Abscess tooth makes it easy to diet...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I realize that not eating is the worst way to lose weight but right now I don't have a choice. My tooth hurts so bad that the whole side of my face hurts from my neck to my temple and everything in between. The pain is unrelenting and I feel like it will go on forever. Supposedly the painkiller they gave me should help but it doesn't seem to do anything. The constant pain and medication have made me lose my appetite and even when I force myself to eat something, it makes the pain worse which then makes me less inclined to eat. So far today I've had an orange and 1/4 cup of tomato soup. Yesterday, I had a small piece of flounder and a few bites of asparagus risotto. I am desperately trying to take my mind off the pain by writing this blog. The dentist said the antibiotics should take effect within 72 hours. I started taking them yesterday at Noon so I'm not even halfway to that point. I just keep telling myself that this is only temporary and surely the pain will stop eventually. I am praying for it to stop. I guess on the bright side I will probably lose a bit of weight from my unintentional fasting but it's a high price to pay. Anyone have an abscess tooth where the pain won't stop? What do you do? I've tried heat and cold but neither helped. Sorry to be such a whiner. I've had abscesses before but this one takes the cake.
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  • no profile photo AMANDA11DURHAM
    I have one nasty one, right now. I am able to hold the pain down a bit with hot green tea. No OTC meds work on this kind of pain, for me:( I just got a 3 day supply of antibiotics and Vicodin from my family doctor. I had to spend 294.00 at urgent care because the pain was so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I don't have insurance for another few weeks, so I am trying really hard to ride it out. I am going to try the coconut oil pull though. I have heard great things about it:)
    3337 days ago
  • 8890KAREN
    I hope your doing better! Be sure to follow the directions with your meds if they say take with food. Hope the pain goes away rapidly!
    3611 days ago
    I've never had one and hope I never do, knock on wood. I hope by the time you read this the pain has subsided! Hang in there!
    3612 days ago
    My thoughts are with you! I've had an abscessed tooth, and I know how painful it is! For me, once the antibiotics kicked in, the pain went away.

    In the meantime, I was trying homemade remedies which helped a tiny bit, like a wet tea bag or pure vanilla extract or clove oil or peppermint oil on a paper towel or qtip placed on the tooth. I've also read that these can help: tylenol extra strength headache relief, coconut oil, cover tooth with a piece of bread or gum (it will keep the air from hitting the tooth), or hold ice on the outside of your mouth near the painful spot.

    If these don't work, try googling "tooth ache pain remedies" or something like that.

    I'll say a prayer for you and send healing vibes your way! I hope your pain ends very soon!!

    3613 days ago
    You are not a whiner - you are in pain! I think the abscess pain depends on how deep it is (gross I know) and where it is located, because some nerves are closer to certain teeth than others. The pain should hopefully reduce soon - if not I'd call back and get a different painkiller. I have a relative who has a nerve disease and the painkiller they give her is different than what is for muscles, etc. If the pain is more like that I'd definitely check to see what else can be done.

    You probably can't take dairy with the antiobiotics but see if you can try to eat/drink something. They are hard on your stomach if nothing is in there, and you don't want to get nauseated on top of everything else. Maybe a popcicle - the cold might help?

    I'll be sending you positive thoughts - and hope you have a turnaround point soon. emoticon emoticon
    3613 days ago
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