Good to be Back on Track! Seriously 180 lbs, here I come!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I won't waste time pretending my hiatus was a mistake. I deliberately avoided my own blog like the flu. I thought about it each week, but I was so disconnected from my health journey, that I didn't know what to say, or how to express myself.

The past few weeks were filled with me getting discouraged, distracted and ultimately distanced from my goal. Falling off track really sucks. Especially when you've gone beyond guilt and just feel hopeless! It's not even like you're enjoying the food you eat, or how you feel when out of shape. What scared me the most was realizing that Isagenix DID work for me, but I was neglecting it. And that it was the only program I'd been on that let me eat, feel energetic, feel good and see results. So I knew that by straying away from IsaG, I was prolonging the goal I wanted to get to.

My mother has a 6th sense and at the time, called me, asking how things were going. That became a 3-way conversation with my Father. The thing I love about my parents is that they are very supportive and always tell me like it is. Talking to them helped give me the boost I needed to focus on getting back on track, vs wondering how to do so. Also, hearing how well they were doing while on the program really made me feel bad that I wasn't doing my part. No school or life stress could justify my actions.

Getting back on IsaG a week before going to New Orleans was tricky, because I was ready to commit, but also knew that I would be eating crazy foods there! Initially, I was going to be in the 170's at this point, and I was going to enjoy myself immensely. It was funny and sick at the same time, because I knew that my body would readjust to the Isafoods and wouldn't want to switch to greasy, toxic foods. My body wanted to stay on IsaG, but my mind knew that New Orleans would get the best of me while there! The trip ended up being ok! I DID enjoy myself, my tummy sufferred sometimes, but my mindset was set on me returning to Isagenix.

That brings me to today. It's week 12/24 and I am on Isagenix.It feels good to see results again. I'm 188, which is better than the 192 I had jumped back to in my month of straying, as well as my binge in New Orleans (I gain weight easily). What doesn't feel good, is cheating here and there. Slipping in too many almonds or breaking down and sneaking in some trail mix, as though it's ok! It's a big step from someone who was eating so bad, but it's still 1 of those things where I know I can do better!! There are a few things that are motivating me though :

PRIDE: I began this program with 100% dedication to it, as well as a great exercise schedule.I won't submit an essay to Isabody Challenge that says "This stuff works and I've lost some weight". NO....I have had to work so hard in my life to lose or maintain weight PRIOR to Isagenix. Now that I have a program that makes my metabolism work, I should capitalize on the great habits I've cultivated...not slack off!!

CANCUN: I'll be going to Cancun for a b-day/reunion of my closest friends. Many of us struggle with our weight and are hoping to have bodies we are proud of in May! I currently am enjoying being in the 180's again, and I want to see 1 freaking 70!!!

ISABODY CHALLENGE: This competition offers $120,000 to the winner. I know that my lifelong struggle with my medical issues, body,food habits and more have caused me to constantly be in pain, and I would love to succeed at getting to my goal weight...and getting to experience any taste of Isavictory!! But, I have to be focused and dedicated to even say I deserve a chance at it.

MARCH MADNESS: this is an 11 day Cleanse that was perfectly situated right after spring break. Like the New Year's cleanse, we get daily motivational and directional emails as we purge our bodies of toxins. Oh and they just threw in a $500 prize, so yea...major motivation.

Look, I'm not going to lie and say I'm going as strong as I did in the first month. But I have gotten back on the wagon enough to know that I have what it takes. Sure, I may not have the adrenaline that I had when this was all "new" to me- life settles in and daily distractions reclaim their charm. But I can't blame anyone or anything but myself for not doing everything I can to get back on track. I'll be relying on the aforementioned things when my willpower becomes shaky. I'm still waiting for me to make myself proud-I'm not there yet! I can see it going either way, but I know the direction my mind, body and soul needs.

Checking in, at the halfway mark

Weight: 188 (Began at 201lbs overall, so let's not make this a funeral ok??)

Inches: (forgot to check)

Let's see if I can get to 180!!

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