Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MUSINGS IN FRONT OF A MIRROR - by Barbara B. Kendrick (quoted with her permission)
(Written by Larry's - now - 87 year old Mom for 2001 annual Plumas County Women's Poetry Contest)

The body sure changes when it's getting old
It's the 'aging process' so I've been told
There's not much can be done to slow or prevent it
But the 'real me' inside has begun to resent it!

I've learned they're called 'wrinkles' where I used to have 'curves'
And what was 'high spirits' is now called 'nerves'.
The old vertebrae don't like each other,
But the chin must be friendly I now have another!
I'm putting on weight so diet I must,
And just think I once prayed 'Dear God give me a bust!'
But my hair's getting thinner (I used to have lots!)
And my hands are quite 'scrawny,' and covered with spots!
My legs sure aren't pretty now they're getting 'veins'
And my poor feet hurt so bad I guess I need canes!

Yes - life's 'aging process' is taking its toll
But I'll still life my glass and give life a 'Skoal'
Because it's been fun, I've enjoyed life a lot
And I'll continue to love it - with whatever I've got!
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