Saw Dr today, Next appt so far away,,,UGHERS Why?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Well today was "the day" I saw the Doc who's going to do the "root nerve burning" in my middle back and also in my lower back (L1,2,3, and than L4, L5). I had seen him b4, but had CHICKENED OUT ! After all it seemed to me what SANE Person wants a NEEDLE SHOVED into them that will kill their nerves in their backs so they dont comminicate with your brain your in pain? Sounds good to me NOW that I am in such termoundous pain that I am doubled over into a fetal position or laying on my back with my legs up to my side like a frog while I am using 2 heating pads. I "was" so scared b4 that I just was NOT willing to take this step, I had heard such horror story from friends and a neighbor of this procedure going wrong, and them ending up in W.ORSE pain and needing an aid to walk (I already do because of the scolosis being so bad, and this will not correct that as well as my back brace doesn't correct that, just helps it from getting worse. These 2 things do NOT keep me from doing aerobics, LOL I just adjust the moves ,,,and also still do zumba, when my feet will allow it, so once I am OUT of the cast from surgery, and the foot is able,,,, I WANT TOO !). Right now I just lay here in bed while healing from the foot surg, and do A LOT of deep breathing, and praying to help me through the pain. When I am able to walk, it actually helps with the pain, though of course far from removes it.

So on to today. Much to my charin, the closet appt they can give me due to vacations, and conferences,,,,is AUGUST 10 !!! For the mid back and for the lower back Aug 29!! That's ALMOST Sept !! I can't believe I have to wait so long ! Yet, he like ALL specialists in this area, are extremely backed up. I SHOULD be used to this, and SHOULD of known. SIGH !!! Well, hey, I'll make it, I always do. In the meantime, I'll keep working on my core muscles, which helps the back soooo much !! As soon as the cast comes off,,,it's back to the chair excerises, than building back up to Richard Simmons ! Than IF I can handle it,,,can we say YIIPPPPEEEE YIIIIII YEAAAHHHHHH to ZUUUUMMMMBAAAAA !!!!! LOL My poor foot surgeon has such a heart attack with me ! emoticon And me? I just emoticon more and more. You just gotta do what you gotta do !!! Never give up doing what it is you LOVE ! And love what it is you do.

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    Good luck with the surgery Diana! Hope the pain isn't too bad while you arre waiting! I am lucky I only have slight scholliosus and the exercise the physio gave me after my slipped disc, have made me almost pain free! I do them every day! Its wonderful after years of agonising pain almost all my life! The slipped disc was over 5 years ago now! It changed my life!
    3191 days ago
    Diane. You are an amazing lady and you put me to shame for whingeing about a bit of a sore back and neck. Take care of yourself. The end of August will come along quickly. He must be a good surgeon. emoticon emoticon
    3194 days ago
    Hey Diane,
    I agree if a dr is busy he has to be good! Just give him 1 test when you go to see him again. Have him hold his hands out palms down in front of you. If his hands are steady you are in good hands. If his hands shake, then run like hell.. LOL
    Have a blessed day....

    No matter what you are in good hands with God!!!
    3194 days ago
    I'm so sorry you have to wait so long. You attitude is amazing... you are an inspiration to me. I hope you can get the help you need soon. Take care and keep dancing! (When you get the Doc's ok!)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3194 days ago
    emoticon It is a good sign that he is good at what he does if he is busy!
    3195 days ago
    Hi, I am so sorry you have to wait so long for the treatment, but at least you now have a real live appointment to look forward to. I applaud your inventiveness in trying to get your body stronger by doing your core workouts. emoticon
    3195 days ago
    Laughing with you.... not at you.

    I SUPPOSE they want to give you plenty of time to make up your mind to do it
    OR NOT????

    Specialists are always busy and always a long wait list. So get better, stay happy and hope that you will be in the best spirits for the doc.

    Have a super weekend. emoticon
    3195 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8640526
    Now you have more time to prepare? Well, I am hoping it's not too bad and you'll be painfree!
    3195 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6400103
    thats not a long waitinglist.. but i can imagine it looks long now you decided to go for it!
    3195 days ago
    At least you're one step near to the op Diane even if it is a wait. 6 weeks will soon come around.
    Keep that pecker up and keep doing all you can to be well in the mean time.

    Hope you'll soon be free of pain! emoticon
    3195 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Hey Dianne I do heaps of core exercises and lots of chair exercises plus resistance bands as well as walking ..
    All the pads between my Vertebrae have been mostly eaten out with Cortisone Some are bone on bone .also the sacroiliac joints are badly worn ... but like you ... I love my exercise ..
    In fact.... I could not go a day without movement of some sort ... If we just sit around it just gets worse ..
    So keep on keeping on my friend ... soon you will be pain free ...
    Hugs Susie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3195 days ago
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