Breaking the Cycle

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everyone has seen it: the show or the news article about the person who weighs 700+ lbs. They try to get them medical help but the person can't leave their house. Walls are physically removed and the patient is transported by heavy moving equipment to a special vehicle which takes them to a hospital or treatment facility. The average person, or even the heavy person, asks themselves, "how in the heck did they get so HUGE?" I could never be that way... or could I?

I think most heavy people, whether they know it or not, are victims of the cycle. Who knows where it starts. Maybe something traumatic happened and eating was your solace. Maybe you had an injury and physical activity is very limited. It really doesn't matter, but the weight starts to pack on. At first, "It's just 10 lbs, I can go for a walk tomorrow", or "man, I have really let myself go, I need to get in the gym next week". But then life gets in the way. The exercise never comes or it's too little, too late. As a society, we are expected to eat and we do, more and more every day. A 2000-3000 calorie meal is too common here in America, and then the alcohol starts. Empty, nutritionless calories are piled on top of empty, nutritionless drinks while we sit in a permanant state of dehydration. Pounds continue to pile on and we have to eat more and more to maintain the ridiculously low energy levels that we cling to with our plummeting metabolism. Before you know it, we are the people that we saw on TV and we have no idea how it happened. And worse, we are so heavy that exercise feels like a torture chamber from the middle ages. Walking makes your lungs explode and your heart feel as if it could give out at any second. So how do we break the cycle? We break it before it begins.

We all know when we are gaining weight out of control. The time for intervention is... NOW! It is never too late to take your life in your hands and get things back under control. But all journeys begin with a single step, and that step begins right now. You don't need a gym, or special equipment or $200 running shoes to begin your weight loss journey. What you do need is a good hard look in the mirror, and some determination to make a change. You also need support. No matter where you are, there is someone willing to offer a hand and help you begin to make changes. If your family and friends won't help, reach out through something like Sparkpeople and find a buddy. No matter your situation, there is someone willing to cheer you on and who has either been through what you are going through or is right there, right now. If the most exercise you are capable of is 10 steps through your house, take 10 steps, get your breath back and do it again. Now you are MOVING, and moving puts the process in motion. Begin to look at what you are eating. Talk to your doctor and find out what they can do to help you. Find something that motivates you. Maybe it's old pictures of a healthier you, a friend who has lost weight, or a television show. Whatever it is, get excited and believe that there is hope for you. As long as you take another breath, there is time for you to make a change for the positive. I agree with Bob Harper when he says that there is an athlete in all of us just waiting to come out. I hope that you can find yours and that we can break the cycle, once and for all.

I will see you all on the other side of healthy.
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  • ROCKMAN6797
    Wow, nice blog! I remember being in the same situation you have so aptly described. You need to make a choice to get healthy, make the effort to do so, and keep on moving. All I did was walk for the first six months of my path to health. My doctor would not allow me to do anymore than that. I lost over 70 pounds those first six months! It was hard work but it laid down the foundation I depend on now. Love the self discovery you obviously have found and I encourage to keep exploring. It only gets better!

    3179 days ago
    It's so easy to get caught up and let yourself slide right into an unhealthy lifestyle. You are absolutely right--start NOW. Great blog, babe; love you!
    3179 days ago
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