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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hello fellow sparkers. Hope your weekends have been positive!

Friday night I drank my weight in coffee and finished all of my homework for my online class. It made sleeping a bit difficult, and I should have known better than to coffee fuel myself that late in the evening. I accomplished all of my cleaning chores I had set out for myself as well. When Bruce is gone, I go into overdrive and knock everything out that needs to be done. I love my boyfriend, and I am so happy to have him in my life. That being said, the only times that I *wish* I was single is when I have a lot that I need to accomplish. I don't wish I was single like think about leaving the boyfriend, just realize how much more time I would have to focus on myself instead of anyone else. Before I was in this relationship I wasn't at the place in my life where these things were important, so I was rarely productive on weekends. What I have learned is to take full advantage of the days that he has drill and is out of town, where I used to lay on the couch all weekend and be sad missing him. I asked him the other day if he would miss me while he was at drill and he said "I won't have time to." Mind you, he was being moody and it wasn't a completely truthful answer (nor very sweet), but when I got to thinking about it, I realized that I wouldn't have much time to miss him. Pretty much only thought about it when I laid down to bed each night.

Yesterday I got up and went to spin class which was the most intense spin class I have been to in a long time. Our usual instructor was out, so we had a sub named Ted. He taught the earlier class before mine, and still taught an insanely intense class. Talk about endurance! I burned about 150 more calories than I have been in spin class over the past month. Think I will have to check his classes out more frequently. There was a lady next to me who is always in the Saturday morning class, and she was grunting with exhaustion and obviously pushing herself really hard. This younger girl, about my age, was rolling her eyes at her and laughing. I am not usually one who pays attention to other people at the gym, but this bothered me. The young girl was hardly sweating and didn't look like she was pushing herself that hard. I admit, I know nothing about her, she could be insanely fit and bike miles each day. But if there is anything I have learned in spin class, it is that no matter what your fitness level is you can get a great workout out of it as long as you push yourself. I started making noise right along with the lady next to me, and just giving it my all. She inspired me, why would you want to mock that amount of dedication?

I went to the Farmer's market after, and grocery shopping. Met up with my friend Amanda and she took me to a local park I've never been to before. It has steep rocks to climb and a gorgeous view as a reward. We were only out there for about a half hour, but I got a really good sweat going. She ran a duolathon today and got second for her age group, and the last one she ran she got first for her age group. She is someone I want to start working out with more often, I know she'll push me in ways I cannot always push myself.

Afterward, I met up with my friend Marita at China Kitchen. I didn't want to eat out, but I was in a hurry. Luckily they had a vegetable soup, which was just vegetables in broth. Works for me! We went thrifting, and I bought an awesome pair of green leather cowgirl boots for 12 dollars! I call that winning!

I met up with a classmate and we studied for our final together. It was odd he wanted to meet at a bar, and I went into the situation leery that he was just trying to pick me up. I didn't drink at all, and we actually got a good amount of studying done. I did eat a baked potato with a little butter, but to my delight they didn't salt the outside of it. He wanted to hang out again in a more casual manner, but I explained that I have a boyfriend (I have told him this before now) and that I didn't really need to make friends right now because I hardly have time for those that I already have. Rude? Perhaps a little. But I am done playing nice girl and waiting for guys to cross the line. I just want them to know up front that I really have no interest.

Sitting in bed watching Hulu last night I realized I was hungry. It made sense after I thought about it, because the vegetable soup was literally just a bucket of vegetables cooked in broth, and then adding a baked potato was still not giving me all of the nutrients my body needed after a physically and mentally taxing couple of days. So, I ate my almond butter on rye bread and went off to sleep.

After 8 hours of rest I was still a little tired, but got up anyway. Did about 20 minutes of Yoga before my computer died, which felt nice because yesterday's workout really kicked my butt. I then deep cleaned my kitchen. Scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, scrubbed all of my cabinets, DEEP cleaned. For about an hour, I was sweating afterward! So, I definitely got my 10 minutes or required daily fitness in today. I was going to go explore that park again since it is only about a half mile from my house (and I'd never been! Craziness!) but it started raining. I was thankful for that, because I am still sore from yesterday.

I was only looking for distractions from finishing my 8 page paper due Wednesday, anyway. I finally sat down and just wrote it. It took me a few hours, with a few breaks from the computer, but it is done. Thankfully! It feels nice to have that off of my plate! Then I cooked all of my meals for the week, which wasn't too bad. All of my food that I am preparing ahead of time is going to be vegetarian for a while. I don't eat much meat anyway, and I love beans and nuts and all of those high protein foods. So I am actually pretty excited. That and it will save me some money!! Meat is expensive. I cannot say I am not going to eat it at all, I am just going to try this out first and see how it goes. Try to stick to local raised meat when I do eat it, because I don't agree with the practices of mass produced meats. I realize more and more that I have the power to take a stand with how I spend my money. I made myself a vegetable navy bean soup for my go to dinners on busy nights, I made my favorite salmon salad and replaced the salmon with black beans for my lunches, and I made a new hummus recipe that is delicious. My snacks are all in line, and I am good to go for the week.

One last load of laundry to fold, and I'm ready for my boyfriend to come home and make a mess of the house... ha ha ha... But seriously.. :)
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    You go girl! You DID have a winning weekend!
    3460 days ago
    Sounds great. I love getting things done.

    When I did yoga at an only-yoga, "serious" studio, I'd typically be the one using the loud breathing style. Sometimes, somebody else would, too (typically older instructors sitting in!). These were intermediate or advanced level--"most" of yoga is mindfulness and breath. These classes were NOT easy, btw. Breathing loud and correctly helps fuel the body (and is like a massage for the nervous system).

    Go, you for being yourself!
    3460 days ago
    Haha girl I am so with you. I love the BF but I get so much more accomplished when he's not there. It doesn't help to have him sitting on the couch giving me the 'come hither and snuggle' eyes, and it's soooo hard to get out of bed when he's in there still all warm and snuggly. We had a pretty laid back weekend and I am right now at the coffee shop trying to finish up my homework for the week before I do the grocery shopping and head home to clean..eek.

    3460 days ago
    Oh, and I am super excited about not binging. I need to figure out a way to reward myself for these as they add up!
    3460 days ago
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