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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am sooooo disgusted with myself. I cann't seem to stay on track any length of time. I have been overweight all my life, I mean all my life and I am just tired of it. But where do I start. I lose some then gain double, then I can not seem to get back on track. What can I do. I cann't continue this way. I don't want to mean but I really do not want to hear from any skinny folks that have only had to lose a few pounds and now they think they know what I am feeling. You don't.
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    its a life long change..not just a little while change. and it happens a little bit at a step at a time...literally some times. I look at each day as a new day, a new chance to try and do again. Start slow. no one said it has to be a race to run, and each person has to find his/her own way to do things with what they have. one little change at a time. ill do a few wall pushups here, and maybe ill cut my butter on my toast to half of what i usually do. Maybe I dont need that extra teaspoon of sugar in my coffee BUT i wont give it totally up. denial just feels like beating myself up...i dont need that.
    You're worth everything out there. a new pair of shoes to walk in..a bag of your favorite fresh fruit for snacks. five minutes to yourself just to see the clouds in the sky. start telling yourself you are worth it!! stop beating yourself up for making mistakes. we all make mistakes, and have bad days...BUT you have FRIENDS here who will stop and put a little note in your blog to remind you that you are worth it and there is someone out there who really cares...cuz we've been there......
    make a list of the good things you do and have done during the day.
    ie...i did get up and walk a couple of blocks today. I did get up and have a nice breakfast that i like and is healthy for me. ( i personally like oatmeal and a few dried cranberries...)
    oopppsss i ate too much popcorn at the movies. ok. so next time ill do better...not eat as much popcorn or ill order a smaller popcorn.
    little steps ....
    Im right there with ya....i have to do little steps alllll the time.
    *BIG hugs* my new found friend.....
    you'll be okay, and you CAN do this!!! and WE can help!!!!! emoticon long winded there..... O.o
    3237 days ago

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    The only thing that has worked for me is tracking every single bite of food, whether I am making good choices or not.
    3237 days ago
    I think that being overweight/obese/fat (yukk how I hate those words) is a trial and a test to see if we can change ourselves.......... and you know what? We certainly can. Just take a leap of faith in yourself and find friends either online here or in your actuial face to face friends and ask them for support - maybe they too are having a test of their own and need help but just can't find it within them to ask anyone!

    Where are you maybe you need a walk/exercise buddy.

    You can do it, you will do it, Ive lost 34lbs by using this program - Woo Hoo I have not been this weight for approx 20 years - If I can do it - So can you!

    Lynne emoticon
    3237 days ago
    You did a smart thing by posting your blog entry! You need some encouragement from your fellow travelers here in the weight and activity trenches!

    Don't forget that it's not all about how you look or about some number on a scale, it's about your wellness over time. I've changed a bunch of negative habits over a ten year time frame, but I'm only just now turning my attention to weight and energy, which is why I'm here at Sparkpeople. Even if your progress is uneven, it's still progress.

    One thing I've discovered is that you sometimes need to keep tweaking and adjusting your lifestyle until you find what works for you. I've noticed on the low carb forums that everyone seems to have different foods that stall them or sabotage them. The trick is to keep testing until you find that "sweet spot." (Tennis metaphor, not food!) Keep at it - it will come eventually! (And the Gary Taubes book really IS a great motivator. Truly frightening to think that innocent looking side of rice was leading me down the path to diabetes....)
    3237 days ago
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    Debby, you can do it. Go to It's a mental toughness program that helps you to get your head in the right place to actually stick to a diet.
    3237 days ago
    Everyone agrees this journey to fitness is challenging, I think the difference between those who are successful and those who give up is really as simple as self-image. If you really believe you are worth every effort you are going to do what must be done to achieve your goals. Begin to love yourself, stand tall each day, make a list of all the things about yourself that you love. Stop feeding yourself negative thoughts and begin to thing only about how successful you are going to be, how great you are going to feel, how much more energy you will have, so on and so on. You can do this, just believe in yourself!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3237 days ago
  • MAXIE56
    I am there with you, but we have to stay motivated enough to keep trying, you can do this
    3237 days ago
    ok,been dieting for 40 years now and all I have gotten is to go from needing to lose 20 pounds to needing to lose 140 pounds.

    what has finally given me hope to know I am on my way...I watched the movie "Fathead" it is streaming on Netflix if you have that, if not it is free on It helped me to understand why I was in the situation I was in and did it in a humorous manner. Then I would suggest you read Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It".

    There is hope there! Good Luck
    3237 days ago
  • GREASE31

    I do know exactly how you feel, as i have been overweight since (1990-2011-present day) (see my sparkpage 4 details) & it sucks!!!!, as you cant find anthing nice to fit you/ to wear out to dinner/day out/wedding etc, you will get there eventually we at sparkpeople are here for you & can help you. emoticon emoticon
    3237 days ago
    I do know how you feel!! I've been heavy since age 7. Due to stress I gained all the weight I've lost over the years and 5 pounds more. But I have started exercising and borrowing books about changing bad habits at the library and I'm at a much better place now. Do not give up. Do any type of exercise you can even if it is for 5 minutes. You will feel better!!!! If you can go to your local library. Reading will open your mind and give you hope. You deserve to feel better. You are not alone in your struggle. Have a great day today!! emoticon emoticon
    3237 days ago
    I've been exactly where you are. Actually, I currently struggle with feeling this way. One thing that has definitely helped my continue my fight for a better life is love: love for myself. I re-connecting with myself and learning to love and appreciate myself as I am. Now, no longer strive to look like a perfect model. My goal is to be the person I am supposed to be; the person I want to be. I motivate myself everyday by reminding myself in every way possible that I am worth it and I deserve this. I remind myself that I cannot afford to give up or quit. Don't give up. Keep trying: everyday is a brand new start. Everyday is your chance to make one little change at a time. emoticon
    3237 days ago
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