Entering the THIRD trimester! (pics)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I totally meant to start posting more regular blog posts, but it seems like I'm more a once-every-trimester kind of girl... which means that my next post will probably be when I have an actual baby! (Or more likely when I hit 40 weeks and don't have a baby yet and need to vent...)

My second trimester went well! It was a lot less eventful than my first trimester (you can read that in my last blog post), which is a VERY good thing.

I haven't exactly been zen (I've stressed out about a ton of little symptoms), but I only had one major pregnancy freakout and visit to my doctor, which turned out to be really funny. It's a bit TMI, but it went down like this: I was worried about an incompetent cervix and premature labor, because my doctor told me I might have a heart-shaped uterus at one of our first appointments (around the time he told me I was miscarrying with this baby!), so I've been really nervous about anything that could be a symptom of this. On my babycenter birth club board, someone posted that you could tell normal vaginal discharge from amniotic fluid leaking by the smell-- amniotic fluid smells sweet. Naturally, I went straight to the bathroom to check this out. I wiped and sniffed the toiled paper... and OH MY G-D IT SMELLED LIKE SOME KIND OF CANDY. Unmistakeably sweet. Bizarrely sweet. I called my doctor right away, but he was in an appointment and was supposed to call me back. So I went online, googled "leaking amniotic fluid"... not something you really want to do at 20 weeks (the prognosis is scary). Thoroughly freaked out, I DROVE to my doctor's office and sat in his waiting room until he could see me. Everything looked fine: closed cervix, perfect amount of amniotic fluid. He tested me for a yeast infection, which came up negative.

A few days after that, I decided to check the smell again, just to see if it had gone away. No... still sweet!! Then I had the bright idea to check the smell of some clean toilet paper.


Same sweet smell. Turned out that my husband picked out the toilet paper last time, and he chose vanilla-scented TP (which seems to be an Israeli thing).

After that, I had a new mantra whenever I was tempted to freak out and conclude my baby has just a few days to live: SMELL THE TOILET PAPER. It's saved me from many an emergency room trip. :)

I've kept up with exercising pretty well. During week 17, I participated in a 24-hour ultramarathon relay, running three legs (mostly downhill) that came out to 20 K total. The training was hard... I was having a lot of pubic bone pain when I ran, and back-to-back runs didn't help. The race itself, though, was incredibly fun. Here I am after finishing one of my legs:

Hot but happy. :)

I kept running (doing 5-6 K every other day) until about week 25, though I definitely got slower-- my 5K times drifted from sub-30 in easy training runs to 37 minutes on a fast day. :) But then summer and pregnancy caught up with me, and I decided that the heat and the pubic bone pain I was experiencing weren't worth it anymore. Now I've been swimming about three times a week instead, and it's a lot of fun... I've never swum much before, so doing 1500 meters (in about 50 minutes) yesterday felt like a true accomplishment! It's so nice to do exercise that doesn't leave me in pain afterward.

I'm a teacher, so I've been on summer vacation for pretty much the entire second trimester. I've become a sewing DEMON... I've so far sewed a bunch of maternity clothes for myself, a baby dress, two cloth diapers, a diaper bag, a changing pad, a wet bag, and a little robot doll that I was going to give to my friend's son but decided to keep for our little girl. :)

By far the best thing about my second trimester has been feeling like I'm getting to know my baby. We found out that she's a girl at my 16 week scan, and I started feeling her kicking around 18 weeks. Now it sometimes looks like my belly is going through an earthquake. :) I love feeling her nudge and roll against me... I always thought it would feel weird to have a human being growing inside me, but really it feels like being a mother and holding my baby... and I can't wait until I get to actually hold her in my arms and look her in the eyes!!

Some stats about my pregnancy so far:

Weight gain-- 12 pounds (from 127 to 139). I tend to gain in fits and starts and I think I'm due for another leap soon, though. :)

Inches gained:

Pre-pregnancy (and actually about 4 pounds lighter than I started pregnancy... I decided I felt better at 127 lbs than 123, so 127 is also my future goal weight): 26
22-23 weeks: 34
28 weeks: 37 (I feel a lot bigger, and she's much bigger, though!)

Pre-pregnancy: 36 (though again, this was at about 4 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant or than I want to be in the future)
28 weeks: 37

Pre-pregnancy: 9.5
28 weeks: 10

I've thrown up four times this pregnancy-- once in week 17 (the day before the race!), once in week 21, and twice in week 25. Never in the first trimester. Weird, I know.

Here's a collage of my weekly belly shots, from 10 weeks to 27 (I missed one week in the bottom row, I think week 25):

I know it looks like I "dropped" in Week 27, but I think that's just a trick of the camera angle and the waist of my shorts, and maybe where she was lying that day.

