Just another day on the treadmill?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Yesterday I was up early and accomplished quite a few of my daily tasks before 10am. I worked in the garden for an hour, took the pups out to feed and potty, did a load of laundry and hung it outside on the clothesline. and loaded the dishwasher. Since it's now unseasonably yucky hot in Ohio now I would get my daily-- have to's-- out of the way early and then I could quilt! I decided that since I didn't do cardio on Monday that I would go ahead and do 30 minutes on that treadmill to catch up.
I'm really enjoying listening to a Le Miz production that I recorded on public TV while I'm about 35 minutes into a fastish walk/jog. I decide to keep going just a few more minutes and add some theatrical arm movements to my workout as an added way to burn a few more calories. Ten minutes later I'm thinking wow I'm really good at this! I am of course 242 pounds, sweating like crazy, half walking half jogging, making timely arm jesters to the song, and at this point singing (badly) as loud as I could with musical theater blaring on the TV. One more tune I tell myself and then I should cool down but I gotta give this one all I got!
First half of the song went really well...even my breathless singing (sorta) improved! By this point I am hoping the song is over sooner than later...these calves are really burning! So finally...the big finish! I have my arms out for extra emphasis, holding the note (I'm not really a singer) and I close my eyes just to bring it all home! Well...all this craziness must have distracted me because I did this crazy stumble backward and was going too fast to be able to catch up so I had to pull the safety on the machine...
I laughing (not hurt) and out of breath and decide to finish my cool down now and went to turn the treadmill back on and the silly thing won't come on. So I walk around the room a few minutes to cool down. All I have to do is hit the shower and I'm off to sew the rest of the day! Woohoo!
I go up to that quiet little sewing room, plug in my iron, lamp and machine and nothing happens! Lamp won't come on...neither will the iron or that 25 year old sewing machine! Long story short...I went to the basement to see that I blew a fuse with my treadmill theater antics and of course we don't have the right size spare! No problem...Went upstairs, brought down that lamp, iron and machine...set it all up on the dining room table and all that was left to do besides sew was to call hubby and tell him to pick up some fuses on the way home...hoping he doesn't ask what happened!
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    Oh, My!!!! I can just picture you on the treadmill, winding up to the grand finale, closing your eyes, and.....!!!! So glad to hear you are not hurt and that you can laugh about it!!!
    I am always nervous on treadmills in gyms, I'm scared I will do something and have a similar experience.
    Keep on walking, just maybe keep the eyes open!!!!

    3698 days ago
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