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Miss You, Mod

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Today is the anniversary of the day my maternal grandma died. She was the perfect grandma and one of the people in my life who influenced me the most.

My grandma had retinitis pigmentosa and started going blind when she was 25, a long time before I was ever born. She finally lost her eyesight in the 70s.

She was the oldest of 10 children and was the next to the last to die at 87. One of her brothers and one sister died in the flu pandemic. Her mother was a tiny woman who suffered from depression so most of the parenting was left to her. Her parents were divorced. The family lived through the worst tornado in history and a short while later all of children ended up as orphans. My grandma was 17 and her youngest sister was 6 months old when her mom died. Some of them went to live with relatives, other were adopted, and some lived in the orphanage until they were grown. My grandfather asked her to marry him at that time and she hated that they were too poor to keep her brothers and sisters but she was happy to have a home. Years later she reunited her entire family and they worshiped her as did my grandfather. My grandparents had a wonderful marriage.

I read something my mother wrote about my grandma recalling when she was a little girl. Mom said that she looked forward to parents day at school because my grandmother was the prettiest mother in the class. Mom said that my grandmother always smelled good and she did. She would share her perfumes and lotions with me. She loved Chantilly and White Shoulders. She also liked pretty clothes but never got attached to things. I guess when you lose your mother, father, brothers, and sisters at an early age things don't seem very important.

My cousins and I called her Madderd. Her name was Mildred and I guess that was the closest that we could come to that name at an early age. She played the organ and was a Sunday school teacher for over 40 years. She was the leader of her Eastern Star group at one time. She played pinochle. She couldn't sing at all and was a horrible cook but she was gentle, loving, protective, and wise. She liked beer and hot dogs and mom always let her have them on Saturday when she was old and lived with her.

When I was small my grandma and I played gin rummy and Oklahoma rummy together. We ate way too many cookies. So many that we had to swear the number to secrecy lest my mother would find out and flip out. We had as many as we wanted though and we never got sick like mom said we would it we ate too many. LOL. She gave wonderful back rubs. Her laugh was infectious and sounded like a little girl but it would rack her entire body.

After my grandfather died she moved in with my mother. My son called her Mod. He thought she belonged to him and from the time he was a tiny toddler he would take her to bed and help her eat her bedtime snack. He fed her cookies and candy and he would only share with her. My mom would plead with him as a joke, "Could I have an M&M, Cormie?" And he would say, "Why don't you have a drink of water." LOL. (Even back then he was a weight loss specialist. LOL.) My grandma would then say "Ian, could I have an M&M?" And he would take her a well-palmed, greasy M&M and she would eat it. My mom would ask. "Why does Mod get M&M's and I don't?" And he would say, "Because she is Mod." This made my grandma feel really special and her infectious, tiny, joyful laughter would bubble out.

I got my love of reading from Madderd and I inherited her massive book collection years before she died. Basically I have my own library. I have her wedding rings, her jewelry, her fur, her jewelry box, and many other keepsakes . She had tiny little fingers and feet. I got my love of flowers and gardening from her. And my love of rummy and cookies and back rubs. I really miss her.

Today we slept in today for a change. I got up and fixed breakfast and lunch at the same time while hubby fed the chinchillas a snack and spot cleaned the cages. My son had to be at work at 11:30 A.M.

We have let our home and property go in order to deal with my MIL's house, estate, and trust but we are slowly changing that. Hubby decided to mow today. I did some more weeding. I weeded the front patios and walkway, the back patio, my big hosta bed, small hosta bed, small perennial bed, sweet woodruff bed, and the walkways surrounding my big herb/perennial bed plus a small part of that bed. My hardy amaryllis are coming up and some of my hostas are blooming. We still have 2 raised veggie beds, part of the veggie garden, and my big herb/perennial bed to do.

I love odd names. Recently an obit in the paper listed a woman's name as Tillie Willi. LOL. And when we were looking for a lawyer we found one named Peter Popit. LOL

We have been talking to one of our yard squirrels today who hangs around the feeder and tries to get on it. He has a split ear. He's kind of cute and gets within a foot of us and stares at us.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great tribute to your grandmother. I miss my grandma too, she was amazing. She also played the organ at church.. after I told someone that she played, they asked her and I spoke so highly of her, she couldn't turn them down..LOL.. I was in 3rd grade. My grandma could sing beautifully. When she lived with us, I would sit outside her room and listen to her play her organ and sing. AH Man!!! Look what ya did!! Now I wanna go home and make Christmas candy.. that was something she loved to do and she taught my dad, who in turn taught me.
    I Love this blog my friend.. love it!!!
    3118 days ago
    "She was the leader of her Eastern Star group at one time. She played pinochle. She couldn't sing at all and was a horrible cook but she was gentle, loving, protective, and wise. She liked beer and hot dogs..."

