Day 8 of The 30 Day Shred

Monday, April 25, 2011

WHAT!?!?!?! DAY 8??????????????

Yes. I completed Day 8. emoticon

Let's go through our Run Down Shall We?

emoticon Cardio is still a check. I absolutely have gained endurance. Realized this for the first time today in it's full effect when RIGHT after the workout I went straight into the kitchen and started dinner. After about 5 minutes I was standing there, hands in ground turkey and eggs, and suddenly realized "Hey, I'm not panting, I'm not needing to rest, I've already recovered. WOW!!!!"

emoticon Today, I managed to do 8 push ups with no mod!!!! Going from 3 to 8 is awesome. Really pushed myself too because it dawned on me that today was day 8! I only have two more days of Level One!!! Taking the advice of some of my 30DS team mates who said a lot of plank moves get used in Level 2, so really pushing myself on the non-mod push ups so I'm ready for it.

emoticon I was SO CLOSE to being able to tell Natalie "BOO-YAH!" today on the lunges. I missed a total of maybe 6 lunges altogether!!!! Really feeling that tomorrow is the day I make it through that set of bicep-lunge without any stops. I AM READY!

emoticon Side lunges... I loathe you. It is you whom I can not conquer. You whom turn my arms into jello and threaten injury to my hamstrings. LOATHE YOU. With that being said, clearly I'm still not able to complete all side lunges with the weights. Continued to push myself to use them until I just couldn't anymore. Really not thinking in two days I'm going to make it with every rep, however, I can certainly say in two days I'm still going to give it my ALL!

Other thoughts to mention:
I miss working out in the morning. It really makes a difference to me to start my day with the Shred instead of doing it after I get home. Sadly though, while I am committed to waking up at 5:30AM to get it done, I am not committed to waking up at 5AM. Even I have my limits. With tomorrow needing to be an early day as it is, I'm going to just wait and do it again when I get home. Wednesday however, I think I'm going to just get up at the early time and make it happen. Overall, I'm happier with morning workouts.

Found out something very interesting today with serving sizes. I like the Chobani Plain Yogurt. I've been buying the little package which at Hannaford's is usually $1.00 per package. The little individual cup is 6oz. Now I found that interesting as Dannon Activa Yogurt individual cups are only 4 oz, however I dismissed it pretty quickly. The other day at the store I decided to buy the BIG TUB of Plain Chobani instead as it was cheaper to buy the big tub than the individual tubs. This way I could just measure out my servings and take them with me to work and save money for the pricer yogurt (because it is pricer).
To my surprise, the big tub of Chobani Yogurt (which is a total of 16oz.) says that 1 serving is 8oz.
I personally found it highly interesting that a serving of Chobani Yogurt is directly related to how big a container you are buying.
End result, a serving of yogurt to me is going to be 4 oz. This way One Tub will last me Four Days and the calories won't be horrifically far off from what the Dannon was. Sure it's a little higher, however I love the taste and appreciate the high punch of protein.

Well that was my Day 8 Everyone! Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. This team is totally going to met this challenge!!!! I just know it!!! For those who started on the day I did, we only HAVE TWO MORE DAYS AND WE WILL BE AT 10 DAYS! That is 1/3 of the way there. WOWZA. How awesome is that?

I think it's pretty cool.

Wish everyone a great and wonderful workout,
emoticon RaZella
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    Way to push through the hard spots! That's a total winner's attitude! I'm a day behind you, but I had the same realization this morning - Friday I move to level two! This has been awesome so far!
    3436 days ago
    Sounds like you had an awesome day!! Good Job!! I enjoy working out in the mornings better also. I just can not get to sleep if I do it in the evenings!! Keep up the good work
    3437 days ago
    Great day 8! I did the Shred and hated it the first couple of days of each of the workouts, but it is by far my favorite workout now! I loved seeing my endurance improve as well as the inches melt away! Keep up the hard work!
    3437 days ago
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