Back on the starting line

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Today I have come back to Spark and started tracking my food right from breakfast. For weeks I've been saying 'I'll start tomorrow, I'll start on the weekend...' because I didn't feel that I would be doing it correctly unless I started right from breakfast. I guess today I have more spare time and so I have DONE IT. And now I feel hooked again, in an exciting way.

While updating my page, I reread my last blog entry, from February this year. I actually mention my hubby's suggestion that I take a week off from tracking. That may well have been the pivotal point in my failure - I did take that week off, and then the following week, and then I just didn't get back to tracking at all. Then after a while I slowly get back into the previous bad habits, until I have put some weight back on, and really back to square two (not quite square one - I'm still a bit wiser!).

In fact I may have given up tracking to try and take up exercising at the gym, instead. But that didn't work out - had a disastrous personal training session with a terrible plan made up that didn't suit me at all, and after not going back because I didn't want to do the plan, I just found myself not wanting to go back to the gym at all, and ended up not wanting to exercise whatsoever. It doesn't help that it's been winter and I've been cold and tired a lot of the time, just not wanting to exercise at all. But this is the last month of winter and soon it will be lovely weather for getting outdoors, and it will be much more enjoyable to eat salads etc.! And I will go back to the gym, even just for some classes - I have got about 35 visits to use up.

So, in order to go forward once more, I have started with recalculating my nutritional needs - calorie range has gone up a little, as I had it set very low (and for some strange reason I had the protein set REALLY high). I've also unsubscribed from the challenges and groups that I haven't looked at in these past 6 months. Lastly, I set myself a new range of mini goals, such as making the effort to enjoy nice teas in place of sweets, do something fun each day, make the effort to be more active every day (taking the stairs, going for more walks during work breaks), and aiming to try some new health-boosting foods each week.

emoticon I'll have a little less pressure on myself to follow a very strict diet, and spend more time nurturing my mind and body.

(I forgot how much I love these emoticons!)
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