The Trouble With Fries

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Okay, no food is off limits because the idea that I can never have something I like only makes me want it more. So I had fries with my favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Ate the sandwich and half the fries and felt full. But DH was still eating so I sat there in front of that plate of fries and was mightily tempted to keep eating them. And did eat a few more, but not all of them. Question for myself and others who have the same problem - Do those fries really taste that much better than a baked potato with salt and pepper? My answer is "no" but sandwiches usually come "with fries" on the menu. I must remember that I can substitute a baked potato or specify "no side".

On Sunday my friend said, "You just keep getting smaller" and I answered, "I'm going to quit soon. I don't want to be anorexic." But here it is Thursday and I have gained 3 pounds. Can I blame water weight? Well, no. It might well have been those fries, plus 2 glasses of Coca-cola and, oh, yeah, ice cream after church last night. That was my pastor's fault. After teaching from Exodus and relating it to our own "Red Sea" experiences, he said, "It's hot in this room. Go somewhere cooler. Get some ice cream." Good church member that I am, I got the ice cream. Would have loved a hot fudge sundae but got, instead, the cheap ice cream from the grocery store. I had one bowl with almonds and my husband and son also ate some but the carton is still in the freezer. I plan to ignore it all day today. Ask me if I successfully avoided it.
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    You just pointed out a dilemma that many of us face. We had a friend who had a heart attack about the same time as my Hubby. He said, "if it tastes good, spit it out". Sometimes we feel that way. I think we have to develop new tastes. I haven't achieved that yet! I am so glad you have lost near your desired amount of weight. That speaks well. emoticon emoticon emoticon NO NO!
    3496 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8158758
    I am telling you ice cream will put weight on me quicker than anything! I usually try to stay away from it. Even if I eat the reduced calorie, low fat kind! Fries-I tend to like them with fish sometimes, but I do like the baked potato better though. But I cannot eat it without butter and sour cream, so I stay away from those too for the most part. So, I like Sweet potatoes the best, healthier and I don't need so much butter. I have also gotten away from soft drinks too, but like anything it is ok to have a treat once in awhile. And when I do I realize I don't miss it so much!
    That weight gain is more than likely water gain, but if your keep going with the extra snacks, etc. it will turn into permanent weight-trust me - I know!
    3497 days ago
    I am lucky I rarely get a craving for fies and definately prefer a baked potato. I never drink cola I hate the stuff. My downfall is fruit juice and chocolate. Oh! and cream cakes. You made me crack up laughing over the ice crream. The one you chose, won't hurt if you have a little and add it in your caalories! Next time treat yourself and have the fudge! You haave done so well with your weight loss Sharon, you deserve a treat!

    3500 days ago
  • GGMFAY33
    Thankfully, I have talked myself out of french fries years ago...have told myself I don't like them. Will still eat home fries with eggs for brunch on Sundays though!?

    But ice cream goes down so much faster and easier. It's difficult to get a bad evaluation of it in time to decide I don't care for it anymore. Ice cream knows my name too well and my DH's supply calls out to me.
    3501 days ago
    My problem is cake and ice cream. WE had a birthday party here Sun and of course there was cake left over and I'm a grazer BIG time. Since I'm maintaining I allow 1 serving a day. I put one piece out so when I want a bite I eat from that. When the piece is gone I'm done - I hope! I do have to hide the rest from sight so I'm not tempted to go for a second piece.
    3501 days ago
    I always forget that I can forgo the fries. Like you said, sandwiches come with fries. It's tradition. As to the left over ice cream. Go ahead and throw it out. The money you are 'wasting' is much less then weight related medical bills in the long run. The calories just are not worth it. I throw things out all the time...once I am convinced the S/O has forgotten we had them in the first place. I'm not quite ready to tell him I through out his girl scout cookies.
    3501 days ago
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