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Monday, August 08, 2011

It was an uneventful weekend for the most part. I got a lot done, I went to my appointment on Saturday and then had a facial. When I got one last weekend, we were unable to do the microderm abrasion so I got it done this time. It was awesome! I loved the feeling, it almost felt like getting a tattoo. Not quite but almost. My skin feels so much better and looks so much better.
When I got home, Shawn had cleaned up the house a bit. I was thankful for that. I didn't realize I had been gone most of the day but it was nice, being alone, doing my own thing. I got a chance to jam out in my car. Which is awesome! I'm normally strictly rock but there are a few songs out there that aren't rock that I do like. I'm really loving Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, every time I hear it it makes me want to dance! I rock that and then some of my singing music and just sing my heart out. I've noticed that I don't really care what people think anymore. I love it.
Sunday, I wake up and get a water out of the fridge and this is what I see:

I think someone misses my biscuits & gravy. I haven't cooked it in over 2 months because the last time I tried to cook it without eating it, failed miserably. So I tried again, I woke Shawn up so he could taste test for me, telling what I needed to add and what not. I was nervous. I was making my omelet at the same time so it made it easy not to think about it because I was so busy trying to figure out how to make a damn omelet! (Any one have any good tips, let me know). When it was time for the taste testing, I asked Shawn to come over and he tried it. The first time, in my entire life, I had added all the ingredients for the gravy and I didn't have to add more milk, I didn't have to season it, I didn't have to do anything, it was amazing, usually it's a process and takes time and lots of careful adding. This time was perfect. I got that done, the biscuits smelled delicious but I was focused on getting my omelet done. I told Shawn to go ahead and eat. The omelet was horrible, I forgot to add the "sausage" (which is disgusting by itself) but I ate it b/c I had to. I'm amazed that I didn't give in to temptation because not only did I get the batch of gravy perfect, Shawn told me that it was the best batch I've made so far, better than my moms (sorry mom). I wanted to try it, but I didn't. I prevailed and not eating it felt so much better than eating it would have felt. Now that I know I can do that, I can do ANYTHING!
After breakfast, we lounged around a little and then went on our grocery shopping spree. Now that I'm trying to eat healthier and trying to save money (which don't really go together) we're shopping in more places than one *I got asparagus for $1!* Before we set out on our adventure, we went to a pet resort so we could see what the cost would be for Turbo when we go on vacation. I was not thrilled at all. It smelled horrible (which is to be expected I guess), I felt so sorry for the dogs in there. I know we put Turbo in a kennel all day but it's different. I don't like how they can see through the door and see the other dogs across the hall, Turbo would go nuts. You have to pay extra if you want them to basically give your dog any attention (which is bull s***). It's $500 for 10 days and it's not even that nice of a resort. I'm so over protective of my Turbo and I want him to be comfortable when I'm gone, we're still going to keep looking but cost is an issue. I'm saving as much as I can because I want my little guy to have a good time while we're gone but I don't think that place would be it. Am I being a little too unreasonable? Do I need to let up a bit on being so anal about how my dogs taken care of? I mean it's so bad that there are probably 2 people that I trust to take care of him and I still have reservations with them. I was hoping that this pet resort would be awesome but the only thing I really like about it, is that it's near our house. I just think it's pretty stupid to charge for play time. I mean really? I would pay to have my job be playing with dogs all day! Whatever, I just need to keep looking. Maybe I can get them to come down on their price. I never thought I would be one of those cooky pet parents but when you have a dog like Turbo it's hard not to love him as much as I do. I mean look at this FACE!

This was right after we got him, he was 3 months old. He'll be 2 August 15th. No, I'm not so crazy that he'll have a birthday party or anything but he might get extra spoiled that day.
Oh! So, that Switch2Health Replay, the other weekend, we went to my parents house and went swimming. Silly me, got in the pool and after about 10 minutes realized that the Replay, which is not water proof, was still on my wrist. I was pissed, Shawn put it in the sun and then after I was done swimming, I put it in a bag of rice. I left it there over night and other than one of the buttons not working all that well, it works! I didn't want to say anything until I was sure that the activity was monitored properly and the code worked and it does! So if you have an S2H Replay that has been underwater, now you know how to fix it. If you don't know what that is, go to No I'm not selling them but they're amazing for motivating you to stay active.
New jeans, lost 42 pounds, 78 to go, 9 until I'm finally out of the 200's. I'm so amazed and proud of myself. It's not too often I can say that I'm proud of myself. I'm also proud of myself that I'm motivating people in my family. I can't say how many compliments I've gotten so far on how I look. I love it but at the same time, it makes me nervous. I hate saying thank you but then again, I've worked hard, I deserve a little credit. Hard work really does pay off and I can't believe I've been going at this for 80+ days. I will be down to my goal weight in no time, especially now that I have energy and I've got a routine in the works. Elliptical: Monday, Wednesday & Friday and then Zumba: Tuesday & Thursday. I think that will help keep me toned and help the weight come off even more. I'm excited for this Saturday's appointment, I'm getting measured again.
Saturday...well, you all know about what happened to my friend a little over a month ago, Josh. His mother is organizing a memorial up in our home town and I'm going. I don't care what I have to do, I'm going. Turbo has a vet appointment that day but we drop him off at 7:30 and then my appointment is shortly after that. I'll probably just leave from there. I wish Sarah was going to be there. It's going to be tough not knowing anyone or remembering anyone from there. I wish Shawn could go with me but it'll just have to be me. I know there's going to be a lot of people it amazes me how many life's he touched. I'm so thankful that I knew him and that I could call him my friend. There were ups and downs but in the end, he was my friend and I will always love him and I will always make sure that his daughter and soul mate are apart of my life even though they're far away. I'll make sure to keep his mother a close friend because she was an amazing mother and anyone that knows her is honestly blessed.
Wow, this is a long blog. I guess I had a lot to say.
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    Besides the fact that you're doing awesome (YAY!!), you are not a crazy pet parent. We are the same with Cajun. When we go out of town, he is only allowed to stay at his Grandma's house (my Mom's... he does not go to the other one because they smoke and have big dogs... and I don't trust any of them!!). I don't think I'd have the heart to kennel him anywhere. It has happened in the past, that if my parents couldn't babysit, one of us had to stay home!! People are like this with their human kids... I think we're allowed the same concern!! You're right... Turbo is VERY cute, I wouldn't feel right just plopping him off anywhere either.
    3161 days ago
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