 2, and took a photo of the Los Angeles City Hall,

and China Town at mile 3,

and mile 4 was the first hill, it was short but steep, I walked it because I knew I still had 22 miles to go, still no rain, I made it to the 10K (6.2miles) marker in 1 hr, 16 minutes I was feeling really good slower then I wanted, I had some good music playing a just watching all the runners, I made it to the 7 mile marker and took my last photo because it started to rain,

Also by this time I need to go to the bathroom I saw a somewhat short line at the porta-pottys, so I stopped, I must of stood there maybe 2-3 minutes if not more and decided I really didn't have to go, It was cutting into my time. I had to get my fuel belt back on and all that other stuff. I ran another mile and noticed I was running pass a friends restaurant and went in there to go to the bathroom, it was so nice to use a real bathroom, but I must of spent at least 5 -6 minutes getting my stuff off, going to the bathroom, and getting it all back on, and before I knew it I was on the road again, By time I reached mile 8 it started to pour, I had already taken off my rain jacket because it was getting hot and wrapped it around my fuel belt. I was still feeling good, and before I knew it I was at mile 12 with a time of 2 hours and 38 minutes (approx) a little slower then my 1/2 Marathon time, but I was ok with that. I hurt my hamstring really bad on Superbowl Sunday and it was still healing. before I knew it I was at mile 17 Between Miles 8 and 17 we ran down Sunset Blvd we could see the Hollywood Sign that was pretty cool then down. Hollywood Blvd. Where they have all the Stars on the sidewalks. I ran passed my husband favorite restaurnt I got to do a quick interview at mile 15, It was pretty cool. but by Mile 17 in Beverly Hills my Ipod just stop working right in the middle of a song. It was raining so hard I didn't know if the battery died or it just got wet. So now I had to self motivate myself. The rain was getting harder and harder and the puddles are getting deeper, and deeper. My shoes and feet were getting wetter and wetter, and Mile 18 was coming up, I was warned that mile 18 -21 was hard it was all up hill it was a steady climb, and in between 20-21 was a steep uphill, I had already told myself just walk and run what you can. By mile 18 I had been running for 4 hours 5 minutes (approx) mentally I hit a wall, I had no music, my hamstrings were starting to hurt, they had people spraying this pain reliever stuff on what ever part of your body you wanted it on, so I got sprayed :), Making it through miles 18-21 was so hard, it was raining so much again my shoes and socks were soaked, my feet were frozen and so were my fingers, I just wanted it to be over, I had so much stuff going through my head, Like, All my MIM's (moms in motions, that I have trained with this past year to get ready for this marathon, and thinking of small things that people have told me, Your An Animal, Your Amazing, You Have Come So Far, the best one is Your An Inspriation To Me, and remembering me telling my husband after I did my 1st 1/2 Marathon almost 1 year to date, that I would never run a marathon because I fell like a bus has run over me, and him telling me yea right when are you signing up of the LA Marathon, and next Sunday I'm meeting a few sparkfriends for lunch, and I can't tell them I quit, and if I quit how will I get to my car, (BTW I would of never quit) and thinking of Sweetnskinny finishing her 1st Marathon just 9 week earlier in just over 6 hours. The competitor in me said you have to beat Sweetnskinny's time. By this time I just ran through the 21 mile marker. and then thinking to myself I've now ran more then 3/4 of the marathon in approx 4 hours and 52 minutes. I only have 5 miles to go. I'm thinking it could take me anywhere 50 minutes and 90 minutes at worst. I knew I could not do a 10 minute mile so the 50 minutes was not happening. Then just at the end of that though I noticed this girl that for the last 4 miles we had been passing each between running and walking, She had just stopped running and I had just started running so I ran to her and asked if she wanted to finish the race together, I told her that my goal was to finish under 6 hours. She looked at me and said OMG, I was just telling myself I wished I had someone to help push me, and there you are.. So we started to to run together, we made it one mile, and my hamstring was really killing me and her foot was killing her. I said lets run until we get to the 23 mile marker then we will walk, we only walked for a few minutes and started up again, with in that one mile we stopped and walked a few time. I hit the wall, but I knew I needed to make it to that finish line and I wouldn't make it if I walked any more, so as passed the 24 mile marker I said lets not walk anymore, we only have 2 miles to go. " Let me tell you my hamstrings and the back of my knees were killing me but it was hurt more to walk then try to start running again. At this point I wanted it to be over. So we pointed to the street signs and said OK we will run to the 3rd sign, then the 3rd big tree, before you know it we were at mile 25 and I had been running already, 5 hours and 42 minutes.(approx) I knew I had to keep moving, we rounded the last corner on to the final stretch for 3/4 of a mile, at some point I hear someone say only 800 meter then i hear only 400 meters then the girl I was running with said it's all you go ahead, I picked up my speed as much as I could and I ran across that finish line, I put both hands to my month and blew a big kiss out and said I did it.

My official Chip Time was 5 hours 55 minutes and 51 seconds.
Overall I placed 14,197 out of 19658
Females I place 4,751 out of 7,780
Women Division 45-49, I placed 404 out of 662
Age Grade I was 42.2%
My average pace was a 13.34 minute mile

Considering the rain, the hurt hamstring and losing my music I think I did pretty well, When I first decided to do the LA Marathon I wanted to finish under 5hr 30 minutes, at one point I ran 19 miles in 3 hours 45 minutes so I felt I could of done it in 5 hours and when I hurt myself I really though I would not be able to run, but I put all things aside and I knew I would hate myself if I did not do this, and now that I have I'm so proud of myself, If you put your mind to it you can do anything, I have to thank everyone of my friends and family for being there for me and supporting me through all of this, So this Marathon was not just for me it was for each one of y'all, Thank you,

Now my next Marathon will be for me,

Yes I will do another Marathon

P.S. If you want to see more pictures go to and go to order your race photos and then order your 2011 race photos here (in orange) and put in Kubert and bib number 10282.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on becoming a marathoner!
    You have the fantastic memories of doing this for you!
    Excellent report and onward to the next one!
    I think you are hooked!
    emoticon emoticon
    3672 days ago
    emoticon on finishing tour first Marathon!! That is awesome and I am so happy for you. I can only dream of running a full marathon one day! Loved the pictures and it is awesome that your husband supports you. Loved the sign that he made for you!

