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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My son had to get up early and go to help the master with a taekwondo event so hubby and I got up early too. I had to make breakfast and he fed the chinchillas and spot cleaned the cages. I made our lunches last night.

After the event my son went to his friend's house.

Hubby and I went to my MIL's and he mowed before it rained. We visited with my MIL's best friend.

We then went to Petco and got some supplies. They had puppies and kittens for adoption.

We also went to Best Buy and Home Depot to look at washers and dryers as I hope to be buying some soon. I saw some I liked and am open for advice.
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    Slept with DS5 last night.. he's nearly 14... he snuck in...seeming as DH was away..& I figure he will grow out of it soon enough.. This morning I told him it was like doing 50 cycles in the washing machine... so I can send him your way if you like... likes his food... all food... skinny as a rake!!! emoticon
    3108 days ago
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    I would like to know what you wind up getting! I'm still using the laundromat, but hopefully when we move from this apartment we will wind up buying a washer and dryer.
    3109 days ago
    good luck..i would get a general electric set... emoticon emoticon
    3109 days ago
    Good luck on the washer/dryer shopping.....

    3109 days ago
    I know the front loaders are very popular - my daughter and bet friend have them and love them. I'm still using a top loader but it is enormous with lots of water temp and level adjustments so I can do a tiny load up to a huge one. It is a Maytag and has been super reliable. Also got it at Lowes on one of those same as cash deals - can't beat buying with their money!! emoticon
    3109 days ago

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    Well at first I thought you were going to say you picked up a new puppy or kitten...Thats where our danger is.. hubby takes one look into those eyes and its all over but the signing of the papers... he would be that way with kids too if we had the room..LOL just a old softy at heart.. I wish we could afford a new washer and dryer.. some day maybe.. I hope that you really like what ever brand or style you get.. Ronie
    3110 days ago
    Dd and sil just got a new set. GE both pieces for $1400. He's a good shopper. They get the clothes cleaner than the Kenmores, but the washer takes longer. They are 4+ cubic feet, so BIG.
    3110 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1277992
    My husband bought this house from his parents back in 1986. They moved to AZ, and he didn't. We married in 1996 and I moved in. The Kenmore (toploader, from Sears) washer and dryer were purchased in 1966 by my MIL, which makes them 45 yrs old. (!) I still use them and they work just fine. Yes, my handy-dandy hubby has had to do a bit of belt replacement and what-not repairs over the years, but if (more like WHEN, right?) they need replacing, it will be with more of the same.

    Happy W&D hunting! Let us know what you get.
    3110 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4827055
    Kenmore washer and dryers are fantastic!
    3110 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    We just bought a new washer and dryer and I love them. We got them at Lowes. If you call ahead, they will tell you when they will be on "special". We got a great price on them and are very happy with them.

    We bought the Whirlpool Duet Washer and the companion dryer which has a steam dry setting which I love.

    Lowes did have a $400.00 rebate on selected Whirpool Appliances so call and see if that is still going on.


    3110 days ago
    I agree with several of the others who have posted about the energy efficient models. Hubby & I were looking at the Cabrios last year to replace our old Whirlpool w/d which we purchased back in '92 when we were living in Michigan at the time. However, we still have them. I really would like to get a new set simply because the dryer is now starting to rust on the inside or has a chip in it and it leaves a mark on the clothes if they are not removed promptly. And if you watch any tv at all, they are now advertising some cleaning stuff that you put into your front loading washers so that they stay clean, that should tell you something about the mold and nasty smell some of the folks have posted above. I agree with Carol. If you can find something on Craigslist and are able to check it out there onsite at the owners home, then I guess the only other thing is to go get it and haul it home if you have a truck and several able-bodied folks to do the heavy work and installing. But then again, if you buy something new, will you spend extra money for a warranty and if you live out in a rural area would it cost you more for just a service charge for someone to come out and fix or repair a new machine. Some will charge as much as $75.00 just to come out and that's not including labor or parts to fix it; and we live in town. If hubby can fix it, that might that would be great. So check out all your options before making a decision. Hope things go well for your hunt in looking for another washer and dryer.
    3110 days ago

