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Saturday Issues

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today while I was cleaning house I had several thoughts that really seemed to hit home with me..I think most of my issues have to do with control.....or my feeling of not being in control..
I was soul searching why it is I really don't like to fly....seem obvious at first, don't like heights, but found out that is not really true, when I was out a few weeks back the heights did not bother me and was so long as I felt I was doing what I wanted, and could do my own thing I had no issues....then it hit me, I have to have someone drive me to the airport, I then have to have someone pick me up.... I hate to have to depend on others , they seem to always be late...
I have to follow all the airline rules, go through security, that in it self is not always fun, turning over my suitcase, to who knows who , then sit in that plane wondering if the pilot needs help will the man on the other end be a sleep, will this be the plane that is the next terrorist blow up....who will I have to sit next too, will I get air sick so many issues but control or having to let go of my control is my biggest fear...

I am going to work all these issues out by July 30th as that's when I I have approx. 10 weeks to make progress on my thing for sure is, no refunds means I will be going no matter what....
I'm already planning what I'm taking and what I'm going to ....for sure I'm a planner, nice part only I plane change and only a 40 minute lay over....I'm getting excited...
If amy one has any fling tips for ' please let me know....I plan on taking my computer and nook so that should keep me busy....
well it has been a productive day so far, house cleaned from top to bottom...
I'm having one of the people from work do a sleep over...his family need some time and he enjoys staying with us, Gary is going to grill steaks and pineapple rings so he is pretty excited about coming for a BBQ....romaine salad and that should be a healthy and yummy meal....
so have a healthy week end


PS for my dear friend who said a drink or two might help, it only makes me more nervous, I am no drinker, and besides my flight leaves at 6.15am....I don't plan on eating or drinking till I touch down in Cleveland
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    Kitt, my first time in a plane was to fly to the U.S. I wanted a window seat and I was not in the least comfortable with the experience but it was the only way to get here so i did it. I still do not like it but it is the only way i get to see family so I do it. I am with you, its a necessary chore we must do and try to be comfortable with it. HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3098 days ago
    I don't mind flying, but I do have a lot issues with getting there and waiting for my flight. And once again I have the seat belt doesn't fit, so need to ask the embarrassing question "can I have a seat belt extension"

    I hope you can work it all out Kitt and enjoy your visit. emoticon
    3098 days ago
    I love to fly but there are many things am afraid of doing
    3099 days ago
    I love how you analyze and work through your fears and emotions. Best wishes! For myself, I love to fly, but there are lots of other things I am afraid of doing
    emoticon emoticon
    3099 days ago
    lol Kitt we are going to have to loosen you up ..Mary and I need to come take charge lol.... early or not you can have a mermosa..yum.... JK!

    you will work it out..take your own little pillow and blanket... and ear phones --but if you got your laptop you should be alright...
    flight long? have a book to read..
    3099 days ago
    I have to fly over the Rocky Mtns whenever I fly and I used to get air sick. For the last 40 years, I've taken Dramamine 1 hour before departure (with a little food in my stomach) and I have no trouble flying. It makes me drowsy., so I sleep the whole flight. I try to get a window seat so I can cuddle up against the wall. There is a non-drowsy Dramimine, but I don't want to risk it not working, so I take the regular Dramamine with a some crackers so it doesn't land in an empty stomach.

    I get really tired of the media playing and replaying and replaying the worst possible bad news! It seems like there have been dozens of crashes (or terrorists) and there may have been ONE incident, but it's been sensationalized beyond reality. The media (and others who shall remain unnamed) play on our fears and now we're terrified to leave our houses. What a shame!

    Sock is right. Accentuate the positive (seeing family, a great trip, wonderful memories, laughter, scenery, etc.) and eliminate the negative (worrying about things that probably wont' even happen). Worry won't prevent just makes you more nervous & more likely to get sick! Don't waste your time!).

    Have a wonderful trip...concentrate on the great things you'll see and do! (and take some dramamine! lol) Then report back and tell us about your great trip, OK?
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3099 days ago
    I love to fly BUT also worry about the 'what ifs'. There is a quote that says something like "most of what we worry about, never happens." You will do fine.
    What are you going to Cleveland for?
    3099 days ago
    I have always been terrified of flying and for many years I never did. Then there came a time when I had to fly to NYC for a conference for work. I couldn't back down. I had to get over my fear and just do it. For two weeks, I prayed that I could do this and that there wouldn't be any problems whatsoever. I was terrified that something would happen and my son wouldn't have his mom any more. So I prayed more than I have ever prayed in my life. That's how I was able to get on that plane.

    Then when I was on the plane, I pretended that I was just on a bus. I didn't look out the window. I just looked forward. My co-workers were laughing and having a great time. They made sure to let everyone know that it was my first flight. The stewardess stood by us talking almost the entire flight. We got in to some turbulence, so I just pretended that the bus was on a bumpy dirt road. That got me through it. We flew back in the evening and I sat next to the window. I looked out the window the whole way home. I was even at the emergency door. No problems. The next time I flew to Memphis for another conference and didn't have any problems. I still prayed, but I didn't feel the anxiety that I felt with my first flight.

    Have a great evening, Kitt!


    3099 days ago
    I too get air sickness. I also have a low blood pressure normally and I reashearched air sickness it ia associated with low blood pressure. If you fall in the LBP catagory they suggest that you stay very hydrated BEFORE and DURRING flight. That means drinking 1 or 2 gatoraides befor and plenty of water durring. HTH!!!
    ~Good Luck~
    3099 days ago
    Interesting way to look at issues with flying! You will probably have it all sorted out before you leave because that's what you do. Just don't over-think it too much. It's a trip; you're going to visit family; perhaps that is enough.

    Have fun with the sleep-over tonight -- very nice of you and Gary to do that! You have such a big heart, Kitt...very thankful to have you as a friend! Hope you have some decent weather, too. It was pretty nice here this morning, and now the wind kicking up. So over this wind, I am!
    3099 days ago
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