    Keep running!!!! emoticon
    3674 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4361149
    You're amazing! emoticon
    3674 days ago
    Wow! Congrats on your fantastic first marathon! You did AWESOME!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I saw the KTLA guy in your picture on the coverage, running along with people and interviewing them (and thought he had pretty nice looking legs, to boot!). I also saw some other stationary interviews - maybe one of them was you??? At any rate, between watching it and then reading your account, it has really come alive for me. I have SO much respect for you toughing it out in that rain! WAY TO GO!!!!
    3674 days ago
    WOW!! I had tears and chills while reading your blog. I ran my second 1/2 this past weekend, and my running conditions were nothing like what you experienced. I admire and respect you for an amazing accomplishment. You should be proud! You are a marathoner! You are an inspiration! emoticon
    3674 days ago
    You are an amazing woman! Thank you for sharing this account of your experience. For the first time I'm feeling very healthy going into a half marathon (my third) in two weeks. I hope I can do the LA Marathon in 2012 if I can stay healthy.
    3675 days ago
  • BUGSMOM211
    emoticon on your finish! Way to motivate others and inspire many! Happy Running!! emoticon Winner!!!
    3675 days ago
    I started crying reading your blog. Being from So Cal, I know how horrible conditions were on Sunday. You are an inspiration to a novice runner.
    3675 days ago
    Wow!! Fabulous! I am so inspired now to do a marathon. I can't imagine running it int he rain! You are a rock star!
    3675 days ago
  • LAHAWLEY2000
    You are amazing! I LOVED reading your detailed race report!
    WTG Marathoner!
    3675 days ago
    Way to go - you truly triumphed in style! Great report, but even more so - great job running a marathon and finishing under 6 hours! You ARE an inspiration!
    3675 days ago
    As a former marathon runner I loved every minute of reading your blog! My favorite part was when you inspired the other girl to finish with you - running is made even more special by relationships like that!! You don't know, you'll probably never see her again, but for those important minutes you helped each other!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    3675 days ago
    CONGRATS!!! That is amazing and you should be so proud!!!
    3675 days ago
    Yahoooo! Congratulations, those brutal conditions and you still did really well! :)
    3675 days ago
    Thank you for posting your race report - you gave such a vivid report!! Running in wet shoes and socks is the worst...great job for pushing through in tough racing conditions. You really are an inspiration!! I am doing my first marathon in the fall, and I love reading about people who've made it!!

    Thank you, and congratulations again.

    3675 days ago
    What a moving blog about your 1st marathon experience!! I could feel your pain and determination as you & the other runner made it mile after mile to the finish line! Congratulations!! One day I'm going to run a marathon too and will always remember your blog as inspiration!! emoticon
    3675 days ago
    how awesome your blog made me cry,you should be extremely proud of yourself. I am going ok slowly but surely, i'm trying to keep an eye on the big picture emoticon
    3675 days ago
    Congrats on finishing your first marathon! And in some pretty tough conditions =)
    3675 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS on your first marathon! Kudos for sticking with it through such awful weather conditions too!!
    3675 days ago
  • TAMTAM64
    Congrats on becoming a marathoner & for sticking it out in that AWFUL running weather! :)

    I'm so thrilled for you!

    Run Strong,
    3675 days ago
    What an amazing blog. You DID IT! I'm so freaking proud of you!
    3675 days ago
    Congratulations!! Great job!! I don't know if I could push thru all that rain. You can do anything. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3675 days ago
    What are the chances that we'd get so much rain on Sunday in So Cal? I was very lucky that the rain stopped Saturday morning in time for my triathlon. But it has pretty much been raining ever since.

    I watched a lot of the coverage in awe. I swear I even saw you at one point.

    Sounds like a very long, tiring day, but something you'll never forget. Congratulations on pushing through all of those impediments and making it happen!
    3675 days ago
    Well, YOU DID IT!!!!! And, you beat my time :) congrats!!!!!!!!!! hope you are TOO sore this week!
    3675 days ago
    Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) said on Facebook/Twitter that it was raining for the marathon, so when I saw your blog in the BLC15 side scroller, I had to check it out. Great story and wonderful job. Awesome job on finding someone to help push/pace to. That's something that helped in my latest 5k, although that was still mostly walking.

    Thanks so much for the inspirational story!
    3675 days ago
    When I got to the part where the girl you were running with slowed down and let you have that moment - it made me cry! What a wonderful experience, rain and all! Congratulations on this incredible milestone!
    3675 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So proud of you!! When I read Jackie's comments on FB about the weather and then read your blog....well it's official. You are a WARRIOR!!! A MARATHONER!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3675 days ago
    I kept hearing about all the rain in LA and thought of you & Jackie the whole time!

    I'm so very proud of you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3675 days ago
    1st marathon? That's awesome!!
    3675 days ago
    Wow that is wonderful and good for you! I enjoyed reading about your day, (sorry you had so much rain).
    What an inspirational blog....Thank you.

    3675 days ago
    Way to go Pagona, I am so proud of you! You are a super star.
    3675 days ago
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