Day 3 of The 30 Day Shred

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I was honestly surprised this morning to wake up to the discovery that I was NOT as sore as the day before.

I know I know. Several of my 30DS friends had told me repeatedly that the second day was the toughest. However I was skeptical. I even told my husband last night before bed that I wasn't sure if I would physically be able to work out this morning.

Of course when I woke up and my body was telling me that it could handle it, how could I dare say no?

Today's focus was the CARDIO segments. Not only did I push myself to keep the pace as the lovely ladies on the TV, I also pushed myself to not do any "modified" version of the cardio. I was all in. The first 2 minute cardio segment was tough. The second one was tougher. In the third set I felt myself get a "second wind" so to speak and all of a sudden I was FLOODED with extra energy. Which was great because after the cool down I felt really energized to tackle the day!

I was going to try to do the push-ups without modifying it, however it simply wasn't an option today. You know when your about to do something that's going to lead to injury? Well as I did that first non-modified push up I could tell that the ability wasn't there yet because I was losing form FAST. One thing I do NOT want to have happen (and neither does Jillian *wink*) is to have an injury that will set me back. However, I'm thinking Day 5 may be the next day I try to tackle push ups again without the modification. We shall see.

The other area I'm still struggling in is the side lunges with the weights on the raises. I start using the weights, and then have to set them down and go weightless before I drop them on my toe. I know I used the weights more today than the day before. That one is going to be a killer!

Eitherway, Day Three was the day of proved progress. The day that showed me pushing yourself can be done and should be done to really get the most out of ME. It also reaffirmed that not only can I do this, however I am STILL enjoying it.

Lastly to mention, is that I truly believe my sleeping at night is benefiting amazingly from my workout mornings. It gets me started fresh. I'm full of energy and that energy seeps into other areas. I find myself WALKING more on breaks at work or even on my lunch. I find myself feeling "zippy" and starting the day that way helps me to carry it through most of the day. Sure, I'm able to get into a bad mood and have a fowl moment like anyone else. However, the workouts help me keep it at bay for awhile. The last two nights when I've laid down to sleep, it's been GOOD. I am not only falling asleep faster, I am STAYING asleep!

To anyone out there on the 30DS .KEEP PUSHING. And GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP. The sleep helps the body to recover for that next 20 minute day and you can't push yourself every day if your not getting the recovery at night. Sleep must be as big a priority as doing the workout. Listen to your body however PUSH IT where you can.


Hope everyone had an amazing day!!!!

emoticon RaZella
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    Good for you! I'm on day four this morning, I just have to get down there and turn on the video. It's good to have someone that's going through everything that I'm going through. Man, I didn't think this was going to be as hard as it looked. I was dead wrong.

    The hardest part for me are the side lunges as well. It's mainly form things - I find it difficult to sink down but stop my knee from coming over my toes. But my glutes and quads feel great after this =] Better than they would if I had been running.

    I can't wait to see more of your progress!
    3442 days ago
    I can definitely feel it when I don't get enough sleep. Yesterday was so hard to workout. Keep it up! I can't wait to hear how you like Level 2.
    3442 days ago
    Thank you everyone for your support and motivational comments! Greatly appreciated! Day three is def better than two, and day four felt like it got hard again however only because now I'm pushing again. Kinda like in that first day, even if you don't realize it your pushing your body to do the moves and finish it.

    I agree on taking pictures. I actually took a video of my body and will video it every 10 days to also be able to see the difference in addition to the measurements. I am weighing this Sunday that will also be interesting to see where I am at after the next weigh in. I absolutely can feel a different in my body and in the words of a spark friend who made me laugh, I've never really had guns before, but man I'm getting pistols! :)

    Off I go for the day. Will Blog about my Day 4 experience when I get back home tonight!
    3442 days ago
  • MARIEL77
    Keep it up!! Glad to know day 3 is better than 2!!! Looking foward to it. emoticon
    3442 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9572544
    Congrats! I finished Day 3 today too. The stationary lunges are getting to me the most.

    I know this is a terrifying idea to most of us - but on one of the message boards someone suggested taking before and after pictures for the 30DS, as well as measurements. It seems like a lot of people don't lose weight right away because they are gaining muscle, but they can see a difference in the pictures and measurements. I hated doing it, but I took pictures of myself yesterday in my sports bra and boyshorts.....

    Good luck with day 4!! emoticon
    3442 days ago
    Nice! Those shoulder raises use tiny little muscles, so it's no wonder they're tough.
    3442 days ago
    great job! i have to do the modified push up as well. i can't even do one regular push up. today was day 7 for me and the only time i rested, was my arms during the side lunge/arm raise. on the first days i was taking a few 5 second breaks.

    emoticon keep it up! good luck on day 4!
    3442 days ago
    You are doing an awesome job!! keep up the good work!!
    I have noticed that certain things (like the push ups) I have to also do the modified version. I totally agree about sleeping making a huge difference... I can totally tell in my workout and my day when I don't get enough sleep!! emoticon
    3442 days ago
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