Things are looking up : )

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with my district's superintendent to discuss how I might make myself more marketable, particularly for a couple of positions opening up in this district. She was very open and encouraging and I came away feeling like I had a shot at one of them. In the course of the conversation, she told me that it was almost certain that they would be offering me my old job back in a part-time capacity. I left smiling.

As these two weeks have gone by, as I wait for the letter recalling me for this job, I have learned that it was presented to the School Board as a half-time position (more than I was expecting). Because of how our contract is worded, they have to offer it to me, but if I turn it down, I would have to go through the entire application process for any future positions. I would keep my current years of experience and education credits, as well as accumulated sick leave, etc. as long as I stay.

To complicate matters, I have a job interview in a near-by district for a full-time position. While I won't know for certain until we meet, it is unlikely that they will credit me for more than 10 years of experience (I have 22), which would likely mean a cut in pay compared to last year. With gas prices, It honestly may be a wash financially. Obviously, we'll just have to see how everything shakes out, but I am optimistic that i will be back in the classrom in the fall.

That makes me VERY HAPPY!!!!!
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