~* Little Johnny and the Principal *~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Good news DH is going back to work today. That is if they accept his note from the doctor.

I am feeling no better and my blood work had my white blood count is high. Waiting still on getting my ultra sound done. I swear if you stuck me with a pin I would pop!. I have never been pregnant but I think I am 9 months around now. It is so very uncomfortable.

One thing I am concerned about is being left alone. I get very fatigued and my husband says I get so out of it I slur my words. Even with all this going on my blood sugars have been so good. I even had to lower my dosage. That is what has the doctor confused. If I had an infection I would see it in a blood sugar spike. I have been like around 80 for my fasting blood sugar.

This is a funny video my sister sent to me. I found it good for a chuckle. Enjoy!


~* Little Johnny and the Principal *~
-Author Unknown

Little Johnny's teacher was having trouble with him disrupting the class by always telling lies and making up stories. So she talked to the principal about this and he told her the next time this happened to send little Johnny to his office.

Sure enough, the next day, here came little Johnny and the principal was ready to teach him a lesson.

He told Johnny to take a seat, because he wanted to tell him a story.

"Johnny, the other day I decided to go duck hunting but I only had two shot-gun shells. I fired my first shot and killed two ducks. As the ducks were falling out of the sky, they fell into a tree, where they hit four squirrels and killed them. Then the two ducks and four squirrels came falling to the ground, where they landed on two rabbits and killed them too. But just as I was going to gather up my animals, a bear came out of the woods and started to get them."

"Then the weirdest thing happened. A little dog showed-up out of nowhere and attacked the bear, so I was able to get all the animals I had killed -- all from just one shot-gun shell."

"Now, little Johnny, how's that for a story? You do believe me don't you?"

Little Johnny said, "of course I do. That was my dog and that's the third bear he's gotten this year!"

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