360 minutes...wait, what?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I was setting my activity goal for the week. I decided to work out at least 30 minutes 6 days this week. I wrote down 360 minutes.....later that night, lying in bed I was thinking "wait-WHAT DID I WRITE DOWN? Umm..30 X6 = 180...."


My body knows I can do 360 minutes of exercise this week, and that is what I am going to do. I'm 100 minutes in for the week and I'm gonna rock it.

Also today what YOOVIE wrote on her status update really has me thinking:

"Your body keeps an accurate journal, regardless of what you write down or track"

My body's journal--shows I have been working out lately and stretching afterwards. Therefore no injuries. It also shows when I am eating over my calories and sleeping in just for 10-20-30 more minutes which makes me wake up too late to work out..... I'm just done with that. Rolling out of bed at 6 is getting easier and easier with every day that I do it.

My walk/run around the lake is an inspiration to me daily. Someone has written quotes on the road where I run (or walk, as the case may be), one word at a time so that you can see them as you run along and try not to die. It does help, it really does.










I Am,

I Am




Mind "

That quote is by Paavo Nurmi, a marathon runner from this area. The marathon named after him is coming up soon. I won't be running in it this year, but I'd like to do the half marathon portion next year. My body's journal will show by next year the hard work I am putting in now.

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