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Day 91, Part II: Quiet End to a Foolish Start

Friday, April 01, 2011

This morning while Himself was in the shower, I sneaked into his office and put a leetle tiny piece of scotch tape on the bottom of his computer mouse, over the laser 'eye.' I admit, he has a good sense of humor - better'n mine, I imagine. He enjoyed the joke! I also got quite a kick out of the Google prank in my morning blog - hope you all did too.

Other than that I've been nursing my back just about all demmed day. I really am the most IMpatient of patients. I had to give my weekly 'senior stretch' a miss - hubby went, gave my apologies, and collected this week's handouts for me. He said today's workout was really good, too, plus the information / discussion centered on healthy eating, gauging portions, cutting back on sodium, etc. Which I am very sorry to have missed. I have learned a lot about those things, but I've also found that every time I've had a chance to attend these talks I learn a little bit more, plus it reinforces what I've learned in the past. Eh. Not much can be done about it.

It seems to have been the strangest thing that has set my back off this time. Yesterday, when I was at the foot specialist for the PF, he had me try some calf stretches. It's similar to hamstring stretches where you lean toward a wall, one foot forward and knee slightly bent, the other foot back about a step - then lean into it (if this description is at all clear). I gather than hamstring stretches focus on keeping the back leg straight, while to stretch the calf requires the knee of the back leg to be flexed a bit. Fair enough. I did a couple yesterday at the clinic, so he could make sure I was at a good angle; the only thing he pointed out is that I tend to 'plant' my feet outward, instead of 'straight,' so he had me draw them toward the center some.

Now, my back was bothering me late yesterday afternoon and evening, but I figured that might be down to the work I did yesterday to make sure everything was ready for our houseguest. My back hadn't recovered overnight, and I ascribed THAT to Nutty Joe, who started in around 6:30 (I think) this morning - my alarm is set for 7:20, so my sleep was really cut short.

I didn't do my morning stretches because my back was very stiff and I was shuffling instead of walking (not to mention unusually tired), with more than a little 'hunch' to my spine. (I know, but it was either that or not walk at all... *sigh*) After I got dressed, I thought, 'I better do some of those calf stretches while I think of it.' The physio recommended 5 or 10 on each leg, to start, each held 15 - 20 seconds, then each week increase them a bit.

I did just a couple on each leg and - wham. I felt THAT. So I'm pretty sure that's what set the whole problem off. Now, why would it do that? They don't seem especially strenuous or difficult. You can believe, tho, that I will be doing sitting-down calf stretches, which should (I hope) accomplish the same thing for the PF.

You know, until January I'd never really had any kind of back pain, and even then it was because I got carried away with one of my new exercise regimens. The morning stretches have - I thought - strengthened my back, thus helping me prevent the trouble recurring. At least, that's what I thought.

Anyway, it hurts. I took aspirin once today and I daren't take more (stomach problems, which are less with aspirin than with any of the other analgesics / NSAIDS - go figure), so I'm doing the heating pad thing and sitting in the recliner in the living room. Which is chafing at me because I'm not getting ANYTHING DONE!!! Hrmph.

I can't sit here at the computer very much because the desk chairs, while comfortable as a rule, aren't making my back any happier. Only the angle of the recliner seems to ease it, so - I guess I will be Sparking even less than I have been these last few weeks, which annoys me even MORE as ordinarily I would think, well, if I can't clean or work on what I've been doing, I'll catch up with SP. Except now I won't be doing that, either. grrrrrrrrrrr...

Gripe gripe grumble grumble. The Brits call it 'whinging' (kind of rhymes with 'imaging,' soft G) rather than 'whining.' And I am, I surely am.

You know what Scarlett said - 'After all, tomorrow is another day.' So goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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  • no profile photo CD4042155
    WOW! Hope you feel better soon !
    3529 days ago
    Ooo, tartan! I LOVE tartan! LOL!

    Whinge rhymes with hinge -- so if you can get them to say "hinge-ing" and then change the h for a w (the h is silent), Bob's yer uncle.

    It's hard to believe there's another person in this world with as strange a back as mine. I can lift 90# and it doesn't bother me. Sit in the wrong chair, & I'm down for a week. Try a new exercise --- pfffft! So I share your sense of frustration & outrage -- it's just not fair to be so fragile, after all the exercise, etc. It's also not fair that after a month of rain & sickness = not much exercising, I'm back to hardly being able to stagger a mile, & that with constant back pain.

    And NOW -- right now, right this minute -- is when I need to be out in the garden, pulling weeds. They have all, each & every blasted one of them, leapt up to their full growth in the 42 minutes since it's stopped raining. And if I don't get them pulled before the ground turns back into dirt-colored cement, next year's crop will be fully expedited. Sigh. I should be in the wing back chair (no recliners for me -- the angle just kills my back) with an ice pack in the small of my back, but nooooo .....

    Here's hoping we both heal up pretty quickly, before we're so far behind that we'll never catch up. Oops! too late for me, but save yourself!
    3529 days ago
    Good April Fool's trick. :) Feel better soon!
    3529 days ago
    Hope you got some good sleep and the back has forgiven you for whatevery sin you committed against it!
    3530 days ago

    Hope your back gets better soon x

    love your april Fool prank emoticon
    3530 days ago
    Sorry your back isn't feeling well. Hope it hurries up and heals fast. Back issues are a bummer!
    3530 days ago
    Sorry about your pain! But how great it is that you may have discovered the SOURCE of the pain!

    I periodically have knee pain, but I NEVER have knee pain when I'm not using the treadmill.

    Not sure about the why of those things, but at least we know what to pay close attention to . . we can keep from overdoing the moves that trigger pain.

    G'night and sleep tight!!
    3530 days ago
    Oh no, hope you feel better soon.
    3530 days ago
    Good prank-----Lynda emoticon
    3530 days ago
    Sorry your back is bothering you. It does sound like a pinched nerve. Rest is a good way to catch up on your reading... emoticon

    btw- I sent that site to several folks, who enjoyed the prank, one of them a Google employee!
    3530 days ago
    Sorry your back is still giving you trouble...hopefully, you'll get a good night's rest and feel better tomorrow... emoticon
    3530 days ago
  • REJ7777
    I wonder if you could have pinched a nerve. Think a chiropractor could help put things back in place? It's awful to be in pain like that. Sure hope you find a solution soon! emoticon
    3531 days ago
    That was a good prank, but I would not have taken it as well as he did.

    3531 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon
    3531 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8752472
    I hope when you wake up you are feeling a bit better. emoticon
    3531 days ago
    At that angle, you might have pinched a muscle going up to your back. And as the old HeeHaw Doctor use to say --If it hurts to do that, then don't do it---LOL as you are hit over the head with a rolled up newspaper. Take care.
    3531 days ago
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