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  • GODDESS181
    Wow I need a dryer also. Thanks everyone for the great advice!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3110 days ago
    wow what do you wash..i know you do a lot of wash for sure (as opposed to my two loads every other week)
    i have a large tub general electric and a dryer to match..the machine was 249 and the dryer (electric) was 259 both installed by sears for free
    they get my clothes clean..that was what i had when i had my son at home got my clothes and his clothes clean..i will probably have mine forever now as i use it like i said every other week..of course i sit on the sofa and stitch now but when i worked in the hospital i was washing every day for sure..the machines are easy to use and they get the clothes clean..sears has better prices than anyone for sure
    the lady mary emoticon
    3110 days ago
    I'm with Beth on Sears Kenmore washers and dryers; I think they might handle Whirlpool too. We just bought a Kenmore washer on craigslist for $100, and it works great! Do NOT be suckered into a sale that Best Buy might have on washers and driers. I think the brand we got for our place in NH might have been Frigidaire, but the washer had a "delay start" button that I would have liked to have disabled permanently. It took very little to nudge it into action, and the damn thing would start beeping relentlessly at any hour of the day. Every single time, I had to dig out the manual and relearn how to stop it.
    3110 days ago
    Sounds like you've received a lotta great advice~ (I learned a lot from reading all your wise friends, too)~ so good luck. My only experience purchasing W/D was through a Sears outlet in DFW for perfectly good machines that may've had cosmetic blemishes not good enough for their retail stores. Found a great KitchenAid heavy-duty washer as well as a great Amana dryer with a stainless steel drum for a song. BB~
    3110 days ago
    ...oh, and of course you have to buy HE detergent/softeners, and they do seem to cost more emoticon
    3110 days ago
    I bought a new set about 2 years ago - Whirlpool Cabrio.
    I do run an "Extra Rinse" cycle on most things or else they seem to get dingy after a few washes, so I guess that makes them less than water/energy efficient, but I do like the many choices of cycles and that the washer is a top loader (I can leave the lid open, so I have never had any mold issues or "odd smells" that my friends with front loaders complain about).
    The dyer is just "okay". It either doesn't dry things enough or too much. It doesn't have as many cycle choices as I would like, I guess.
    Good luck!
    3110 days ago
    Earlier this year I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio HE Top Loader at HHGregg. So far I'm happy with it, but I only do 2-3 loads per week.

    If I were you, I'd get a one-month subscription to Consumer Reports Online and check out their advice.

    BTW - I found out a few months ago that the LG brand, which you see everywhere in appliances, is a merger of the Korean Lucky and Goldstar companies.

    Good Luck!

    3110 days ago
    I've not heard good things about the front load washers (energy efficient). Lots of mold and smell problems (although they do look so very cool!) I've usually had Sears Kenmore washer/dryers and have been fairly happy. They seem to last a long time. I would hop on google and look for reviews of some. epinion usually has a fairly good representation of reviews. Oh, I did have a washer with the electronic panel. No problems. Good luck!!!!
    3110 days ago
    No advice - the washers and dryers are provided by our association - but sending you positive purchase vibes!!

    3110 days ago
    Washers: wow DO NOT GET ME STARTED on my soapbox about energy eficient washers THEY ARE SO CRAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER buy one, even if I have to learn how to buy or make machine tooled parts to fix a normal one. They don't clean as well, so I wash and spot treat over and over instead of washing once. This wastes, WASTES!!, a ton of water and a ton of energy. THERE IS N-O-T-H-I-N-G energy efficient, water efficient, or soap efficient about them!!! Just more of the stupid gov'ts meddling in our private lives, which causes more problems in the very area they are trying to address! Three loads of water instead of one load - how EFFICIENT is that??!!

    I and many of my friends, get free or low-cost washers on Craigslist. The fact that they are NOT the new, energy efficient crappy ones, is A BONUS. Since you've had so much bad luck with washers, I would certainly understand you getting a new one, but I will NEVER buy a new energy efficient one, and now (for the most part) they all are energy efficient, if they are new.

    If it were me, and if I had as much trouble with washers as you've had, I would get something off Craigslist and then keep monitoring Craigslist for 12 months after, and get a couple more off Craigslist of the same model solely for future back up parts. Some things like rubber will go bad after a few years, but the rest of the parts should last you for the next 10 years.

    Also you live in a small town and rural county; only look at Craigslist in big cities. You might get a miracle and get something close; but it's false expectations to depend on it so don't expect it, look in cities with a population of 100,000 people or more.