    Sounds like my maternal grandma Mildred, too! My grandma was a tall woman, the oldest of seven kids, worked her whole life, had a full scholarship to University of Mich. but had to turn it down (her parents needed her paycheck) and she played semi-professional basketball in the Detroit church league.

    I miss my grandma, too.

    3122 days ago
  • GODDESS181
    Your Grandmother sounds like an amazing woman! How lucky you were to have her in your life. Thank you for sharing her story.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3123 days ago
  • DEE797
    I so enjoyed reading your blog and learning about the wonderful woman your grandmother was. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. emoticon emoticon
    3124 days ago
    What an AWESOME blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories of your grandmother with us! You were truly blessed to have such a very special MOD!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3125 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6550047
    I have to say this is the best thing I have read in a very long time. I just love the way you described your grandma..You are very lucky to have had such a special relationship with her. I had a very brass but loveing grandma who loved her cigarettes and beer.. LOL I have seen pictures of her with her flapper dress and great hat .. she was from New York in the 40's and then I had my grandma that was all soft and cuddly who came from Oklahoma who was a wonderful cook and loved to laugh.. Thanks for writing this it has me thinking of my own grandparents. I was lucky to have had a good relationship with them too but not nearly as close as you have had.. thats a blessing I'm so glad you had.
    3125 days ago
    Oh Morticia! It makes me so happy to hear you perking up. And what a wonderful tribute to Mod. I feel like I know her.
    3125 days ago
    love love love reading your blogs....
    3125 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories.
    3125 days ago
    What wonderful memories of your beloved gran. Such a treasure to have. Look after yourself. Hugs
    3125 days ago
    Your grandmother was a very special person. Thanks for sharing.
    3125 days ago
    How fortunate to have fond memories of your family, esp a grandma. I used to wear White Shoulders in high school, and recently bought myself some for a lark. It brings back good memories.

    I like your memories. Yesterday I helped a friend w/wedding cards. Names you might find interesting: Buzzy, Skip, Toy, Kitty ... I won't share last names, but those were cute I thought.
    3126 days ago
    This is such an awesome blog! It is so nice to have wonderful memories of loved ones! And odd names, that's another story for another day I guess! How about Phoebe Livermore? My mom use to tell me that one and we would laugh until our sides were about to split! Glad that things are looking up! emoticon Oh, and BTW, I have an aunt who will be 100 this month and she loves a warm beer with a straw to drink it from! emoticon
    3126 days ago
    speaking of strange names my grandmother (who sounds so much like yours) was named axie evidently she is well loved as there is a youngin' in the family named for her!!
    the lady mary
    3126 days ago
    How lucky you are to have had such a special grandmother! Thanks for telling us about her. I do feel that a grandmother can be so important in a child's life -- and your story is one great example of that.

    3126 days ago
    Such a beautiful story... Mod sounds so wonderful! Thank you for sharing
    3126 days ago
    M Hooray !!!!!

    You are back to the M. I met on Spark, I am so very happy you are back to your wonderful self. This is a joy. I will remeber this W/E for 2 things. Our Acadia visit and reading your blog about MOD.
    My grandmother raised me and I fed her the last meal she ate, she wanted porridge, I cooked it for her. We were alone in the house and she began to vomit. My mother and stepfather lived 2 miles away and it was dark, I grabbed my bike it had no lights, they are required and I pedalled like hell to get help. I was crying and a cop tried to stop me and I just pulled away and went to get Mom. Mom and step Dad drove his car to Grans, it was a Friday night. That was the first night in my mother and stepdads home and the last with my gran. She died on Sunday. She had a huge family a small house and lost two kids and her DH very early. I adored her and she called me NORAS PAT.
    There Dear M we have both shared our wonderful stories of our elders. Pat in Maine. BIG HUGS emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3126 days ago
    It sounds like your grandma was a a special and joyful person.
    What wonderful memories you and your son have!
    3126 days ago
    M--thanks for the wonderful story! Memories like that are so precious and help us understand who we are and who we want to be. Glad you're able to focus more on your place for a change but, GF, that is a lot of work you cranked out in a day!
    3126 days ago
    Lovely memories! Thank you for sharing!
    3126 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    My Grand father was my hero , He taught me to read when I was four and so very ill all the time..
    I didn't have the breath to play like other kids ,so I was a reader and lived my life in
    Thank you for your Memories Tish ..
    It brought back some of mine!!
    Hugs emoticon
    3126 days ago
    Grandmoms can be the best Morticia!
    3126 days ago
    Aww~ *hugs* Your beloved Mod sounds like my beloved late Mamaw. Here's to the Grandwomen in our lives who made us who we are today. God bless~ emoticon BB~
    3126 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/7/2011 10:50:16 PM
  • no profile photo CD5927538
    Mod reminds me of my great grandma..thanks for sharing your memories about this special grandma
    3126 days ago
    I love your Mod. She sounds a lot like my mom. I miss her too. What lovely memories you have. Thanks for sharing.

    3126 days ago
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