A General Restart (coming clean on my fall from grace)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

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    Sorry you and your wife are going through this and that you've put the weight back on. I've put almost all of my lost weight back on too, and the grim reaper is chasing me hard too. I also have MS and heart failure, so it is mightly important to take the weight off.

    Here's to wishing both of us success.
    3380 days ago
    I'm sorry I just now got around to checking up on my friends!

    Heather is lucky she has you by her side through these terrible and tough times. No matter that the weight came back, your strength and determination when you lost it shows how strong you really are, and both Heather and you can lean on that strength for this part of the journey.

    The weight will come back off, but it is NOT the most important thing. Don't be too fast to beat yourself up- many of us regain our weight with much, much, much less stress in our lives.

    emoticon Here's a virtual hug for you both.
    3509 days ago
    Thanks everyone! I feel lots better now.
    3538 days ago
    So good to see you back and blogging.
    Wow .. what a time you've had !!! That's a lot to handle on your own with no support. I'm glad everything is now out in the open and you can talk about it.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. That must have been the hardest thing to hear. It is devastating when you hear something about a loved one and you can't fix it.
    Glad to have you back and I'm looking forward to seeing you get back on track. If anyone, and I mean anyone, is nasty and doesn't support you .. you let us know. We'll go find them ... yes we will :):)
    3552 days ago
    So good to see you back here and so sorry about your pain. I hope we will be hearing more from you soon.
    3553 days ago
    Wow, you two sure have been dealing with quite a bit of "life," haven't you? I'm so sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis, but I hope that now that it's public, that you'll both start on the road to getting the support that you need. I have a close friend with MS, and the national MS society has been a really neat organization to work with as we try to raise money and learn more about the disease. I'm glad that you'll be focusing on getting healthy again so you can be strong for Heather! Welcome back!
    3553 days ago
    Thanks everyone. I don't know why I thought I was going to get anything but support from this group. :)

    Next think I need to figure out is how to get my cardio in with the Charlotte heat as bad as it is this year. I'm thinking stationary bike or treadmill but I need to research what's good and what's just hype.
    3554 days ago
  • HUGS2015
    AHHHH, Token, So good to hear from you and so sad to hear why you have been away! You have got the weight off once before and you can beat it again. Jump back on to your program/ plan of action and before too long you'll be seeing some good results. So very sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis! I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Now that you are free to talk about it...let those fingers type it out for you. Journaling/Blogging will get your feelings out there, and give you the clarity you need to walk the path back to your healthy lifestyle. Plus, your friends here at Spark want to encourage you through this and see you get back to the healthier you! Don't stop believing in your ability to reach the goals that you set your mind on.
    Start off with small steps and before too long you'll be back in the groove. You are worth the effort!

    Thanks for sharing the kitten picture! emoticon emoticon Deanie
    3554 days ago
    THANK YOU. I thought I was the only Spark Loser who lost a bunch and gained even more back (after doing TWO triathlons, no less!) - who had life (a close bro-in-law diagnosed with cancer, my mother-in-law, who lives next door, diagnosed with dementia) come in and keep me off track (because I kind of was already off track, to be honest). I appreciate your honesty. I'm sorry about your pain. And I missed the weird kitty pictures. So... again... thanks.
    3554 days ago
    I had wondered where you were and just instinctively knew that something was "off".
    As for Heather's diagnosis...I don't have words, only empathy. I, too, am in the process of a "start over" after pretty much losing everyone and everything that mattered to me in the first quarter of last year. I gained some weight back....drank a lot of was really pathetic to let those old "coping skills" come back.

    The importance of this post is...that you found the courage to start over. So many do not, even without the challenging circumstances such as those that you are facing.

    Know that you and Heather are being sent positive vibes from Raleigh, North Carolina.

    3554 days ago
    you are back and that is what counts most of all - and that your wonderful wife is allowing you to speak and talk about what has been going on for you both - when things get bottled up it is hard to not explode and you did a good old bottle job on yourself - so now that you've been able to uncork it all - you and unload all that unwanted weight and feel like yourself again - take care of you and your wife - and good luck
    3554 days ago
    Thanks...but you know how the mind will work against you if you let it. I let it.

    3554 days ago
    No reason to be ashamed. LIfe happens If people judge or give you crap then you are right you don't have to listen or care about their opinions. Keep your head up. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. Take care and keep up the fight!
    3554 days ago
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