    If you can't deal with the Craigslist hassle I don't blame you for buying new. But you can save a pretty penny, plus, avoid the energy efficient crap, if you're willing to go to Craigslist. Just keep in mind you're looking for 3 of the same kind/model, 1 immediately and 2 for backup parts. Also when I have boughten appliances off of Craigslist, I ask them if they would please agree to have it plugged in for me before I get there, because when I arrive I want to see that the freezer works, or I want to run a load of wash in the washer. The people I bought from, not once have EVER balked at that or had a problem with that. And I do. I run the washer load when I get there, with a full load of jeans or towels to see if the washer basket has been screwed up during a previous move and is now off balance; I ensure all the cycles work, etc. So if they DO have a problem with doing that, that's a sign don't waste your time going there, there's something wrong. If they say well it's on the porch so I can't hook it up to water, etc., then say thanks for your time but no thanks, and call the next person.
    3110 days ago
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    I bought myself a samsung 7.5 it does have all the electonics but that doesn't worry me as it only takes a few minutes to replace the electronice but the knobs are hard to get What I like about my Samsung is it had a terrific filter ..
    Hugs enjoy shopping !! emoticon emoticon
    3110 days ago
    If you can avoid the push button electronics and get one with traditional knobs - do. The electronics wear out every couple of years and have to be replaced.
    3110 days ago
    I used to have a stackable for my house in AK cause the closet "made" for the washer/dryer wasn't big enough (dumb remodel and we couldn't tell upon "looking" at it - live and learn). It was my first front-loader, and I liked it (Whirlpool I think). The best part, to me, was the dryer because it'd tumble one way and back the other way to prevent wrinkling and twisting, esp of sheets and long sleeves. The washer started making sounds and I had Sears out to fix it multiple times w/different repair people. I sold the house with the set (tried as I may to have it fixed before passing it along). I liked a front load, too, because I could fold and place clothes on top of them. (I took the set from AK to VA, which I shouldn't have; and in VA I had them unstacked btw.)

    The second set I bought from Sears - Kenmore Elite I think (top of the line at the time): too many buttons, and even the maintenance guy (I always buy the maintenance agreement cause DH wasn't always home) couldn't tell me what to use them for when I'd ask. So: overkill on the buttons/features for me. I used to soak my clothes more when I had a top-loader, and I kinda miss that. You can soak in a front-load, but it just doesn't seem the same. The dryer: does NOT spin backwards to prevent tangles. I miss that feature the most. I take out sheets now and they're twisted and wet - I shouldn't have to refluff in the middle of the cycle, ya know? (I know, I know: at least I'm not banging clothes on rocks in the river!)

    We have had NO problems w/it for 5.5 yrs. Had the annual service recently, and the guy found Dd's ring mangled and not worth saving, and an underwire from a bra. Now how it got to where he found it is a miracle to me, and I don't understand physics - lol. He talked me into a circuit protector to save the mother boards should we have surges (entirely possible). It was $14 incl shipping. I could probably have gotten one at Home Depot for less, but to have it mailed was convenient. I'm at the age when convenience is nice. The old me would have added it to my List.

    I like not having a middle agitator thing with the front-load, and I like being able to wash comforters (not a King). If I got a front-load again I'd get the biggest tank I could find. I wonder what a top-load w/out an agitator would be like?

    I don't have the boxes underneath to raise them to a more comfortable bending position/height. I would like that, but my laundry room is too small, it'd look like you would be gobbled up by the W/D machines when you walked in the room. CHOMP. Those boxes are expensive, too.

    For maintenance the guy told me I was smart: I keep open the front door of the washer to let it air dry before closing it, otherwise it'd get musty/moldy. I also don't use a lot of laundry products like softener. I use vinegar. He liked that, too. Softener gums up parts. If it does get moldy/musty, he said to use not bleach, but vinegar to rinse.

    Which reminds me: when I bought the stackables up in AK, I stopped and talked w/the salesman and another shopper w/her husband about features. I mentioned something about wondering if bending would be a strain since it seemed so low to the ground. The other shopper-woman was a German who looked at my wide arse and proclaimed, "Oh, don't be so lazy!" I was shocked and stupified in more ways than one cause I wasn't diagnosed yet! If she only knew how tired and sick I was. Now? I'd clock her! LOL. (Course, NOW, I have energy to bend, too!)
    emoticon emoticon
    I guess I want to try the LG next ... (but they have too many buttons) - lol.

    Good luck! (I can picture you with a blue set, whatever you choose!)
    "Only"$ costs $ an emoticon and a emoticon !
    3110 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/21/2011 12:44:04 PM
    I was tempted to buy from the big box stores but I was told they have their products made for them to their own specifications. I thought people were wrong about that but. I bought a foodsaver at Sam's and when I had a problem with it i called Food saver and as soon as I gave them the numbers they told me they are made just for Sam's and they were not able to help me. I know Sam's are great and they will replace it but I still put up with it not working right.
    Service after the sale is important to us but w e do live in Maine. We have some Sears appliances but every time they come to evaluate there is a big fee and when they send the part to your home they charge the same fee so it all adds up.

    My new washer has a stainless tub and no agitator I love that it is so much easier on the clothes and less noise too. Sometimes it is better to shop an appliance store as well they usually can help you understand the features. Most washers and dryers these days have way too many features for us to bother to learn to use so I have kept my latest purchases without too many features I just want to keep it simple, HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3110 days ago
  • LLTS01
    I got my washer and drpyer from Sears a couple of years ago. Kenmore- I am very happy with both.
    3111 days ago
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