Day 6 & 7 of the 30 Day Shred

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just for reference, I always run out of time on the weekend. It doesn't matter if I have one day, two, or three. There is just never enough time to complete all the things that I think I'm going to complete.

I did manager this weekend to complete both my day 6 and day 7 of the 30DS.

I'm super excited of this accomplishment because this means I've kept my commitment now for an entire week. For me, this is truly a mile stone when it comes to my health and working out.


The Exercise:

emoticon I have the cardio down to a T. I am still panting although it's taking a little longer to reach that panty point. I'm pushing through on the cardio with no stopping, no rest, no modifications. Today I even picked up the tempo just a little bit with my jumping jacks as it was easier to keep to the tempo of the music than keeping up with them.

emoticon The first set of strength training is mostly down. I managed to complete three push ups today without the mod. Then I had to finish all the rest with the mod. However, I thought it was pretty cool I did a BOY push up. Come on ladies, you know what I'm sayin'.

emoticon I really thought today would be the day I would tell Natalie "BOO-YAH!" on the Lunges. (Details of this in Day 5 Blog). However on Day 6 I think I might have slightly stepped wrong or something as the rest of the day I felt this occasional sharp pain in the back of my right hamstring sometimes when I stepped. I stretched it good throughout the day and took it easy. Today when I started to do the lunges I was fine on my left side, and fine on my right side up to a point. As soon as I felt the twinge of sharp pain I eased back off. That's ok.. next time Natalie... next time...

emoticon Those side lunges are still incredibly pesky. Today I tried counting how many they do each time, however I was trying to count while simultaneously pushing myself to try and complete them with the weights. So I still have no idea how many there are, although I did ALMOST make it through the whole first set before having to put my weights down. I only have 4 more days to accomplish this. A hefty goal... we shall see.

All in all, I feel GREAT. The weekend nutrition as always proved to be HARD. Especially with a family gathering thrown in. I married into an entire family of good cooks, however when they cook, unlike me, they arn't counting calories. I showed a LOT of restraint this morning during breakfast when the kids made it for us. Such a surprise and a treat! Although I had to cut my pancake, syrup, and eggs in half. Then lunch was another good treat, however I REALLY had to reign myself in from going for thirds AND dessert. Instead I went for seconds on ONE thing, and skipped desert. Lunch was served so late in the day it was more like an early dinner. So now I'm not feeling hungry at all for dinner. However, if I do get the urge to munch I'm going to slice up that bell pepper and call it good. Maybe half a cucumber too.

What a wonderful weekend! Hope all of my sparkfriends had an amazing Easter enjoyed with friends and family. Wish everyone the best with their personal challenges.

*Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice for me.*

emoticon RaZella
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  • MARIEL77
    Great job!!!
    I'll do my day 6 today. I couldn't on Friday, my back was hurting and I didn't want to make it worse. I had a nice run con Sat with my husband and he pushed me to run more than I normally "can". After that I felt really good. On Sun I did the 30DS, Natalie's lunges are hard, but I'm getting there, just the push ups...I still can't. And my husband againg pushed me to do it twice, so I ended up doing it for 50 min, that was awesome!!
    Ok good luck today with your workout.
    3438 days ago
    you know i think the cardio is easier than the strength. and i never thought that before, but it is. the side lunges were easy, the shoulder raise was sooo hard. i still couldn't do a whole set even on my last day. i just want to warn you though, try your hardest to do the unmodified pushups. it will help you in level 2, which i started today. there are lots of plank moves. oh and jillian busted natalie for not doing an exercise right! lol.
    i agree about this weekend and nutrition. it was really hard. but today was proud of myself. there was this delicious hersey bar cake calling my name. and there was no way i couldn't keep myself away, so i split a piece with my mom. huge deal for me. normally i would have eaten a gigantic piece and taken a few home. back to normal for sure tomorrow!
    3438 days ago
    Weekends are always hard to get what you need done, done. Easter was especially hard this year. I am pretty sure I over did my portions and I am not even sure if I am tracking them right cause I tried little bits of this and that at the Sunday morning breakfast at church!! It sounds like you did way better than I did. I also made this cake that I could not help but eat :) (however I made is so it was a little more healthy). I am still having a hard time with the side lungs and doing my arms. It really does help me get through everything when I get to read that you are going through the same things too!! Thank You!! emoticon
    3438 days ago
    GREAT JOB!!!! I'm going to do the 30DS in a few. I'm not hurting today!!! (for the first time) I still find it funny when I have to take breaks cuz I have the wimpiest arms ever!! But, the muscles are popping up!!

    I'm soo glad that you're doing this with me. I'm going to nebraska on Friday, so I won't be doing it that day or Sat. I'm running a half this coming Sunday!!! So, I'll be taking a break from Jillian until I get back on May 12th. Sorry that I have to back out, but I hope you understand :) I am still going to do it this week tho!

    Keep up the good work!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    3438 days ago
    Good luck on the 30 day Shred. I have a problem doing the Jillian Michaels dvd's. She comes off as bossy and bitchy rather than encouraging ~ at least to me. I hope you have better success!
    3438 days ago
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