Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little backround. I have two boys. 8 and 10. Very active keep me hopping. Their father and I divorced oh 5 years ago after he cheated on me because he thought the grass was greener. Update on that his new wife moved out a few months ago and they are now seperated on their way to a divorce. Don't worry, won't be going back to that one. HE burned that bridge a long time ago.

Moving on, met someone else after a few years on and off again with a few boy friends. Looking back thought things were serious but they really weren't. Then met husband #2 and things really seemed to fall into place quickly, seemed right. I know now how wrong it really was. For those of you who have been around for a while you know the complete A*S my 2nd ex husband has been. He moved out February 2010 after three years of well when it was good it was great and when it wasn't it was bad. He has issues and we were in counseling for a year but it was always and contiuoulsy everyone else's fault and problem why he did things the way he did and said things he did. There was always something or someone to blame and never of course his responsibility. In our divorce agreement he agreed to pay half of the mortgage until the house could be sold. Now we all know how crappy the housing market has been the last year. Only 4 showings this entire time. As of January he told me he wasn't paying anymore. The bank won't accept partial payments and I can't make full payments so I have gotten the letters stating foreclosure is on the way. I have been trying to modify but cannot get any answers. Well last week I get a lovely letter from the US Bankruptcy Court that the A*S went and filed bankruptcy. Wonderful so now what does that mean? The attorney got me a copy of his schedule. Full of lies of things he told me he doesn't have or didn't have anymore and things that he has that he didn't claim. So now where does that leave me with the house. No one seems to know. He did not put our divorce PNA on his schedule so I just may have a leg to stand on to sue him there. I probably won't ever see a dime of the money, but now it is almost the principal for the hell he put me through while we were married and the complete jerk he has been since he moved out. The divorce was final in August 2010, and everything is settled but the house. It just sucks, because of him I will probably have to move. The bank will not give me a straight answer and everyone I talk to has a different answer. They of course don't want to work with the homeowner. Why should they do that? Too much money to be made in foreclosure for them. So because again of this jerk, my credit which was excellent is now ruined at least for the iteriem and I am stuck with the headache of dealing with lawyers and letters and banks. I have two calls into recomended lawyers waiting for them to call me back. I was hopeful after I talked to my attorney this afternoon, but after talking to the bank the hope isnt' so hopeful anymore. I don't want to move, I like my house which by the way he insisted we move into because he didn't like the place we/I had before wasn't his castle. Well this house wasn't really mine until he moved out. Oh, I could go on and on.

You have no idea unless you live it. Bare with me this round Cranberries. It is also baseball season for my boys and we have baseball 6 days a week. Needless to say between homework, baseball, school activities, scouts and Sunday School, along with working full time and everything else that doesn't leave much time for me. I know everyone says I am too busy. That is the only thing I know how to be.
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    Hey Stranger! I'm so sorry I didn't know about all of the fun stuff that you have been going through. Just wanted to tell you how, that I hope by now, things are looking up for you. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers! emoticon
    3117 days ago
    Ack! I came popping by to see how you're doing and this was NOT what I was hoping to see! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this, Gail.

    I have a friend who was in a similar situation and she actually ended up having another of our friends, a single mom also, move in with her kids and pay her rent. They both have a babysitter when they need it and it has been working out really well as there's now enough to pay the mortgage. Would something like that be feasible? It's not for everyone, I know.

    I hope you get this straightened out soon. Hugs, my friend.

    3201 days ago
  • HIMI16
    Gail, sweetie, I was hoping he had finally moved out of your life while I was away. I’m sorry to hear he is still able to derail you like this. You will get through this. One day at a time. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but things will work themselves out. Stay strong. Hug the boys and know that you are the most important person in their lives. They need you and they need you healthy. That means you need to take care of yourself first!!! I’m here for you whenever you need someone.
    3208 days ago
  • CRAFTY1960
    3208 days ago
    Try to take care of yourself, too! emoticon
    3209 days ago
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