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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some one told me I was more fun when I was fat????When I asked why they felt that they they said" you always did everything for everyone you never said no, you never put your self were so funny making fun of your always feed always had the best goodies and treats....Darn I miss that women, do you think she will ever come back"

after thinking about it I said "NO" I will work as hard as I can to never ever let her's won't be easy but putting my health first is my goal and I won't let anyone or any thing get in my way......

the reply was you sure are selfish, and some day you will be sorry when all your friends are which I replies, those who have turned there back on me and those who will are not truly my friends and so I am better off with out them.....

so goes another emotional conversation with friends who just don't get it.....

Wonder if anyone else has these issues...

a very dear friend who has stuck with me from the beginning told me to let the chaff fall to the sides....not sure what he meant by that but he has always been supportive of me.....
Thank you my dear true friend...
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    Obviously, this friend wanted your friendship for what she or he could get out of it, not what they could give. Turn it around and ask who is the selfish one.

    Proud of you!
    3034 days ago
    Just curious if the person who said that to you was overweight? I have to admit sometimes I feel like I used to be more fun when I was more overweight than I m now. I do not have many friends left. I used to put everyone else before me. Sometimes I feel selfish for caring more for my own health than serving others. But I am learning to accept myself and that I am important too. YOU are important. Your health is important. You are an inspiration to us here on Sp and I do not tell you enough. emoticon
    3035 days ago
    The person you were speaking to is not really your friend. Their statements show that they were nice to you because of what you did for them, not because they liked your for yourself. And now that you are changing your life for the better, that person doesn't like it because it isn't all about them anymore. Pooh on that! Definitely chaff.....people like that have no place in your life. What a selfish rude individual !!

    Your response was wonderful ! True friends love you no matter what, and they support you in wanting to better yourself and be healthy. Those who don't support your goals and your happiness aren't true friends.
    3035 days ago
    I am with the rest ,this is a very rude & jealous person.
    Don't give the words they said to you another thought..
    I was truly ready for you to say it was a dream you had,
    I could not believe someone word say such stupid stuff to a person as wonderful as you.

    I know your heart is full of love just from knowing you through these air waves, this person is blind and just plain stupid.

    I hope you went to Gary and got a big Hug he always says the right things to you.

    Love Mary
    3036 days ago
    Never mind what silly folks say....and drive on with the wonderful life that you are living....the comments that were made were very selfish.... You needed to take care of yourself better so that you could be around to spend time with others you care about and who care about you. Don't give it a second thought, it's not worth it. You are a great gal and a great role model for sticking to a plan and being determined to reach tough goals that you set for yourself...
    Chin up, lots of friends remain...

    3036 days ago
    You were right about true friends being supportive and wanting the best for you. I'm sure you are still a lot of fun. You probably have a ton more energy.

    emoticon Wash that conversation right out of your head!
    3036 days ago
    My goodness! That certainly was NO friend of yours who said those things to you! Like someone else posted, I think there was a little jealousy action going on there. I get remarks about being TOO skinny and I quickly point out that I am at a very healthy weight for my age...and I usually consider the source of those remarks (they're usually from very overweight people).

    Shake it off, continue to be good to yourself and eat healthy and exercise! A true friend supports you! emoticon
    3036 days ago
    ((Kitt)) So sorry. I know that hurts. I've been told something similar because I don't want my fun based around food activities.
    3036 days ago
    U nevermind that person you look amazing you are truely incredible woman. I am very proud to call you a friend and your transformation is amazing. I love your desire and drive to be a healthy person no matter what. You have a little slip up and no matter when it happens you always keep moving on and just stay healthy.

    3037 days ago
    Please keep these false "friends" out of your life they are worth nothing. You are awesome & never forget it
    3037 days ago
    Kitt! I am amazed that anyone would be so thoughtless and down right rude. I agree with your long time friend. Don't look back. Those who are jealous and those who liked the wrong things about you are superficial anyway. Sorry that someone has upset you. I am proud as punch of you and I talk about 'my friend Kitt' all the time. I want to be just like you, so don't stop being the person you have worked so hard to become. It is the genuine you that we now see.

