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Day 89, Part II: Somewhat Longer, But With Less Sass

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm glad you enjoyed those 'bent objects' pix. We all seem to have so many food issues that sometimes it's good to get a laff out of the very stuff that can bedevil us, thinks me.

It took me two hours (!) to do an online project that I feel SHOULD have taken me ten or fifteen minutes. You know the thing where you fill in forms, and it takes you here, and takes you there... you can't get back to where you started... and sooner or later, the whole thing just kind of - disappears? Hrmph. THAT kind of project. Annoying as all get out.

So that took my 'for fun' chunk of day. Otherwise, the usual: housework, more paper-sorting, cleaned the guest bathroom. Went to the practice nurse (wonder when I get to see the REAL one? lol) to have the BP checked and get the other blood-test results. BP was 130 / 70. Now, I'm here to say, that's not what I'd call 'good' or 'normal' or whatever. But it is way, WAY better than I've had in the last few years unless I've been on megadoses of anti-hypertensive medication. At this point, I'm down to the minimum dose of Lisinopril, and I'm still (STILL) just over the BMI line into 'obese' (as opposed to 'overweight' or - Lord help me - 'ideal'), so all in all, it's definitely better. I'm hoping that as my weight continues to go down, so will the BP. Time will tell.

The other things - cholesterol, triglycerides, all that - are looking very good. And for the first time in about two years, the kidney check came back 'No longer in Stage 2 CKD (chronic kidney disease) unless other factors / renal damage present.' Which they ain't. So that's good.

What I was most pleased about was Himself's cholesterol. A few years ago, it was around 600 (16 on the British scale). With judicious application of diet (EYE control the kitchen!) and exercise (he's pretty good about that) we got it under control, but toward the end of last year it was creeping up and we just could not seem to get it lower than the 250 - 270 range. The GP was talking about putting him on statins, so I said 'Well, let me give it one more shot, and if we can't manage it, then we'll talk prescriptions.'

I started him on three - four servings of plant stenols daily, plus oatbran in his morning cereal, plus walnuts, plus flaxseed, plus a decided lack of red meat (which he noticed, but tough, sez me), plus an increase in salmon (which helped make up for the deletion of meat, as he loves salmon) and so on. Well, today his cholesterol was a hair under 174 (4.5 Brit-style). By golly, something must be working! That was in two months, and we made a mistake in having his bloodwork done last week, as mine was due then, but his was supposed to be at the end of April. Wonder if it would have been even better in another few weeks?

At any rate, us oldsters had more good news today, which makes up for the sluggish computer-ing this afternoon. All's well etc.

TV time, and I don't want to miss Beatleband, so I'm closing up shop early. Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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