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Day 96, Part I: Another 2-fer Day

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

...as in 'two for the price of one.' I can't remember if two-fer is Yank-speak and BOGOF (bog-off) is Brit, or t'other way around. I don't lose the American accent, but after while the line blurs - in my own head, that is - between which idioms and slang belong where. Or something like that.

Doc has been and gone. Get a load of that: here, they still make housecalls. Please Lord don't let the planned NHS changes dismantle the system, as it's a true blessing (sometimes) not to have to struggle to get in the car and go there when they can accommodate and come here. Slight digression there, do forgive.

Point being, he is confident my back problems are muscular, not anything to do with the nervous system (as in sciatica) or spine (as in prolapsed disc or osteoporosis). Current recommendations are 1) Rx for super-strength ibuprofen which contains a super-strength stomach-protecting ingredient; and 2) gentle exercise. 'Old' think says bedrest on a hard surface. 'New' thinking says forget bedrest and (in most cases) forget hard surfaces, just keep moving, stay mobile, and work thru it.

Oh, and heat, not ice - ice might've helped back in January when I first had a problem, but after about 48-72 hours, heat is better.

I am much relieved, in mind if not (yet) in body, so I will not sit here in front of the computer for the next few days but will try to stay on my feet and keep slowly and gently in motion.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and healing prayers - it all works, ain't?


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  • BOBF15
    emoticon and my segway into the heart of the matter.

    Water, water, water... the enemy of our backs is gravity. Can't remove gravity. It takes its toll over time.

    What we can do is lessen its impact, how? Water! Buoyancy relieves a lot of the weight, so water aerobics, jogging, walking, treading, floating, swimming, it is all good.

    My health professional, I respect the most is my acupuncturist, and if he had his way, (teasingly) he would have everyong using a pool.

    My wife has a degenerative disc, and they suggested surgery, instead she has opted for water therapy and is managing ok with that.

    3527 days ago
    House calls here are a thing of the past. Maybe it will come back someday, but I won't hold my breath waiting !!! Hope to hear you are doing better soon.
    3527 days ago
    Good news about your back! I wish our doctors made house calls here! It would have been convenient when I was really nauseous during chemo, and need my GP to repeat some prescriptions.

    I sometimes get mixed up between Canadian and US idioms, or French and English sentence structure. As long as we all understand one another, I'm happy. I do find languages fascinating, though...
    3528 days ago
    Sorry to hear that your back is giving you problems. Glad to hear that it's not as bad as you feared. As for the house calls, come down to London, I can't remember the last time I had a house call from a doctor.
    3528 days ago
    LOL I know I've been here a while. I was thinking... of course doctors make housecalls. I'm glad you've got some advice and hope it all works.
    3528 days ago
  • REJ7777
    A doctor who makes house calls? WOW! emoticon
    You must be glad to at least know what the problem is, and to have a plan of action. Move gently, but don't work TOO hard. Otherwise, your body will send you a "friendly reminder"!
    3528 days ago
    Wonderful news! Continue to take it easy - rest and relax.
    I'm still sending healthy vibes your way!
    3528 days ago
    Great News Kasey! Isn't it a get out of jail free card when we find out the problem is not the worst? I am so glad you can move about and mend. Take it slow so you mend competely! God Bless and Create A Great DAY!
    3528 days ago
    House calls...WOW! My vet makes house calls...wish my internist would!!! I suffered a muscle spasm in my back about 15 years ago and could move at all for at least a week...DH had to help me up and down from chairs and I couldn't even roll out of bed...horrible...but with rest and slowly moving to get around, it went away. I also started stretching every morning and evening and I swear that made all the difference. As we age, I think we forget to stretch...it helps!!! Glad to hear you are recovering...I know you won't be down for too long!
    3528 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    hope you are on the mend, and if there is a warm pool available, consider using that for therapy as well! emoticon
    3528 days ago
    emoticon House calls...now, that is a blast from the past! As a child, I remember being sick and lying on the couch waiting for the doctor to come. At the time, he was one of the last few doctors who would make house calls. I liked it because he would still give you a lollipop...mom liked it because she wouldn't have to drag all four of us to the doctor's office. Oh, the good old days...

    Moving and slowly working through it seems like the opposite of what we tend to do when our bodies are in pain....his advice makes sense though. Take it easy and hopefully you will be able to work it all out.

    Have a good day, Kasey! emoticon
    3528 days ago
    oh, to have a doctor come to the home----that is a nice change and no germs to share with other patients. Glad he things it is muscular---just no heavy lifting---and if it hurts don't do it---LOL
    3528 days ago
    Woo Woo!!! Yu are on the way to mending!! Good Dr. there to tell yu to keep moving---walk yer way thru it--and it works---- I used some back stretches too--- there are some good ones-- I used --Back Bridges but hanging over a ball would work-(looking at ceiling)--- Hey---- Yu will get over this! Yu are one determined person so yu will!!!---Finally its Spring here--nice!! Oh--ALL our Finches took off for parts unknown-maybe they went over there to yu--Ha Ha--Lynda emoticon
    3528 days ago
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