    Love Gini emoticon
    3037 days ago
    Oh my God! JEALOUS much?! What she said was totally rude and really a slap in the face disguised as something else. I hate that. I hate that people do that. You're 100% right to reply like you did. True friends care about us and want us to be happy and healthy. I have a feeling that you aren't the one who will be lacking friends. My guess is that this person doesn't have true friends, otherwise she'd have realized what a stupid selfish remark that was. You shouldn't be friends with people just to get things from them. How unbelievable! You're amazing and you have tons of friends. You're an inspiration to me and a lot of others. Great job standing up for yourself!
    3037 days ago
    Oh my goodness. I think you handled that wonderfully.
    3037 days ago
    Wow I can't believe anyone would have the excuse the language but balls to say that to anyone. That is very horrible that person would treat you like that. I don't know who they think they are but they should be proud of you for your accomplishments. I have never met you but you are such an inspiration to me and a lot of other people on this site. You need to live for yourself and keep yourself happy. THANK YOU so much for all the support and inspiration you have given me. emoticon emoticon
    3037 days ago
    Geesh with 'friends' like that we certainly do not need 'enemies'....unfortunately, I've had a few friends like that in the past and while I wish them the best, have had to distance myself from them and their negativity and hurtful 'logic'.

    REAL friends want what is best for YOU & your health!!! Sounds like this person is 'all about' themselves!!! Time to let them go!!!

    emoticon HUGS & Congrats on the weight loss!!!!!
    3037 days ago
    and.... and.... and....

    the Kitt I know is kind, supportive, a rock of encouragement to friends... I wouldn't change a thing about you and I would cheer all your healthy livin & smiles shared!

    shake it off & keep shakin it off... this is sooooo not anything worth your time & energy... ((((hugs))))

    (gosh, i can't believe this... pffffftttttt!!!!)
    3037 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    oh Kitt, what I heard just makes me sick to my stomach... how is this possible??? To wish someone fat again? OMG!!! they really are clueless, and....

    this is NOT your fault. as your inner 2 yr old child tries to figure out how to fix that person, make things better.... tries to feel responsible...

    this is 1 time when our head has to teach our heart that you have done nothing wrong, and this(these) person(s)... omg, I just don't have words...

    thanks to Sock for explaining wheat & chaff... Should this person say something again, tell them to, er, um... Chaff off!!!


    well maybe not, but I hope that some day they realize how cruel and stupid they have been.

    i have also found I've had to let relationships go when I changed and no longer did things the people only wanted to do... smoking, drinking, other fun stuff that I left behind...

    and overeating hurts us... you have left that behind and you are now active and healthy and participating in positive activities, and hopefully conversations too... with friends who are not all about their next junk food fix!!!

    ((((((((big hugs))))))))))))
    3037 days ago
    wow I can't believe someone could be so calloused and rude to say something like that.. I mean everyone else here is right you don't need someone like that in your life.. Keep up the good work with the weight loss you are such an inspiration!!
    3037 days ago
    Wow, that's really awful that someone would say that to you, Kitt. I'm so glad you stuck up for yourself. It sounds like that person is really jealous of you. My mom always told me that when people attack you like that, it's just that they are jealous of who you are. Keep putting yourself first in everything you do, Kitt. Take care and don't let that person get you down.


    3037 days ago
    emoticon for you..

    some people hey...

    hugs and stick to what makes you happy healthy and safe!

    hugs Jo
    3037 days ago
    Are you kidding me, someone really said that to you? OMG, kick them to the curb, you sure don't need anyone with those thoughts around you.
    3037 days ago
    Wow. That person is incredibly selfish and rude for saying what they said to you. And you are lucky that you have a thoughtful and wise friend to balance that out. He is the wheat to that other person's chaff, so you are well off to be rid of that! Keep strong!!
    3037 days ago
    Kitt, your very dear friend made a very wise comment. "Let the chaff fall to the sides" means let the useless relationships go. The people who make these rude remarks have no place in your life -- let them fall by the wayside and out of your life. The term comes from part of the wheat harvesting and processing stuff -- throwing the harvested wheat up in the air (winnowing), the useless chaff blows away and you're left with the good part of the wheat. Your friend is saying to do the same with your relationships -- let the wind carry the useless ones away. They have no place in your healthy world.

    You have become healthy by losing weight. Those "friends" can't lose stupid. It's amazing how rude they are.


    3037 days ago
    Your true friend gave you good advise.

    The most important thing in life is you, and if that's being selfish, so be it.

    Too many of us don't understand how important we are and fail to become the best that we can be, which includes healthy.

    You inspire me daily Kitt, and I'll always love you for that, continue to be you emoticon
    3037 days ago
  • -POOKIE-

    Im utterly disgusted that somebody would even dare to talk to you like that.

    Surely there is nobody in this day and age that doesn't know that obesity is life threatening?

    Do they WANT you to die sooner? faster? with hundreds of possible complications?

    Well I can certainly do without that sort of "well-wishers" in my life! And you are right, those that turn their back on you because you chose to better yourself are not worth wasting your time over.
    3037 days ago
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