Monday, April 11, 2011

This morning I have resolved to try, yet again, to get this weight off. I got on the scale and broke down after discovering that I am nearly back to my highest weight ever. I feel so defeated and lost.

I just returned from a long weekend with my husband (Curt)and our son (Phillip). We left bright and early Thursday morning (4/7) and headed south along Highway 101 and arrived in Vancouver, WA in the early evening after stopping for wine tasting in Hoodsport and authentic (NOT Tex-Mex) Mexican food in Centralia. The hotel was having a 'free' Happy Hour so we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, pizza & salad at no additional cost then went back up to our room where Curt and I "celebrated" being on vacation with several more glasses of wine.

The next morning (a bit bleary-eyed) we got up and began our day by wishing Phillip a happy 22nd birthday. We then headed to the hotel lobby for 'free' breakfast. Waffles are one of my favorites so I was very happy to see a waffle maker sitting there, hot and ready. Phillip got to it first so I passed the time waiting with coffee, orange juice, a biscuit with sausage gravy (just a 'bit') and a 'bit' of scrambled egg. Then, I got to have my waffle. We headed back up to the room & got ourselves together. We then piled into the car and headed to Oregon and the big waterfalls. We arrived at Latourell Falls and Curt blasted down the path while I followed more slowly behind. Sweet Phillip stayed with me and we had a (slow) wonderful exploration. My passion is taking pictures so I enjoyed the opportunity to try to get some really nice shots. A bit winded, we got back to the car and went off to the next falls ~ Bridal Veil. This hike proved to be quite a bit more intense but, not wanting to be a wet blanket, I gamely set out with the boys. Curt, again, blasted on ahead while my wonderful Phillip stayed with me. The 1/3 mile trek to the falls was all downhill so we made it there without too much trouble and took some nice pictures. Then came the moment I was dreading ~ the climb back up to the car. The path was well maintained but they don't call it a hike for nothing. I had to stop 3 times (luckily benches were intermittently provided on the trail) but always had my wonderful son by my side (and only had to use my inhaler once). I tried to recuperate as we headed to our last stop, Multnomah Falls. The (large) parking lot was packed. I was already exhausted and sore so the thought of parking and walking made me cringe. Curt dropped me off right in front of the gift shop then drove off to find a parking spot. I felt conspicuous. When the boys arrived, Curt took off again while Phillip and I wandered and I took some more pictures (he even reluctantly posed for one). I did tell him if he wanted to go up to the bridge to go ahead and not worry about me (that's him alone on the bridge). After this we headed in to Portland and to the destination my son was anticipating most ~ Voodoo Doughnuts. After standing in line outside (yes, it's that popular) for more than 20 minutes, we finally got in and got our "Voodoo Dozen" plus one ~ the maple bar with bacon strips Phillip had been waiting for. He had his birthday cake. We found a pub with outside tables, got a pitcher of beer and had 'lunch'. I had trouble because I didn't fit in the chairs. I felt conspicuous yet again as I "sat" with one cheek on the chair and the chair sticking out into the middle of the sidewalk. But I tried not to complain, I was having a "GREAT" time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHILLIP!!! Another passion of mine is books. We headed to Powell's Book Store ~ 1 city block and 3 stories of new & used books. I couldn't enjoy it ~ 7ish blocks of walking on concrete after all the hiking I did left me very sore (feet, knees, back) and sweaty. By the time we got back to the car I could barely walk. We got back to the hotel and I sadly stayed there while Curt and Phillip kept the dinner reservations for Phillip's birthday dinner :'-(

The next morning was Curt's 50th birthday. I tried to make better choices for my 'free' breakfast ~ a sausage patty, oatmeal with milk, raisins & coconut and coffee and orange juice but my food choices for the rest of the day were not as good. I was still sore and uncomfortable from the day before so I didn't enjoy our exploring as much. We went to a farmer's market that was packed with people and I just felt big and in the way. More beer with lunch and I made it to dinner this time ~ a nine-course pre-fixed menu with wine that was awesome.

Yesterday, after our 'free' breakfast (same as yesterday) we headed home~ up I-5 via Mount St Helens. Unfortunately it was raining with very low clouds so the crater wasn't visible but we saw the Toutle River and went to 2 of the 3 visitors centers. I hope to go back this summer and see the volcano itself and get some pictures. We arrived home around 7pm (we stopped for a wet and cold 'picnic' lunch of sandwiches & chips), weary and sad that the vacation was over. Neither Curt nor I wanted to cook (Phillip has his own apartment) so Curt picked up wine and pizza.

I have been painfully reminded that nothing is free ~ there is always a cost even if it is not monetary. So, here I am again, paying the price, yet again.
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