And I totally thought I was showing in the very first picture. HA!

Here I am at 28 weeks and 2 days, wearing one of the jersey dresses I sewed:

Here she is at 16 weeks...

Here's to a healthy third trimester!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I"m so happy to hear that things are going well for you :) I've been following your progress since I saw your posts on our Getting Fit For Baby team .I have a heart shaped uterus and I carried an 11 lb baby full term. I was worried about pre-term labour, but everything was great! Though I understand the worries of pregnancy.

    Good luck this trimester!! I wish you a safe and healhty pregnancy and delivery!
    3479 days ago
  • no profile photo LAUREN129
    Congratulations on your pregnancy so far! You look great! And congrats on staying active through it. I swam through most of my third trimester (after starting to have bad braxton hicks contractions while walking/running during my second trimester) and it was great exercise/stress relief/cooled me down (I was due in August!)
    3481 days ago
    Thought I would stop by your page and see how you are doing. Love your progress pictures. Pretty soon you will have your little one. Take care.
    3570 days ago
    Love the belly pics! You look awesome!!!
    3601 days ago
    That TP story is hilarious!!! I love the maternity dress - I'm super impressed with your sewing skills! I went on a sewing tear during my second tri as well.
    3601 days ago
    How'd I miss your blog from last week?!? I love the belly progression in the pics! So cool :). You look BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could sew my own maternity clothing!!

    I literally laughed out loud at the sweet smelling toilet paper! That's pretty funny, you have to admit :).

    GLad your still keeping up with exercising! I hear it's worth it in the end :). Hopefully I get to find out soon!!
    3601 days ago
    you look awesome!!!! and yes the sweet smelling tp is pretty funny!!! ive never heard of that before! =)

    3601 days ago
    Wow I would have been worried about the scent too. We are pregnant so we have an excuse to be paranoid. You look fabulous, I wish I would have kept a collage of photos as you did. I will be 30wks Friday. We are really in the final stretch, how exciting!!! When is your due date?

    Also, are you on babyfit site?
    3605 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/3/2011 2:16:39 PM
    Tell your husband not to buy scented toilet paper anymore. It can cause skin reactions and vaginal infections. Even if you've never had a reaction to it before, they can develop any time, and there's no sense exposing yourself or your baby to that. No dyes either. Plain, white, unscented only. Trust me on this.

    On another subject, you look amazing! I am envious of your sewing talents, as well.

    I'm also a teacher, but can't find work. All the school districts here are laying off or on a hiring freeze. I have a Master's in Education, and a license in English, with substantial coursework in ESL/EFL. My husband and I would love an excuse to make aliyah. Are they hiring English teachers where you live?

    Wishing you many blessings for a happy, healthy, beautiful baby, and an easy delivery! B'sha'ah tovah!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3606 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/3/2011 12:19:17 AM
    Thank you for sharing! You look great and are an inspiration for me to keep moving. I am jealous of your sewing abilities...your dress looks great!
    3606 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    We have asthma and allergy suffers in the house so scented anything is pretty much a no go.
    But I have to admit if I could find it I'd be tempted to buy vanilla scented toilet tissue as a joke for a house-warming party I'm going to this month. I've seen vanilla scented candles, soaps and drawer lining paper. A basket of these goodies might just be practical gift after all.

    I love all the baby belly pictures. She going to be a beauty just like mommy

    3606 days ago
    Loved this post!!! Great to be able to laugh at oneself during pregnancy and those 'moments' of worry we all tend to have at some points ;-). Love the 'collage' of belly pics-- haha, I think we could run them at fast speed and really see the progress ;-).

    That's wonderful that you've found positive and *comfortable* ways to keep on exercising-- there is *always* another alternative when one option becomes not quite possible ;-). And after baby arrives (well, maybe a good *month* after baby arrives!), I highly recommend 'aerobic baby dancing' to lively music-- great with baby wrapped on snugly ;-).

    Also, I *love* what you say about it being a really *bonding* experience to have a new life growing inside... yes, a true way to get to know your little one, and help you feel eager to great her upon arrival-- you won't feel like 'strangers' ;-)

    You're looking beautiful,
    Mom emoticon
    3606 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/2/2011 3:07:39 PM
    hahaha, no, I was too embarrassed to explain to him what it had really been. :)
    3606 days ago
  • LISA_N_20
    Congrats! You look great.

    The sweet smelling TP cracked me up. Did you ever tell your doctor what it was?
    3606 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Sweet smelling TP. That is funny. I have to see if they have any here in the states.

    Sounds like everything is going along well. Keep it up.
    3606 days ago
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