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Busy summer

Friday, July 22, 2011

I don't know about anyone else, but summers are always the time I fall off the wagon. It seems like Memorial Day hits and the celebration begins. I start off with good intentions....splurging here....tightening the belt there....splurging some more....and then next thing I know, summer is's September and I have to start all over! Happens every year....sigh. This year was no different. Well, maybe there was one exception. I've got SP on my side. So here is how my summer began.

Memorial Day weekend....DD came home from Long Island for a quick weekend trip. We drove to the coast so we could visit w/son #3 who is a cook at a local resort there. Needless to say, he doesn't get any time off during tourist season, thus why we opted to go to him. GREAT visit. We stayed at a nice hotel and it had a fitness room. I USED the fitness room! and LOVED it! Their treadmill was SO much better than my old model at home! So I felt pretty good about that!

Two weeks later, we had relatives from St. Louis come for a visit....for a whole week. LOVED it! Played some golf, swam at the pool. But unfortunately, it meant that my spare bedroom that I had set up as a gym had to be sacrificed as a guest bedroom. We had to move the treadmill and stationary bike into the den where they sat off to the side in a corner.

We rented a condo on the coast for the weekend. My 70ish year old aunt and I walked the beach each morning! 20 min one way....20 min back! It was great! But...the diet was sorely lacking.

Once my relatives left, we didn't put the exercise equipment back in the room. I tried to exercise in the den....but the setting just didn't motivate me. Something about a small private room is much more conducive to my exercise style. So....exercise eventually fell off. sigh

The next onslaught of family came to visit two weeks later (they just left last weekend). My brother and his son. He hasn't been to see us in about 7 years!! By then, we had the fitness room set up again....but it only happened the day before he got here so I didn't really get to use it.

Then, again.....we set off for the coast and rented a beach house....this time for a whole week! I had visions of walking the beach every morning. Alas....this didn't happen. My brother was messed up...totally. I knew he was an alcoholic...but I didn't know how badly. It has reached the point that he can barely function. DH and I found ourselves having to keep him entertained and busy, thus delaying his drinking until later in the day. His personality has changed, his mental focus is just not there....he's just not the man I once knew. It is horribly sad. I won't go into details here since it's not the focus of today's blog.

My point is, he messed up my morning routine. I'm not a morning person...I get up early before everyone else does purposely so I can drink my coffee, do my computer thing, then hit the treadmill. If I can accomplish those things without interference, I am having a great day! So imagine my surprise to find my brother up (or still up) when I got up, drinking my coffee, consuming my attention, not understanding my need for morning solitude! After about 3 days I realized that walking the beach in the morning wasn't possible. He needed supervision....or bad things would happen.

So...the beach trip was a washout as far as my exercise/diet regimen goes. We did manage to enjoy ourselves some....but not nearly as much as we had anticipated.

We got home last weekend. Put brother and nephew back on the plane for St. Louis. Saw Harry Potter (WOW!) with DD and her bf....then put THEM back on the plane for Long Island. mind was already engaged in my SP plan. My plan to get back on program once this week starts. And I DID!! I've been sparking every day! I was pleased to find that I had only gained 1 pound in the 6 weeks I was away. I've exercised every day (except today....I was on-call last night). It sure does feel good to get some control back in my life.

Looking back over the last few weeks, I've realized that there is something different about my wagon egress.....I didn't wander too far from it! I found ways to fit fitness in where I could during our summer activities. I only let 6 weeks slip away before I realized it....instead of 3-4 months. And I only gained a pound...instead of 10 or 20! But more importantly, I know that SP is here to use as much or as little as I want. And I know the more I utilize it....the more I'll benefit. I am so thankful to have found this truely makes a difference!

My plan for the remainder of the summer is to continue fitting SP in my daily life. My exercise room is back together...altho, I want to tweak it a little this weekend. I'm craving healthy foods and salads....and oh boy! aren't the fresh fruits yummy!! DH and I have a weekend getaway planned in a couple weeks. It's our 30th anniversary....and I know we'll be celebrating. But we'll make a point of walking the lovely city of Charleston, thus getting some exercise. Dieting won't be hard since I love fresh seafood....and I prefer it grilled/steamed. So I'm confident I can do this!

Yes I can....just you watch! emoticon
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    I KNOW you can do it! Congratulations on your 30th! DH and I celebrated our 30th this year, too! Woo hoo! We have staying power baby...and we can use that same staying power to make the SP lifestyle change. You're doing great! I think it's great that you only gained a pound. That is awesome! I hope you have a great week! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your encouragement! Spark on! emoticon
    3342 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Hi Bev


    You have had an action-packed summer and yet you only gained one pound. That is very much a victory. It is easy to forget that comparatively speaking, weight loss is the EASY part of the new lifestyle challenge. Maintaining is the gift you must remember to give yourself each day. It is awesome that you stayed the same weight over all the travel, visits, house guests and excursions of the last six weeks. This is a true victory, and means that whatever weight loss you have is REAL. You should be really proud of your efforts through this summer.

    I hope your August is every bit as satisfying:)
    3345 days ago
    Sound like you're having a super summer. It's a shame about your brother's drinking issue, but glad it didn't ruin your vacation completely. Anyhow, I bet you didn't really mess up with eating and exercise as badly as you thought, since you only gained a pound. I think that's amazing, since it's not all that hard to gain a pound even under the best of circumstances.

    You're right about staying connected with SP. I never in a million years would have thought I'd be engaged in any online community, but here I am, and I credit SP with keeping me straight. Isn't it amazing? So good to have you back!

    3346 days ago
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