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Day 85: Saturday 'n' Birdbrain 'n' Stuff

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I deliberately set the alarm for a half-hour earlier than usual because tonight we change the clocks ahead an hour and I figure if I get up a half-hour earlier today, and a half-hour earlier tomorrow, by Monday I'll be on the right time. Or something like that.

It's technically 10:20 so not my bedtime yet, but Himself has changed all the clocks in the house (except my computer, which he's forbidden to touch, lol) so my mind is already confused - kind of its normal state of affairs.

I didn't accomplish much today, in some ways. We took pictures of some things we want to sell on eBay, I did some sorting / packing (the new totes were burning a hole in my closet, ha ha). Himself watched the Formula I qualifying races from Australia. I sat with him (always do, when it's race weekend) tho I mostly worked on a sudoku, just glancing up occasionally so I could follow what was happening. Tomorrow it will be about three hours of that. On the one hand I sort of feel as tho I could be doing something much more productive with that chunk of time, but it's become a tradition now of long standing, and I enjoy the puzzles or knitting or reading or whatever relaxing activity I choose to do with the time while keeping Himself company, so I'm looking forward to it. The work will still be there Monday when I get back to it.

No more calls from the realtors - hope I haven't jinxed the process here or something. I know some of you have said it took months to sell your houses, so I am trying to practice patience. Really is an antsy thing tho, ain't?

Re Nutty Joe: well, I must be getting used to him. Hubby said he had been tapping at the window a full forty minutes before I woke up and heard him. ('course, after yesterday, I was pretty tired!) Joe has discovered my office window (my office / library is next to the bedroom, so it wasn't much of a stretch, I guess). Since both windows face the same direction it makes me even more sure that it has something to do with reflection, either of the light or of himself or something that has made Joe become obsessive with trying to fly thru / at the window panes.

When I came in here this morning and saw him fluttering around I turned on the ceiling light. He flew away and didn't come back - well, not to this one. I didn't think to check the bedroom window. Now, that's no solution for the bedroom, because darned if I'm going to turn the light on early, so I still might resort to the foil trick and see if it works. But I'm also thinking that changing the clocks may mean he's at the window an hour later than he has been, so it might not disturb me anyway. Sooner or later, I figure either the light will shift, or he'll find a Mrs Joe, or something, and go live his little birdie life. Meanwhile, if worst comes to worst, I'll turn the light on in the room.

And that's it, really. I dislike getting so far behind on the things I usually do (keeping up with you all here on SP, reading blogs, checking out the message boards, etc) but for the nonce, I don't think there's much I can do about it, so I'm not letting it stress me out. Do forgive, and I will be writing reams of responses and opinions and what-not before you know it. I sincerely appreciate your comments and replies - I learn so much from you all, and I am so grateful.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

When I stepped into the office this morning and found out why
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    I have never had any effects on the time changing Spring or Fall. I always think I must be very fortunate after I hear and read of so many others that really have a hard time adjusting to the time changes.

    Good luck with Joe !!!!
    3537 days ago
    I wish you great luck with the house sale. Here in the states, houses are a drug on the market and the only people buying are investers. Sigh!

    For years, I thought my house would help fund my old age, Now, I am getting help to stay in my house through a chore service! the service helps with things we can't do any more, like starting my lawn mower. Once started, I CAN cut the grass myself! Cleaning the outside windows is not somethhing I have EVER wished to do, now I can get someone to do it for me at $7 per hour. WooHoo!

    Change of subject.... I love Soduku! Would you give me " that site of MegaSodoku puzzles and so I could print them off to do?" Pretty Please? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3537 days ago
    I solved the clock forward thing by getting up early, exercising like a nut and going back to bed for a long long nap. LOL not sure how it's going to work but I'm loving all the sleep I got!
    3538 days ago
    The time change can do a number on us! emoticon . Patience is something I need to grow more of. I think I just really get worse at this subject than better. If you figure it out please let me know. I really think it is great the way you take the time sit with Himself and watch the race. Glad you took a day to slow down a bit! You deserved it! emoticon
    3538 days ago
    I think it's great how you sit and keep Himself company. You've got me thinking about sitting with DH when he is watching his shows. Most times, I don't want to waste my time so I do other things, but you have me thinking about my "wasted time" notion.Usually, if I do sit with him, I think I annoy him because I start to talk too much or ask questions...I will practice just sitting, maybe with my Kindle or something to occupy me. He may enjoy me sitting with him, if I don't get too chatty. You gave me food for thought...

    I think you are getting used to Nutty Joe. From having had a parakeet and watching him behave in a similar manner, I'm fairly confident Joe is seeing his reflection and mistaking it for a mate. Does he leave a residue on the glass? My Zoe (I know, we thought he was a female at first) used to "feed" his mirror mate and would tap, tap, tap all morning. It was his ritual. He lived 18 years, which is long for a parakeet, and every morning he fed his *girlfriend*...lol You would think after 18 years, he would catch on! LOL
    3538 days ago
    Glad you got some down time----and I go to that site you sent me for my MegaSodoku puzzles and print them off to take to school to do in classes where I just sit---and often get comments from the kids about how I do them---they are often totally confused by even the easy one. Thnks so much for sending that to me----don't remember if I ever thanked you for that.
    3538 days ago
    Laughing here at yer birdie going back to his wife etc-- You are funny Kasey!!---So you guys change yer clocks too--I didn't know that--Live and learn here!In any event, you are ahead of us in seasons--We are trying to get rid of snow and ice still---- I hear there are robins here in the northjland-- Maybe one will be at my window--LOL0--- Nite Kasey--Lynda emoticon
    3538 days ago
    I sometimes have birds nests on my shutters and elsewhere on the house, probably because my house is LOGS. But I had a friend visit one day and SWEAR to me that having birds around a person's house is a sign that there are GOOD, happy people living there. If this is true, you and Himself are among the BEST!!
    3538 days ago
    You deserve some relaxing after all you've been doing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I hope you have a wonderful rest and that you feel "back to normal" after the time change.

    P.S. I love your new background picture.
    3538 days ago
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    In Saskatchewan, we don't do the clock forward and backwards thing. I think that our province in Canada, and Arizona in the States are the only two locations in North America that don't change.

    Hoping the Joe problem goes away with the clock issue! Sleep tight.
    3538 days ago
    It'll still be there Monday morning. If the office was closed today, it makes sense that you wouldn't have any calls. There is always a flurry at the beginning, so expect something (Hopefully!) at the beginning of the week. Do they have MLS there?
    Good luck to ya!
    3538 days ago
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