Day 11 of the 30 Day Shred - Level Two

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Started Level Two Today. I knew it was going to be tough, however even I underestimated how tough it was. Those plank positions are KILLER. Honestly though, I was ready for a challenge. This brings the challenge back to the forefront.

The Stats for Level Two:

1st Circuit -
Strength - The crawling out push-ups weren't bad. I was able to do it with the push up although the last few on the second set were "stressed". My arms were shaky however I manged to pull through. Toughest part was keeping up with their pace on it, I didn't do as many reps because I was going a little slower. The squat with the wide row was hard. I couldn't hold the squat deep the whole time. Would hold it low as long as I could and then rise it up for a few seconds then go back deep. WOWZA.
Cardio - High knees were challenging however I thought they felt good. The Squat thrusts were a different story. OY TO THE VEY.

2nd Circuit -
Strength - Static lunge was again hard keeping it held in position. Had to break the hold for a few seconds each time. MAN DID IT BURN. The hammer curl lunges were tough. It took me forever to figure out first of all HOW to do them. I know right? Something about the stepping and bending and stepping backwards, I was a bit slow on the getting it.
Cardo - LOVE THE JUMPING OBLIQUE TWISTS! Skater jumps are going to take me awhile. Again, part of it is the whole coordination skills, or rather, lack there of. When I did finally figure it out I only got a few good "jumps" in before realizing that I was wiped out! LOL. So I did do the mod mostly on that one.

3rd Circuit -
Strength - The press with the leg extension while standing on one foot is INSANE. I had to put my foot down a few times to regain my balance. My goal is to do that exercise the whole time WITHOUT losing balance! The Iron Cross things with the chair squat... I loathe them as I did the side lunges with the arm raise. REALLY! What is it with me and the final circuit strength thing! That's ok, I will get this one. My arms and shoulder blades and shoulders were BURNING man. Whew.
Cardio - Oh My Word are you serious? She isn't joking when she says she wants me to feel like I'm dying in this last set of Cardio. I had to take 5 second rests. Three to be exact. And those double jump ropes... I want to drag out into the street and stone whoever came up with that bright idea as an exercise. REALLY? My goal here is to not DIE during the last set of Cardio over the next 9 days. Just sayin'.

Abs - The Plank Twists. I literally fell over from shock the first few I did. Anybody else find that unbelievably hard? I mean, wow. I don't think I have ever in my entire life asked my abs to do something like that. I tell you what, if that doesn't bring around results then NOTHING will. INSANE.

Honestly, I LOVE IT! No matter my moaning or complaining, I totally dig this workout. (Maybe secretly deep down I really enjoyed Jillian just getting onto Natalie multiple times after Level One's Cheating).

Either way, I am well on my way to being Shredded. Jillian told me so. emoticon I completed my first day of LEVEL TWO. Today was really the introduction of it to my body. TOMORROW is when I get REAL SERIOUS. Now time to start pushing myself on level two. YEEHAW!!!!!

Hope everyone out there is having a great workout. For all my peeps who just recently or are about to transition into Level Two With me, WATCH US WORK IT! I mean, just 10 days ago where were we really? We have accomplished this and pushed our bodies to this point. AMAZING! And Guess what? The next 9 days are going to be stinking AWESOME!!!!! I've said it all along and will continue to say it... WE GOT THIS!!!!

emoticon RaZella
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    emoticon emoticon
    3442 days ago
    Yay for you on level two!! I hate the high knees emoticon but they do feel good lol . I love the plank twist abs , hard to do but they feel so good! What size weights are you using? I love reading your blogs after I do the workout it's nice to know how others are getting through this and how they feel! Thanks for posting!!!
    Smiles Jodi
    3443 days ago
    RAZELLA: Oh no, I'm excited to do it. It just sounds SO HARD. I'm not THAT sore afterwards, but I suffered a pretty bad bicep injury when I first started Sparking/strength training at the gym again so I hesitate to push my arms TOO hard. I go as hard as I can but I hesitate to go so hard I might overdo it bc that arm injury sucked so bad! The strength exercises are getting slightly easier for me, but I'm not used to intense strength training, so my body's just adjusting!
    3443 days ago
  • MARIEL77
    You are doing great!!! I still have 2 days to go on Level 1, but reading your comments I am sooooo looking foward to Level 2! emoticon
    3443 days ago
    I just finished 10 days of Level 2 yesterday. I felt the same way you did after the first day, especially all the freaking planks!!! I thought it was always going to be wicked hard, but by the last day, I was surprised by how well I could do almost all of the exercises. They were still killer, but I felt my form improved a ton from the first day. The only thing I continued to modify was the jumping squats in a plank, or whatever they are called. I followed Anita through that every time, because I worried about the strain I was putting on my knees. I think the toughest parts even until the 10th day were the squats with V raises and the abs where you hold the weights up and move your legs up and down together. Good luck with the rest of Level 2, you will get better and better, and make sure to take care of your knees! Level 3 is also insane, but fun! Day 1 was today so it felt ridiculous, but I know after a few days I will be in much better form! Have fun!
    3443 days ago
    @LINDSEYINWI Don't be terrified! The beautiful thing is that on my day Two of the Shred, my body hurt so bad all my buddies were making fun of me because I was walking funny! Heading into day Four that soreness was being replaced with my body starting to adapt. The reality is, if you really push yourself and stick with it, when it's time for level two you not only will be ready for it, a part of you I think deep down will look forward to it just seeing what you've already accomplished in ten days. Keep in mind, with all my ranting and raving, I AM LOVING IT!!!!! Can't wait to hear how your progress is going on level one!!!! :)
    3443 days ago
    If it is any consolation - I find level 2 to be the hardest of anything... worse than level 3. SO MUCH PLANK WORK! But I think its SOO effective (how can it not be when you're beating on your arms like that!) GOOD LUCK!
    3443 days ago
    Oh my gosh, your post terrifies me! lol. I have Day 3 tonight so I get to go Level 1 8 more times before I have to endure this torture. :P
    3443 days ago
    good job on level 2! it is hard. i just can't hold a plank pose for long at all. i like the oblique twists too. but i LOVE the pendulum lunges. i can really feel it in my butt. awesome. and yeah i hate plank twists. especially since we're doing it for a full minute without rest. well, i take rests because i just can't do it. my goal is, do all the plank twists!
    good luck, you're almost halfway there!

    3443 days ago
    I so agree with everything you said!! I had a hard time figuring out how to do the lung forward then backward not sure how many actually got done but I seemed to be really stuck on those!! I love this level it is such a challenge looking forward to the next 9 days!! Have a great night!!
    3443 days ago
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