Day 5 of the 30 Day Shred

Friday, April 22, 2011

This morning at 6:15AM the alarm went off.

And I wanted to pick up the phone and smash it against the wall.

What prevented me from doing so was the army of vicious little hammers that were pounding around inside my head. Also known as a migraine.

Least to say, I was NOT in any shape to exercise this morning. By 9AM I was more human, however with the day already in full swing I had errands and other things to accomplish. So the Shred would have to wait.

It was on our way home this evening from the grocery store, when I was feeling extremely relaxed and comfy from the wonderful day I'd had with my husband that I realized I was in no mood to workout. As soon as that realization sank in I began the chanting inside my head to gear up.

"Gotta do the Shred when I get home. I am committed to this challenge. 20 minutes a day for 30 days is not the end of the world. It's totally possible, other people have done it, and I am not going to throw in the towel."

When we made it home I put away the groceries at lightening speed and then immediately changed into my workout clothes. Thus Day 5 commenced.

Now, I realized as I listened to Jillian's intro that I was not sore hardly at all today. This was such false advertising as I foolishly thought for a moment "Hey, this is getting easy."

Ewps. Thought too soon.

I again pushed through Cardio for the entire workout at full throttle. I don't know if it was because I was doing it at the end of the day, because I had been so relaxed before starting, or what the reasons. However today was my HARDEST day to get through the cardio. It was just TOUGH. I pushed through and made it happen.
Didn't try to do the push-ups without the mod. However, kept pace with no resting WITH the mod.
I also pushed through the squat/press moves with the weights for both sets. I felt the BURN.
Pushed through the back exercise with the weights for both sets. On the lunge/bicep curls I had a few mishaps with lunging inappropriately. So while I did all of mine with weights, I didn't keep pace as I would have to stop, get into the correct position, then start back. Still BURNED.
Completed all flys with reps. Focused on squeezing today like she says.
Completed all side lunges, however still can't hold onto the weights throughout both sets. Am using the weights for about 60% of the time now instead of the 10% I started with on Day 1. Today I did push myself to keep holding onto the weights until it really burned before having to set them down. Still kept the movement with my arms even when I wasn't holding the weights.
Completed all crunch moves without any mods. Really focused on my form today and felt the burn more than before.

End of workout - my legs actually trembled during the last set of cardio punches. I definitely got in a WORKOUT today. WHEW!

Also today, I noticed that Natalie during the lunge/bicep curls FOR TWO COUNTS AFTER JILLIAN WALKS AWAY DOES NOT LUNGE! Has anyone else noticed this? Watch her in the background, when Jillian walks away from her and over to Anita, Natalie does two counts of bicep curls with no lunge!!!!!

My goal is to complete all those lunges with bicep curls, keeping to the beat for both sets, and on the day that I do I'm going to say to the TV "BOO-YA NATALIE!" LOL. Hey, got to find some humor when your working your booty off.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous Good Friday!

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    I want to say that Natalie did that because the camera was panning to Anita and she didn't want to draw attention to herself. At least that was my rationale. I feel like Anita is much more toned than Natalie is, and would fit more in the advanced slot, but Anita is any beginner's dream, so she is there for that reason. I mean as Jillian says, "I'd do just about anything to have those abs." Anita has her shirt off, Natalie doesn't. The small things of course.

    But you did it! Congrats on another day well done! Day six today, whoo hoo! We can do it.
    3440 days ago
    Yea, Natalie cheated. I wonder if her and Jillian had to have a pow-wow about that after production was all finished and Jillian sat back and watched the DVD. LOL!!!!

    I use 5lb weights. 30DS isn't the first workout video I've ever done, although I must say it is far more INTENSE in the 20 minute time frame. I was doing "Power 90" for awhile. It has a level 1-2 DVD and then a level 3-4 DVD. I've never even WATCHED the 3-4 LOL. The way it worked was a day of Cardio which was about 35 minutes long. Warm up was power yoga, then it had moves similar to Jillian's although the guy in these videos, Tony Horton, would constantly tell you to not do more than you could do LOL so way easier to wimp out. Then you'd do crunches, 10 sets of 10 moves for 100. That was three days a week. On the other three days a week you'd do strength which was push ups, several different arm moves, walking lunges, and squats. 1 day a week you rest and do nothing.

    So when I started 30DS I was already able to do modified push ups from the other DVDs. Just not at the pace and for the length of time she does them! I enjoy her video for so many reasons. It's CHEAPER to buy. WAY more intense (never got this kind of sore muscle or burn from the other one) and doesn't take up as much of my TIME. Part of the reason I could never keep up with the other program is because it took so LONG. His cardio/abs DVD is 45 mins from warm up to cool down. Sheesh!

    LOL. Thanks so much for the comment. You and I are onto Natalie....we'll be watching her in future levels..... ;)
    3440 days ago
    i saw that today too! while i was reading your blog i was thinking about asking you if you saw it. i had to watch it again to be sure, but yes she was CHEATING! haha now i don't feel so bad when i stop for a sec.

    good job on doing the pushups. i can barely do the modified ones. pushups are the only thing i still struggle with although i am much better at them than day one. today was my day 9. it was a lot easier. i took no breaks! and i don't get tired as quickly.

    how many lbs are your weights? i have 5lb weights and i use them some of the time and the rest of the time (like during the side lunge shoulder raise) i use bottles of gatorate or water. it really helps.
    3440 days ago

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