Day 9 of The 30 Day Shred

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Nine... almost didn't happen.

I got some news that caught me off guard. Then I started to obsess over it, worry about it, over-think it, over-analyze it, and well, OBSESS over it. Then in addition to that as I was right in the middle of the warm up (extremely tense over the above) another stressful situation popped up it's head to distract me to the point I had to pause the tape and try to settle it.

At this point, I just felt overwhelmed. I sat on the couch and was committed to skipping today. Ever have those days where you just feel stretched thin? It's not that anything huge or bad happened. Not that it was some weird overly stressful day or that you were upset about anything. Just somewhere, deep down, something got stressed to the point or pressed to the point or something to the point that it snapped?

There I was. That is where I was at.

Then my husband came in, and said some things to me that had little to nothing to do with the inner chaos going on. However, his calm and collectedness was enough to get that little voice in my head to say "Ok... now... get up and do this now. Come on... you need this now probably more than you realize."

Pause button hit, DVD started playing again, and I allowed myself that 20 minutes of ME time.

And...today was the day... that I go to tell Natalie... BOO-YAH!!!!! emoticon
That's right! I did ALL THE STATIC LUNGE/BICEP CURLS without wimping out on ANY!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Run Down:
emoticon I did 10 Push Ups with no Mod!!!!
emoticon All Cardio with pace kept and NO MOD!!!!
emoticon Told Natalie BOO-YAH!!!!!!!!!!! (See prior postings for entire story here)
emoticon Side Lunges with Weight Raises - YOU SUCK! Of all the goals I set for myself in this first 10 day level, it is YOU whom I cannot conquer. Going to push myself until the bitter end, however... Side Lunges... You are on my LIST!
emoticon Getting more flexible on my cool down stretch. Noticed it today. Thought it was kewl.

And that was my Day 9 in a nutshell. I also played LEVEL TWO so I could see what Thursday was going to look like. OH MY WORD. My peeps were not joking when they said there were a lot of plank moves. Really Jillian? By the time I get my confidence up your just going to knock it back down again? LOL

So for those who read these daily blogs for the challenge, I have to say, I think Day 11 might be an interesting one. Excited and AFRAID to start level two. Luckily, I have one more day to wimp out and stay on Level One.

You know what I secretly love deep down inside? That I am wimping out staying on Level One. The second day I thought my body was going to fall apart. I was so sore my friends were poking fun at the "old lady"! And now I refer to it as "wimping out" by staying on Level One. LOVE THIS CHALLENGE!!!!

Hope everyone else had a fabulous day and a wonderful workout!

emoticon RaZella

P.S. In regards to the beginning of this blog, after working out, yet before dinner, that little part inside that cracked finally just had a nice, short, good CRY. That's right, I bawled my eyes out for about 5 minutes, then got back up and re-entered the world. I felt MUCH better for it. Apparently my little Zell heart for whatever reason just needed to LET IT OUT! So...that's what I did. Felt instantly better afterwards and finally was able to clear my head of all the over thinking and over worrying. :) Point being - I'm ALL GOOD NOW FOLKS! YAY!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So happy that you did your day nine instead of skipping it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon The side lunges with weight raises was my biggest challenge in level one but I conquered it and so will you!! I actually am enjoying level 2 . it's a good hurt lol Hope your day 10 goes great!!
    Smiles Jodi
    3445 days ago
    awesome job. especially with the push ups! now thats something i can't do. so you previewed level 2.. yeah its no joke at all. did you see where jillian busted natalie? hah. level 2 is HARD. seriously, i'm thinking about going back to level 1 for a day or two, because my ankles are hurting when i work out. i know that they shouldn't hurt like that. i hope it doesn't set me back though. grr.

    i'm absolutely terrified of level 3.

    seriously though, you're doing great. emoticon
    3445 days ago
    I seriously CAN NOT DO PUSH-UPS. Even the modified ones I don't do nearly as many as Jillian wants. That's by far the part I'm the worst at. Way to go for all of your progress today!
    3445 days ago
    I have had days like that!!
    That is so cool that you did the static lung/bicep curls emoticon ... I bet tomorrow you will get the side lungs with weight raises!!
    3445 days ago
    One more day! I know what you mean, I feel like Thursday is going to be a really big day... Hopefully I'll be able to move on Friday!
    3445 days ago
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